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what is autiflower marijuana seeds


The autoflowering marijuana seeds begin to flower after few days of germination and regardless of the hours of light to which the plant is exposed.

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Buy autoflowering seeds

They have a short size but provides surprising outcomes. In fact, their characteristics make its characteristics mean that buying autoflowering seeds is gaining more and more followers every day. Without doubt the autoflowering marijuana seeds are the easiest seeds to germinate and grow of all. This kind of cannabis seeds are called autoflowering because they are able to start the flowering stage by themselves, they don’t need to perceive a certain decrease in the number of hours of light each day. Oppositte to the traditional marijuana plants, regular or feminized, which are photodependent and need less sun hours to bloom, whereas autoflowering marijuana is not photodependent.

The regular or feminized photodependent marijuana needs a precise photoperiod to complete its life cycle stages. Thus, during the vegetative growth phase will need more hours of light and less darkness to growth (18 / 6). On the other hand, photodependent marijuana for the flowering stage needs a decrease of the hours of light perceived. When the plant detects a photoperiod of 12/12, it will begin to produce its flowers. If these flowers are not pollinated, they will invest its strenght to create filled with resin buds, otherwise, if there is male pollen near, they will produce more seeds than resin in the flowers.

The marijuana flowering stage therefore, is when the seeds and the buds are developed. It is an essential part in the life cycle of cannabis plants, since a correct transition to this phase can make our harvest a success. In the same way, if the necessary precautions are not taking in account, such as changing the photoperiod or changing the nutrient program, the result can go wrong. But to forget about these concerns, auto-flowering marijuana seeds have been created by the seed banks. As we have indicated, these are “programmed” to start the flowering stage by themselves, just with the passing of the time. In this way, they do not need any change of photoperiod to begin the bloom. In addition, as if this were not enough, the life cycle of the autoflowering strains is much shorter. If the marijuana is an annual plant, which has a life expectancy of approximately 6 months, the autoflowering plants can finish their life cycle in only 2 months.

This is a real relief for many growers who want to get good quality marijuana harvests in less time. The truth is that autoflowering seeds cannot, of course, produce plants with as much yield as regular or feminized ones, at least in many cases. Instead, autoflowering strains have more resistance, shorter life cycles and are generally easier to grow than photo-dependent plants.

To understand the origin of the autoflowering seeds, it is necessary to explain what the Ruderalis strain is, because the auto-flowering seeds are obtained from the combination of photodependent marijuana plants with the Ruderalis strain. Ruderalis is a subspecies of the genre Cannabis Sativa which was catalogued in the years of 1920 by the Russian botanist Janischewsky. In its beginnings, the Cannabis Ruderalis was classified as “bad grass”, due to its low THC content.

The main use of this type of plants was destined to the obtaining of vegetable fiber for industrial processes. Nevertheless, what they did not know at the time of the cataloguing, it is that the strains Ruderalis are able to transition to the stage of bloom by themselves without needing a decrease in the daily hours of light. The reason? They are varieties of Cannabis adapted to zones with extreme climates and with little light, as they are based in the cold zones of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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It was in the 70s, when the pioneers of the autoflowering strains began to combine copies of Ruderalis with regular marijuana to obtain the first Cannabis autoflowering seeds. One of the first persons to work with autoflowering seeds was Ernest Small from Agriculture Canada, who combined Ruderalis strains with marijuana with high THC content. The result, strains that in less than 90 days of full life cycle were able to bloom by themselves and gift powerful buds in almost no time.

The autoflowering seeds are indicated for all types of growing. They work great in indoor crops with artificial light, but also develop perfectly well outdoors. Its high resistance makes the autoflowering seeds the ideal type of seed for those who establish a marijuana crop for the first time. In addition, these seeds give rise to more compact and smaller Cannabis plants, so it is a great solution for small growing spaces.

Another of the most indicated uses of the autoflowering seeds is when one seeks to cultivate Cannabis outdoors after the season. In this way, you can grow autoflowering seeds in summer and hope to get a decent harvest at the end of this season.

Autoflowering plants have the differentiating characteristic in that they do not depend on the photoperiod to bloom, they simply bloom when the time passes and do not need to lower the light hours for this purpose. In the nature the plants detect when the hours of day sun are growing, it is the moment when they grow, equally they know when those hours of daylight begin to descend and in that moment they begin to bloom. This come to an end thank to the autoflowering seeds that not depend of the hours of light to bloom.

For the grower who likes to have fast and discreet marijuana plants, autoflowering seeds are the best option. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are also very suitable for small growing spaces or beginners, since their cultivation is simpler than that of a photoperiodic strain.

The autoflowering seeds deploys all their potential with a maximum exposure to light. On outdoors and in Northern Hemisphere is recommended to grow them in May or June, while in the southern hemisphere is recommended to grow them in November or December. While indoors, is recommended to give them 18 hours of light per day, although this number of hours may change depending on one seed genetics or another.

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What is the difference between autoflower vs feminized marijuana?

Choosing between auto flower and feminized cannabis seed is like trying to know which is better between an orange and an apple. Obviously, both are great, appealing, and possess unique benefits in their own ways, but each serves a different purpose (or taste bud).

The recent relaxation of the US cannabis law sporadically increased the number of weed lovers setting up their own indoor grow rooms from scratch. It’s not difficult to understand why many people prefer to grow cannabis from the comfort of their homes, especially with the sudden escalation of prices at weed dispensaries.

The question is, which is better for growing at home: feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds? Is it preferable to go for autoflower seeds or opt for the feminized seed? Let’s find out in this detailed article. At the end of this article, you’ll be able to understand:

  • Feminized seeds and their benefits
  • Autoflowering seeds and their benefits
  • Which is suitable for you between autoflower cannabis seeds and feminized seeds.
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What are Autoflower cannabis seeds?

Autoflower seeds are easy to cultivate and quick to harvest. Furthermore, their lighting requirement is minimal. They also require less maintenance.

Autoflower seeds can withstand pests, fungi, and temperature irregularities, paving the way for new growers to dive into the indoor cannabis growing industry.

Today, like its feminized cousins, autoflower marijuana seeds also develop into the female plant to create the smokable cannabis experience, which is loved by many growers.

What is the perfect time to grow an autoflower marijuana?

Obviously, you might be thinking about what time of the year supports autoflowering marijuana seeds growth.

Simply put, the early autumn and the late summer are the best. That’s because the red wavelength of the solar system is at its peak during these periods (please note that the red light is critical to the flowering phase development of the plant).

The flowering becomes visible at the summer end, which takes approximately 3 weeks. That said, what happens during the spring? During the spring, the blue wavelengths are usually more active to support the flourish of the vegetative phase.

So, keep this in mind if you’re looking to grow marijuana in the United States.

Are autoflower seeds not potent enough?

A few decades ago, when autoflower seeds were detected, many people questioned their potency. That’s because of the marijuana Ruderalis origin of the species, which many people believed to be less potent due to their lower THC content.

The look, smell, and smokeable property of a plant go far beyond the THC level (factors like CBN percentage and terpene profile plays irreplaceable roles). You can identify your seed’s THC level and overall quality level from the comfort of your home using simple test kits/devices.

However, professional growers in the past decade crossbred the Ruderalis plants with higher THC strains to produce decently potent autoflowering strains. The subject of whether one of autoflower or feminized plant is better than the other has splurged lots of argument among growers. And, unfortunately, there have been no concrete answers/conclusions so far.

That’s basically because the status of these seed strains only slightly influences their potency. Instead, factors like seed quality and planting conditions play a critical role, including growth factors like using the best LED lights for grow tents. Hence, autoflowers can be as potent as their feminized counterparts. That said, let’s discuss the feminized seed.

What are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

As the name implies, feminized seeds are female seeds with no male traits. This is a significant advantage because male cannabis lacks the smokable property. There’s a 99% chance that feminized seed will yield female plants (which has the smokeable feature). The key benefit of the feminized seed is its higher probability of producing better yields because of its exclusive female plants.

Although typical (non-crossbred) autoflowering seeds are easy to cultivate and demand less attention, the unique functions of the feminized seed pack lots of punches. Their potency is generally incomparable to the autoflower seeds.

Because of the better yield and the “clonable” property of these female cannabis seeds (you don’t need to buy another seed for the next planting session), these female plants remain the go-to for serious indoor growers regardless of the demanding maintenance attention and lighting requirements.

What is the perfect time to grow feminized seeds?

When it comes to the ideal grow timing for feminized seeds, you only need to maintain a flexible schedule. Doing this will help maximize your planting and harvesting time.

For example, those in the Northern hemisphere should have a planting time scheduled between March – June, and harvesting time scheduled for around September – October.

Autoflower vs feminized cannabis seeds – harvest time difference

When it comes to the difference between the male and female marijuana seeds, the growth cycle is a crucial factor most growers take into account. If you want to harvest your marijuana multiple times all year round, then the autoflowering seeds is your real deal. Ideally, an autoflower has an 8-12 week span between seed to harvest.

However, for feminized seeds, the flowering stage begins when the feminized seed receives 12 hours of light and darkness every day, unlike the autoflower seeds which reaches the flowering stage anywhere from 2-4 weeks after planting.

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What are the lighting requirements of autoflower and feminized marijuana seeds?

If you’re planning to grow feminized seeds outdoors, then you need to get your lighting schedule right or hold on until it’s autumn to ensure that your plant receives enough light to reach the flowering stage. However, the case is different with autoflowering seeds, which means they are easy to grow and perfect for anyone looking for a stress-free cannabis growth process.

Which is better for indoor/outdoor cultivation?

Simply put, auto-flowering seeds are perfect for indoor cultivation, while feminized seeds support outdoor cultivation. Ideally, plants from feminized seeds are generally taller and larger than autoflowering seeds. However, keep in mind that regardless of your choice of seeds, bigger pots tend to have space to create bigger plants and buds.

Which is the leafier between Autoflowers or feminized seeds?

A cannabis plant produced from auto flowers tend to pack more leaves than their feminized cousin. Auto flowers grow more foliage, making them comparably leafier and with few buds.

Choosing between feminized or autoflower seeds

So, since we’ve been able to iron out the differences between both seed types, next is to determine which one will suit your resources, requirement, and expertise level. If potency and large yield top your priority list, look no further than the feminized seeds.

But if you’re a beginner cultivator looking to get your feet on the marijuana cultivation ground, then autos is undoubtedly the perfect choice. Also, keep in mind that farm design and growth conditions can also determine (or twist) your choice of seed.

For instance, growing outdoors seasonally is different from growing indoors in a grow tent all year round. Cultivators generally argue that feminized seeds tend to yield larger results compared to autos.

Comparatively, it’s reasonable to factor in the time it’ll take for the bud to be properly ready. While autoflowering cannabis seeds have smaller yields, their yield is typically faster than the photoperiod strains.

In the end, if you have excess time, space, and more patience on your side, feminized seeds are a fantastic option. But if you’re time-pressed, go with the auto seed. You’ll be happy you did!

Let’s take some of our most frequently asked questions.

Are feminized seeds better than regular seeds?

It all comes down to what you intend to achieve with your growth. Many growers prefer feminized seeds because of the high yield size and ease of growth.

What’s the estimated seed-to-harvest time for auto flowers?

Autoflowering seeds usually take anywhere from 9-11 weeks from seeding to harvesting.

Do feminized plants produce seeds?

Feminized plants produce buds, not seeds. But you can easily clone the female plants.

Are autoflowers weak?

When it comes to potency, the bud produced by autoflowering seeds typically has fewer THC contents. But when it comes to resilience, auto flowers are just as strong as ever. As long as the seed is high quality, you can be sure to get high-quality cannabis, whether they are auto flowers or feminized.

Summary – What is autoflower vs feminized seeds?

Hope you now know the difference between autoflowering and feminized seeds! As a recap, the decision of which one to choose between auto and feminized seed is critical for the cannabis growth process. Remember that both have their benefits and downsides.

Although autoflower seeds are easy to cultivate and demand less attention, feminized seed’s unique functions pack lots of punches. Their potency is generally incomparable to the auto flower seeds. Conclusively, if you’re just kick-starting your cannabis growing journey, you’ll discover that the more you study and experiment on both seed types, the higher your chances of enjoying the growth process and achieving your dream yield.

Your preferences will change as you continue to grow and experiment. Many indoor cultivators currently prefer the feminized seed because they can be cloned and yield high results. Well, if the benefits of both seeds excite you, you might decide to try out both types.

Which one do you prefer between feminized and autoflowering seeds? Share your thoughts in the comment session.