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tiny seeds in my marijuana

What's the deal with all of the tiny underdeveloped seeds in ALL of the herb I've seen lately?

I'm in an illegal state so obviously problems are to be expected from time to time, but the last 10 types of bud I've seen around where i live have been pollinated out the ass, with tiny seeds growing in just about every single calynx on the plant.

The seeds are always TINY, and the bud usually smells like hay. I think that crop's are getting pollinated by nanners or hermies and growers are cutting down their crops early before the seeds can form, leaving a chlorophyll smell in the bud that smells like hay or fresh cut grass.

It's super annoying, I've started to smoke concentrates because I can't deal with the taste of 20-30 tiny seeds in every gram of otherwise frosty looking herb.

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