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starting old marijuana seeds

Do old seeds germinate slower?

I’m on hour 72. Normally by now I’d have a decent tap root. As you can see from the pics I have almost nothing. Normally I would just let these go and not post anything on here but I’ve already lost 2 seeds from this Pineapple Chunk batch and I’m getting a little peeved now. The first seed popped, the first set of leaves were about to open up and then the plant just died, no growth for 4 days, i pulled the plant to see what was going on and somehow the tap root just shriveled up to nothing. Second seed looked like it was going to germ, seed was opening, saw white, thought it was a tap root, and again, seed did nothing for like 4 days. i gently squeezed the seed and it easily crushed and the white stuff was like puss, stunk pretty bad too. So now I’m on seeds 3 and 4 of the pineapple chunk I bought and as you can see, they are going SUPER slow. They have looked like they do in the picture since yesterday morning.

I bought these seeds from Herbie’s last April, so they are not even a year old yet. I had to hold off on growing these back then because a lot of crap was going on and I just had to wait.. I put them in tuperware in a "dime" bag, surrounded by rice. I had read that was best for preserving seeds since the rice will absorb any moisture. Do seeds that are 1 year old take longer to germ?

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