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when plant marijuana seeds outdoor california

Growing Cannabis

Know your rights and get the resources you need to grow your own herb.

Here at Sespe Creek we strive to bring you the complete cannabis experience, including cultivating your own flower at home. Clones and Seeds are both available for purchase at Sespe Creek and this page is a heads-up to you for the laws in our local area plus some cultivation links.

For additional information, try our FAQ.

How to Grow Cannabis


We encourage all new or expecting clone parents to read these tips from our partners at Dark Heart Nursery. You will be getting feminized seedlings so there is no need to worry about eliminating males.

The Legal Dirt

How many plants can you grow?

Adults over 21

Up to six plants per residence subject to “reasonable regulations” by local governments.

Medical cannabis patients

Up to 12 unless their recommendation specifically states they have a greater need.

Can I grow outdoors?

See the links below for the status of local regulations on growing cannabis for personal use:

Unincorporated Ventura County

For personal adult recreation and medical uses, you can plant, harvest, dry, and process up to six cannabis plants in your private residence or on the grounds of your residence.

City of Ventura

Cultivation must be indoors, and may be in a greenhouse that is on the property of the residence, but only if fully enclosed, secure, and not visible from a public space.

City of Fillmore

Outdoor cultivation is banned. Indoor cultivation for personal use requires a fee, application, and site visit to get a renewable permit, but we could not find any application, contact name/department or fee information posted on the city’s website. Try calling them at 805-524-3701 and demand they provide transparency for the permitting process.

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Unincorporated Santa Barbara County

Must be in a legally established, secure dwelling or an enclosed, legally established, secure building that is accessory to a dwelling of up to six cannabis plants by persons 21 years of age or older as allowed pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 11362.1(a), as may be amended, and as allowed by the County Land Use and Development Code Section 35.42.075, Montecito Land Use and Development Code Section 35.422.055, and Coastal Zoning Ordinance Section 35-144U, as may be amended.

City of Santa Barbara

Cultivation must be indoors, and may be in a greenhouse that is on the property of the residence, but only if fully enclosed, secure, and not visible from a public space.

City of Oxnard

Cannabis cultivation by any person or entity, including clinics, collectives, cooperatives, cannabis dispensaries, and medical cannabis dispensaries, is prohibited within the city, with the exception of indoor personal, non-commercial cannabis cultivation not to exceed six plants in compliance with Cal. Health and Safety Code, Section 11362.2. (Ord. No. 2898, 2911, 2937)

City of Ojai

Outdoor cultivation is prohibited. No person may cultivate cannabis or industrial hemp outdoors in any zoning district of the City.

City of Santa Paula

The City of Santa Paula allows individuals over the age of 21 to grow up to six (6) cannabis plants inside their dwelling unit or accessory structure. The cannabis must be for personal use only and cannot be sold or distributed. Six cannabis plants are the maximum allowed per dwelling unit regardless of the number of adult occupants and/or condition of the plants. The plants also must be grown completely inside your dwelling unit or accessory structure and an approved Personal Cannabis Cultivation Permit is required. (Note: a permit is different from a license.) Personal Cannabis Cultivation Permit applications and fee information are available on the City website ( or at the Community Development Building public counter (200 South 10th Street).

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City of Camarillo

NO outdoor cultivation; LIMITS on indoor cultivation. No more than six plants inside a private residence (or in a secured residential accessory structure) subject to three requirements: (a) written consent of Property Owner; (b) compliance with Building Code; and (c) no gas products (CO2, butane, etc.).

Personal Cultivation of Cannabis

Outdoor personal cultivation is prohibited in all zoning districts. Personal indoor cultivation is allowed in compliance with State and City law inclusive of the number of plants allowed and the amount of processed cannabis possessed. Cultivation must take place within the residence, in a locked room or locked out-building. Notarized Property owner permission is required if the property is not owner-occupied. Registration of the address where cultivation will take place is required. The cost of registration is $100 per year. Failure to register can incur penalties and administrative citations.

Residents will be required to produce State issued identification in the form of a drivers license or ID card for address verification upon registration. Identification must be unexpired and the address listed on the identification must match the proposed cultivation address.

Registration must be completed at City Hall, 9700 Seventh Avenue, Hesperia, CA 92345 at the Development Services Counter.

For more information, please review Hesperia Municipal Code Section Sec. 16.16.455 – Personal Cultivation of Cannabis