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2018 Vermont Statutes
Title 18 – Health
Chapter 86 – Therapeutic Use Of Cannabis
§ 4474e Dispensaries; conditions of operation

(1) Acquire, possess, cultivate, manufacture, process, transfer, transport, supply, sell, and dispense marijuana, marijuana-infused products, and marijuana-related supplies and educational materials for or to a registered patient who has designated it as his or her dispensary and to his or her registered caregiver for the registered patient’s use for symptom relief.

(A) Marijuana-infused products shall include tinctures, oils, solvents, and edible or potable goods. Only the portion of any marijuana-infused product that is attributable to marijuana shall count toward the possession limits of the dispensary and the patient. The Department of Public Safety shall establish by rule the appropriate method to establish the weight of marijuana that is attributable to marijuana-infused products. A dispensary shall dispense marijuana-infused products in child-resistant packaging as defined in 7 V.S.A. § 1012.

(B) Marijuana-related supplies shall include pipes, vaporizers, and other items classified as drug paraphernalia under chapter 89 of this title.

(2)(A) Acquire marijuana seeds or parts of the marijuana plant capable of regeneration from or dispense them to registered patients or their caregivers or acquire them from another registered Vermont dispensary, provided that records are kept concerning the amount and the recipient.

(B) Acquire, purchase, or borrow marijuana, marijuana-infused products, or services from another registered Vermont dispensary or give, sell, or lend marijuana, marijuana-infused products, or services to another registered Vermont dispensary, provided that records are kept concerning the product, the amount, and the recipient. Each Vermont dispensary is required to adhere to all possession limits pertaining to cultivation as determined by the number of patients designating that dispensary and may not transfer eligibility to another dispensary.

(3)(A) Cultivate and possess at any one time up to 28 mature marijuana plants, 98 immature marijuana plants, and 28 ounces of usable marijuana. However, if a dispensary is designated by more than 14 registered patients, the dispensary may cultivate and possess at any one time two mature marijuana plants, seven immature plants, and four ounces of usable marijuana for every registered patient for which the dispensary serves as the designated dispensary.

(B) Notwithstanding subdivision (A) of this subdivision, if a dispensary is designated by a registered patient under 18 years of age who qualifies for the registry because of seizures, the dispensary may apply to the Department for a waiver of the limits in subdivision (A) of this subdivision (3) if additional capacity is necessary to develop and provide an adequate supply of a product for symptom relief for the patient. The Department shall have discretion whether to grant a waiver and limit the possession amounts in excess of subdivision (A) of this subdivision (3) in accordance with rules adopted pursuant to section 4474d of this title.

(4) With approval from the Department and in accordance with patient delivery protocols set forth in rule, transport and transfer marijuana to a Vermont postsecondary academic institution for the purpose of research.

(5) Acquire, possess, manufacture, process, transfer, transport, market, and test hemp provided by persons registered with the Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Markets under 6 V.S.A. chapter 34 to grow or cultivate hemp.

(b) A dispensary shall have a sliding-scale fee system that takes into account a registered patient’s ability to pay.

(c) A dispensary shall not be located within 1,000 feet of the property line of a preexisting public or private school or licensed or regulated child care facility.

(d)(1) A dispensary shall implement appropriate security measures to deter and prevent the unauthorized entrance into areas containing marijuana and the theft of marijuana and shall ensure that each location has an operational security alarm system. All cultivation of marijuana shall take place in a secure, locked facility which is either indoors or outdoors, but not visible to the public and that can only be accessed by the owners, principals, financiers, and employees of the dispensary who have valid Registry identification cards. An outdoor facility is not required to have a roof, provided all other requirements are met. The Department shall perform an annual on-site assessment of each dispensary and may perform on-site assessments of a dispensary without limitation for the purpose of determining compliance with this subchapter and any rules adopted pursuant to this subchapter and may enter a dispensary at any time for such purpose. During an inspection, the Department may review the dispensary’s confidential records, including its dispensing records, which shall track transactions according to registered patients’ Registry identification numbers to protect their confidentiality.

(2)(A) A registered patient or registered caregiver may obtain marijuana from the dispensary by appointment only.

(B) A dispensary may deliver marijuana to a registered patient or registered caregiver. The marijuana shall be transported in a locked container.

(3) The operating documents of a dispensary shall include procedures for the oversight of the dispensary and procedures to ensure accurate record-keeping.

(4) A dispensary shall submit the results of a financial audit to the Department of Public Safety not later than 90 days after the end of the dispensary’s first fiscal year, and every other year thereafter. The audit shall be conducted by an independent certified public accountant, and the costs of any such audit shall be borne by the dispensary. The Department may also periodically require, within its discretion, the audit of a dispensary’s financial records by the Department.

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(5) A dispensary shall destroy or dispose of marijuana, marijuana-infused products, clones, seeds, parts of marijuana that are not usable for symptom relief or are beyond the possession limits provided by this subchapter, and marijuana-related supplies only in a manner approved by rules adopted by the Department of Public Safety.

(e) A registered patient shall not consume marijuana for symptom relief on dispensary property.

(f) A person may be denied the right to serve as an owner, principal, financier, or employee of a dispensary because of the person’s criminal history record in accordance with section 4474g of this title and rules adopted by the Department of Public Safety pursuant to that section.

(g)(1) A dispensary shall notify the Department within 10 days of when an owner, principal, financier, or employee ceases to be associated with or work at the dispensary. His or her Registry identification card shall be deemed null and void, and the person shall be liable for any penalties that may apply.

(2) A dispensary shall notify the Department in writing of the name, address, and date of birth of any proposed new owner, principal, financier, or employee and shall submit a fee for a new Registry identification card before a new owner, principal, financier, or employee begins his or her official duties related to the dispensary and shall submit a complete set of fingerprints for each prospective owner, principal, financier, or employee who is a natural person.

(h) A dispensary shall include a label on the packaging of all marijuana that is dispensed. The label shall:

(1) Identify the particular strain of marijuana. Cannabis strains shall be either pure breeds or hybrid varieties of cannabis and shall reflect properties of the plant.

(2) Identify the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol in each single dose marijuana-infused edible or potable product.

(3) Contain a statement to the effect that the State of Vermont does not attest to the medicinal value of cannabis.

(i) Each dispensary shall develop, implement, and maintain on the premises employee policies and procedures to address the following requirements:

(1) a job description or employment contract developed for all employees that includes duties, authority, responsibilities, qualification, and supervision;

(2) training in and adherence to confidentiality laws; and

(3) training for employees required by subsection (j) of this section.

(j) Each dispensary shall maintain a personnel record for each employee that includes an application for employment and a record of any disciplinary action taken. Each dispensary shall provide each employee, at the time of his or her initial appointment, training in the following:

(1) the proper use of security measures and controls that have been adopted; and

(2) specific procedural instructions on how to respond to an emergency, including robbery or violent incident.

(k)(1) No dispensary or owner, principal, or financier of a dispensary shall:

(A) acquire, possess, cultivate, manufacture, transfer, transport, supply, sell, or dispense marijuana for any purpose except to assist a registered patient with the use of marijuana for symptom relief directly or through the qualifying patient’s designated caregiver;

(B) acquire usable marijuana or marijuana plants from any source other than registered dispensary owners, principals, financiers, or employees who cultivate marijuana in accordance with this subchapter;

(C) dispense more than two ounces of usable marijuana to a registered patient directly or through the qualifying patient’s registered caregiver during a 30-day period;

(D) dispense an amount of usable marijuana to a qualifying patient or a designated caregiver that the owner, principal, financier, or employee knows would cause the recipient to possess more marijuana than is permitted under this subchapter;

(E) dispense marijuana to a person other than a registered patient who has designated the dispensary to provide for his or her needs or other than the patient’s registered caregiver.

(2) A person found to have violated subdivision (1) of this subsection may no longer serve as an owner, principal, financier, or employee of any dispensary, and such person’s Registry identification card shall be immediately revoked by the Department.

(3) The board of a dispensary shall be required to report to the Department of Public Safety any information regarding a person who violates this section.

(l)(1) A registered dispensary shall not be subject to the following, provided that it is in compliance with this subchapter:

(A) prosecution for the acquisition, possession, cultivation, manufacture, transfer, transport, supply, sale, or dispensing of marijuana, marijuana-infused products, or marijuana-related supplies for symptom relief in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter and any rule adopted by the Department pursuant to this subchapter;

(B) inspection and search, except pursuant to this subchapter or upon a search warrant issued by a court or judicial officer;

(C) seizure of marijuana, marijuana-infused products, and marijuana-related supplies, except upon a valid order issued by a court;

(D) imposition of any penalty or denial of any right or privilege, including imposition of a civil penalty or disciplinary action by an occupational or professional licensing board or entity, solely for acting in accordance with this subchapter to assist registered patients or registered caregivers.

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(2) No owner, principal, financier, or employee of a dispensary shall be subject to arrest, prosecution, search, seizure, or penalty in any manner or denial of any right or privilege, including civil penalty or disciplinary action by an occupational or professional licensing board or entity, solely for working for or with a dispensary to engage in acts permitted by this subchapter.

How it started

Back in 1967, I was working at IBM as a mail clerk in the office products division on Madison Avenue in NYC. Another employee helped me get some Marijuana rolled up in joints. Right after work, I walked down to the East River dressed in my three-piece suit and tie and lit up my first joint. I instantly fell in love with the calm feeling it brought to my whole being. I was 18 years old. In the 45 years that passed since my first joint I have found cannabis to be one of the most positive forces in my life.

I started growing cannabis in 1971 in southern Vermont. I owned and ran a vegetarian restaurant and bakery. As I became more aware of my diet, a deeper knowledge of ecology and its effect on the enviroment came with the territory. This naturally led to my growing cannabis in an organic eco-friendly manner. From that point on, I have been finding different ways to make my thumbs greener.

This magnificant plant species has helped teach me the art of having and taking care of houseplants, the art of murturing, and the art of photography to name but a few. Far from being a demotivator, marijuana has become interwoven with many of my interests, and its influence has opened my mind to explore many I might have never other wise pursued. Although marijuana laws are never fair around the planet, I refuse to give up my right to have my sacrament and medicine constantly near me in the form of clothing, food, plants, paper and smoke. In this way I do my part to overgrow the whole darn place.

About Soma

Born in 1949 in Pittsburgh, Pensilvania, to middle-class parents, Soma began life like so many typical Americans. Little did he know from his humble beginnings where his path would lead. Ultimately, cannabis would become his destiny and the cornerstone of his existence.

High flying hopes

By age 17, the young Soma was seeking adventure and joined the Air Force with hopes of becoming the next James Bond. After failing a standard health test related to his kidneys, Soma’s military ambitions went down the drain. With little life direction, Soma set his sights on the corporate world. It was 1967 – the Summer of Love – and Soma was hired by IBM in their mailroom.

A new direction

For nine months, wearing a suit and tie, he worked at Madison Avenue and 57th Street delivering mail to the twenty floors of the IBM office and products division. With a career at IBM in mind, Soma committed his efforts to climbing the corporate ladder. He won a $300 incentive award for redesigning the mailroom and his new path seemed set. Until a chance meeting with an inter-office courier which rocked the foundation of Soma’s identity. The courier was named Dwayne. He was on a routine mail pick up and got to chatting with Soma. The conversation coon turned to marijuana. The innocent Soma had never experimented with the drug but he stated, “I would like to”. A plan was devised and the courier agreed to deliver 15 rolled joints the following day in exchange for $5.

Love at first take

When five o’clock rolled around, joints in hand, Soma was off to discover his true calling. He found a secluded spot by the East River and light up his first taste of marijuana. Not being a smoker, his initial tokes were a little awkward but it didn’t take long for Soma to realize he had been turned on to something special. Soon, his inner world would manifest itself in his outward appearance. His hair grew long along with his sideburns and he developed a penchant to wearing pastel shirts in shades of yellow, blue and lavender. His new outlook on life quickly came to the attention of his superiors and he was called into his boss’s office and told to get in line with the IBM corporate culture – get a haircut, shave your sideburns and white shirts only. To this he succinctly replied, “I quit”.

Soma embraces hippiedom

Soma then took a job driving one of the Big Apple’s yellow cabs where he could have his hair long and continue down his path to hippiedom. By the time 1969 rolled around, he was on his way to the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco, where he stayed in his first hippie commune. He went to the Golden Gate Park, started hanging out at the Fillmore West, experimenting with LSD, and learning new social skills. Taking his newfound insights he learned on the West Coast back home to the East, he launched a natural food bakery and store in southern Vermont calles Salt of The Earth.

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First growing experience

It was in Putney, Vermont, that Soma first started growing cannbis. He was living in a second-story apartment, and while rolling joints on record albums, he constantly threw seeds out the window. In the spring while walking around the side of the house, he noticed some little green plants underneath his window. Upon closer examination, he discovered they were cannabis plants and transplanted them up onto Putney Mountain. Since they were South American genetics, they couldn’t possibly reach maturity in the cold Vermont climate, but Soma’s green thumb had gone to college.

…and the first bust

In 1974, Soma moved to the warmer climes of Gainesville, Florida. Besides picking wild Psilocybin mushrooms in the cow fields, he was able to grow some amazing South-East Asian cannabis and some pure Ruderalis Afghani. In this southern location, he was finally able to grow some marijuana all the way to harvest. When he smoked the weed he grew with his own hands, he was convinced that this was the way it should be.
It was at this time that the famous Gainesville Green was being smoked around the nation with great appreciation. In 1980 Soma grew 200 kilos of Afghani-Thai outdoors, got busted by the police and out just how hard it was to breed cannabis in America. In the late eighties, indoor marijuana cultivation was starting to take off, and Soma was one of the first people to breed different genetics together indoors. His Afghani-Thai hybrid was so good, he still rates it far above most strains today.

Soma, the writer

Soma kept growing in Florida through 1991, and then moved to Eugene, Oregon. It was in Eugene that Soma really mastered his growing skills and started fine-tuning his genetic library. Soma started an all-hemp store in Eugene in 1994 called Sow Much Hemp, selling everything from The Emperor Wears No Clothes to hemp paper and cloth. It was also in this year that Soma started writing under the pen name of ‘Amos Washington’ for High Times magazine. The 1994 Wyoming Rainbow Gathering was where Soma met his girlfriend of the last 10 years, Donamaria. They both traveled to Amsterdam together to participate in the ’94 Cannabis Cup. Soma was picked to be a celebrity judge and his Amsterdam adventure had begun.

And finally, Amsterdam

Experiencing Holland’s relative freedom, and not being thought of as a criminal brought tears to Soma’s eyes. This immediately started the gears turning in his head, thinking of ways to move to this cannabis-friendly land. It took a year, but then it happened: Soma moved to Amsterdam. Leaving all of his fine friends behind was a very difficult thing to do, and making a fresh start in an alien country had its difficulties. With Donamaria’s help they made a home in Holland for themselves. Soma continued his cannabis genetic research, and being a medical user, he was always seeking better medicinal genetics.

Soma achieves recognition

The years went by and Soma started winning prizes for his genetics at the Cannabis Cup. His seeds started to spread: people on different cannabis websites started talking about his strains. In 1999 he was asked to give grow seminars at the annual Cannabis Cup. He also started growing with his daughter Willow, which brought them closer, and placed them in a financial partnership for the first time. The year 2000 came with the birth of Soma’s granddaughter Lexus Emily Nokia.
Finding himself a grandfather gave Soma new insight into the future. He looked for solutions to the dim future he saw looming ahead of humanity. Cannabis with all its benefits was one of the principal areas he focused his energy. The Soma Seeds website was launched in 2001 and the Soma Seed Bank was officially in business. Soma was now writing and taking photos for five different cannabis magazines. Two thousand and two brought Soma the biggest number of prizes at the Cannabis Cup. He started a forum on his website and got very involved with other forums, including Woody Harrelson’s Cannabis awareness was growing by leaps and bounds.
Two thousand and three found Soma writing and taking pics for nine different cannabis magazines in four different languages. Soma’s daughter, Willow, was one of his favorite cover girls. It was also the year the G-13/Haze crosses came into being and started travelling the globe.

Soma says he owes all his success to the magnificent, sacred cannabis plant –his medicine, his sacrament. The typical stereotype of the lazy stoner certainly does not hold true when you look at the productive life Soma has lead thus far. The next chapter will certainly be interesting to watch.