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where to buy lsd marijuana seeds

LSD Medical Marijuana Seeds.

A very versatile strain that grows well both indoors and outside, needing little care or experience to produce a high quality crop. Its natural immunity to many mites and bugs makes it a favorite for outdoor and ‘guerrilla’ growers, with the feminized seeds guaranteed to produce female-only plants.

With flowering requiring between 9 – 10 weeks, LSD isn’t the quickest maturing plant, however, its easy growing nature and ability to grow both indoors and outside makes it a favorite for many growers and smokers. With little knowledge or effort, potent harvests of sweet skunk buds can easily be cultivated.

Our recommended feminized LSD seeds produce some of the highest quality plants, with all purchases enjoying free and guaranteed delivery. Easy to grow and capable of generating very potent buds, they are the perfect choice for growers of all levels of experience, indoors and outside.

Cannabis Seeds – LSD

LSD cannabis seeds from Dutch Green Seeds are the finding in the world of cannabis. The LSD marijuana strain is a mold and disease resistant plant that responds well to all growing conditions. The LSD acquired its name because of its powerful trip-high. This plant is very easy to grow and can give high yields of award-winning, powerful buds.

LSD has a euphoric, psychedelic and powerful bite effect, giving an incredible cerebral high. LSD has a musky scent with an intense earthy chestnut flavor.

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