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the mountain marijuana seeds

Blue Mountain Seeds

Blue Mountain seeds strain are a hybrid marijuana strain that is mostly sativa and can be grown in both an indoor and outdoor growing set-up. It belongs to the limited edition cannabis strains from Cannabiogen and one of the sativa dominated sativa plants that can be grown even by beginners who have basic understanding of marijuana cultivation. Though it can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it is best given space to grow to its full

Silver Mountain Regular Seeds – 11

Silver Mountain is a high-yielding hybrid created by fertilising a Mr. Nice Super Silver Haze with pollen from an Appalachia male plant (itself a cross of green Crack with Tres Dawg). It has a powerful sativa high and a relatively short flowering time.

Silver Mountain grows into a tall plant therefore growers indoors may well like to veg. for a shorter period than usual in order to restrict its height somewhat. In this environment flowering will take 9 – 10 weeks; outdoor growers in northern latitudes will harvest during October.

The mature, dried buds are dense and liberally covered with resin and exude the smell and taste of spicy lemon with Haze/melon and notes of ChemDog. The effect is extremely uplifting and is recommended for depression and low moods.

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