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Pure Craft CBD offers CBD Oil 1000mg & 2000mg flavored CBD tinctures, CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Oil for Dogs and more! Discover Pure Craft CBD PURE CRAFT BLOG Is water-soluble the best absorption method for CBD? Discover our guide, some studies, and a list of the best water soluble CBD oils on the market in 2022. Check our five best water-soluble CBD oil brands reviews. Learn all about nano-based cannabidiol, how it differs from regular CBD, and how to select water based CBD oil and benefit from it to the fullest.


Pure Craft CBD’s Nano-Optimized Broad-Spectrum CBD Water-Soluble Tincture is one of the most absorbable CBD tinctures on the market. Our Water-Soluble formula delivers quick and efficient absorption, and can be added to any beverage or food – giving you more options for your daily CBD delivery. Pure Craft’s tinctures come in a custom crafted UV protected, silk screened, matte black dropper bottle to eliminate oxidation. Our Water-Soluble CBD absorbs at a rate roughly 4x times faster, compared to every leading oil-based CBD brand. This delivery system provides much faster means of getting CBD into your body, and with this proprietary formula, you will absolutely love how it feels. Like all of our products, our Broad-Spectrum CBD has ZERO THC, is extracted from organically farmed USA hemp, and manufactured in house at our cGMP and FDA-registered facility then sent out to be 3rd party independently tested for purity and potency.

  • Available in 600mg or 1000mg doses
  • Flavors: Peppermint, Tropical and Strawberry Mojito

Fast-Working Water-Soluble Nano CBD: Maximizes the Effects of CBD

Want to feel the effects of CBD faster? Our Water-Soluble, Nano CBD tincture works faster than other similar products on the market and can be paired with any meal or beverage!

Fast Absorption, Quicker Results

If you use CBD on a regular basis, you know the importance of obtaining a fast-acting CBD product. The faster your body absorbs the CBD, the sooner you feel its effects.

At Pure Craft CBD, we’ve responded to the need for fast-absorbing CBD by creating a Nano-Optimized CBD product. Our unique, Water-Soluble CBD absorbs 4x faster than regular CBD, giving your fast health results.

Goes with Any Meal or Drink

Our tincture comes in a matte black dropper bottle, which allows you to easily add measured drops into any foods or beverages. Choose between Peppermint, Tropical, and Strawberry Mojito flavors to complement your favorite meals and drinks.

Each bottle contains either 600 mg or 1000 mg dosages.

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Maximize the effects of CBD with Pure Craft CBD’s fast-acting Nano CBD.

Shake well. Fill dropper and add to water or any beverage. You may also place under tongue for 30 seconds. Store away from heat, light, and humidity.

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WARNING: Consult with your healthcare provider before using if you are nursing, pregnant or taking medication. If adverse reactions occur, discontinue.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Ultra Distilled Water, Organically Grown Nano Optimized Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin, MCT oil from Coconuts, Natural Flavors, Stevia.

Best Water Soluble CBD Oil Products Reviewed for 2022

Though very similar in their overall chemical constitution, water-soluble and fat-soluble CBD products differ in their range of bioavailability. In contrast to oil-based products, water-soluble CBD oils allow more CBD to be absorbed into the system leading to increased effectiveness. So if you are looking for a product that works faster and better than traditional CBD oil, this is your oil.

Discover The Best Water Soluble CBD Oil Brand in 2022

Water soluble CBD oils are in high demand owing to their significantly higher bioavailability. But to get the intended benefits, finding a trustworthy brand using high-grade ingredients is crucial. For this reason, we’ve selected the following products to help you get an improved CBD experience.

American Shaman: Water Soluble CBD Hemp Oil

American Shaman’s Water Soluble CBD Oil is an American-made product that promises up to 10 times more bioavailability than conventional oils. The brand also offers five different flavours like pina colada and limeade, so finding a taste that works for you won’t be difficult.

Recommended Dosage: 20 mg CBD daily twice a day. The maximum daily intake should not be more than 60 mg.


  • This product offers 10X the bioavailability of traditional CBD oil.
  • High CBD concentration of 10 mg per every 1 ml dropper.
  • The oil is available in flavours like cherry limeade, pina colada, hemp, grape, and lemon.
  • This oil is made using proprietary nanotechnology to break down the particles.


  • The product may require higher amounts to produce the intended effect.

How Did We Pick These Water Soluble CBD Brands?

Several factors are crucial when choosing the best water-soluble brands/products. Brand reputation is always essential when picking these oils. Good reactions to past projects, especially regarding product quality, help build up the image of these companies. You will find products made using the best quality hemp and the most precise extraction methods when you buy from these brands.

Aside from this appeal, we also look closely at real-life applications of these oils to see how they function in real-world applications. The reviews verified users offer on the brands’ websites help us get a more informed opinion of these products. Lastly, since the CBD market is still largely unregulated, we believe it is our responsibility to find products for you that are safe and legal to use.

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All the water-soluble CBD oils on this list pass the legal requirements on their THC content, so you can enjoy them without worrying about getting into legal trouble.

How to Choose the Best Water Soluble CBD Oil?

Referring to the product labels is a great way to ensure quality purchase when looking for water soluble CBD oil. Oils come in different variants, like full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD Isolate, each with specific uses. For example, since it contains all the necessary cannabis extracts, full spectrum CBD is used to treat more acute symptoms in patients.

When you read the product labels carefully, you can find an oil that suits your condition best. Additionally, other than Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug used to treat two specific forms of epilepsy, no CBD product has been cleared for medical use. Using this information, you can weed out those oils that make medical claims.

For water soluble CBD oils, the production technology is more crucial than regular CBD oils. The bioavailability of the product depends on this process. For this reason, you ought to insist on the details of the chemical composition of the oil during purchase. You can also ask the brand to provide manufacturing details, if possible, to check whether the water-soluble CBD oil is as effective as the claims.

Water Soluble CBD Products Can Provide Best Absorption Regarding a New Study

In a recent article, Forbes reported on a study conducted by the Colorado State University on the best absorption techniques/capabilities among CBD products. All four male participants were given doses of various CBD oils, including CBD ISolate, oil-soluble, and water-soluble CBD oil.

This test revealed that water soluble CBD oil had 500% more maximum blood concentration variation than oil-based CBD. This study showed that this form of CBD provided the best absorption rate, especially when taken alongside food. Typically, CBD oil lasts in the body for about three hours, even lesser when consumed alongside food or drink.

The researchers at Colorado State found that water-soluble CBD was present in the blood in a significant percentage up to 6 hours after initial dosing. Additionally, the substance seemed to have interacted extremely with the food, positively affecting fat and sugar metabolization.

Best Water Soluble CBD Oils 2022

Currently, the flourishing CBD market offers many cannabidiol products, from tinctures and capsules to cigarettes, edibles, and the best CBD oil for vaping. Nevertheless, CBD tinctures are considered the most efficient way of consuming cannabidiol so far.

However, the best CBD brands forge ahead with new, water-soluble cannabidiol products. Today, you will learn about the best water soluble CBD oil and ways to buy and use it efficiently according to our CBD oil reviews.

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CBD brands use a variety of technologies to make water-based CBD oil. Many companies use high-frequency ultrasound to break CBD oil into nanodroplets. Nano refers to nanotechnology – the way of operating something thousands of times smaller than bacteria. A nanometer is a measurement unit used to describe things at this scale. One nanometer equals 0.0000001 cm. Nano refers to anything up to 500 nanometers in size. The term “micro” refers to anything larger than 1,000 nanometers. Thus, microemulsion contains particles thousands of times bigger than those in nanoemulsion. Therefore, the nanoemulsion is by far the best possible mixture of immiscible substances. It is efficiently used as the delivery system of hydrophobic drugs.

What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD is way more beneficial compared to ordinary CBD oil. CBD brands use nanotechnology to increase the efficiency of CBD products. The best water-soluble CBD oil saves your money and releases its properties faster and for a longer time. Here is why:

High Bioavailability

CBD tinctures, capsules, and edibles have very low bioavailability that ranges between 13% and 19%. For instance, when you take 25 mg of CBD tincture sublingually, your body digests only 4.7 mg.

WHO (World Health Organization) states that only 6% of CBD coming from edibles is digested. Vape oil has a bit higher bioavailability (about 33%). It is because cannabinoids are oil-soluble. Since your body consists mostly of water (up to 60% of the total mass), it absorbs CBD very inefficiently.

The bioavailability of the best water-soluble CBD oil reaches 90% – 130%. Since CBD particles in the nanoemulsion are super small, they can easily enter the bloodstream. Thus, with water-soluble CBD, more active cannabidiol molecules can reach their targets. As a result, you can use much smaller doses to achieve the same effect.

Faster Absorption

Since CBD nanoparticles can penetrate the membranes much better, they require less time to enter the bloodstream. Thus, nano CBD starts working much faster than regular cannabidiol oil.

Ease of Use

Nanoemulsified CBD allows you to use oral and sublingual routes of administration very efficiently. Besides, you can mix CBD with beverages to diversify your treatment. Also, dosing becomes easier since 100% of the CBD serving is absorbed. Thus, while taking a certain amount of CBD, you know that your body will absorb all of it

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