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seeds from female marijuana clone

Female Clone but found 3 Seeds.

Ok, I am in the process of harvesting my girl. I’m suspecting I will get about 3-4oz from the 1 plant dry, right now I am taking a break. Weird thing is, when I was trimmin her up, I noticed one of the cylaxes.. not sure the spelling is right there.. but the cylaxe was a little more opened up and something was popping out.. So I pried her apart and all-b-damned if there wasn’t a healthy looking seed in there. Nice and brown with some black markings on it, further investigating I found 2 more on that bud.. anyways.. fucked up thing is that this plant came from a Female clone. The dude I got this clone from did produce seeds and he swears he didn’t have any males around. So after I found these 3 seeds on that one bud I started looking at all my buds but I couldn’t find anymore seeds. I am about half way done harvesting and will post if I find more.

I am wondering if it is possibly something I did or if a Clone from a Hermi.. is going to be a Hermi in the end too? I plan to plant these babies but I have already taken 4 more clones from this plant and wondering if those fuckers will produce seeds too? Is there a chance the seeds will be hermi also.. from what I understood they should be female.. or am I wrong?

I googled this a million times and didn’t get quite as specific of an answer as I was hoping. So anyone with some experienced advice, I would appreciate it.

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It is likely your female was accidentally pollinated. Pollen is very tiny and is very resilient. Transfer is easy, the source being hands or clothes.

Germinate them bitches and grow ’em.

Good luck and good growing.

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is it true that the longer a plant is flowering the more likely it is to go hermi?

because it’s trying to keep itself going, through seeds?

or am i insane? possibly.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.

I have not been around ANY male plants for at least 7 months so unless there was some male pollen floating in the air outside, no pollen should have been on myself.

She was flowering for 61 Days before the trich’s turned about 40% amber, which is when I cut.

To sum it up, I am 200% sure there was NO pollen in my house unless some bioatch is growing some males around my house, which my closest neighbor is about half mile away and are old farmers, so i HIGHLY doubt that was the case.

I was leaning more towards something I did wrong, possibly Ph (I checked PH every 3-4 days, going to start Ph’ing everyday now though) and I over nuted her once but not Terribly bad. I’ve read several threads saying a plant can go herm with any stress but I just thought it was odd to see only 3 seeds, on 1 bud and then none anywhere else.

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Fuck it- I’ll plant these 3 bitches, keep my clones and just keep a close eye for some ball sacks when its time. heh, I just thought- its winter up here so there would be no males outside anywhere. Crazy shit. Either way- I appreciate all the replies fella’s.

If this has happen to anyone and they where 100% positive there was no male pollination, please let me know what the hell you think would have caused this. A couple seeds isn’t bad to me, but I don’t really want to grow 4 hermi plants if I don’t have to.

Philosopher Seeds elite clones

You may have heard about the elite clones or selected clones. Perhaps because you are lucky enough to grow one, or because they are plants that are known for their particular characteristics that have “made them famous” among the cannabis community. Certainly, as any grower knows, when cultivating cannabis seeds (in fact any plant) we are sometimes lucky enough to come across a plant that stands out from the rest, usually in terms of
production or flavour and aroma quality. If the plant is preserved, we can certainly be looking at a future elite clone!

We present here some of the elite clones used by our breeding team to develop some of our varieties. Several of the parents used in Philosopher Seeds are selections from our own or from collaborating growers in our environment. In other occasions, elite clones are used, plants well-known for their particular characteristics, mostly of high quality, which have already earned their place in the ever-changing cannabis world.

Black Domina elite clone in full flowering

What exactly is an elite cannabis clone?

When cultivating seeds of any variety, one is growing the progeny of a cross between a plant normally called a mother plant or recipient female and a male or pollen donor. The male’s pollen fertilises the female’s flowers, creating a ‘genetic cocktail’ between the two plants’ genes that is passed on to the seeds that the recipient female will produce when fertilised. Thus, when we grow cannabis seeds, what we have are “sibling” plants that come from the same parents but may exhibit quite different traits from each other. Similar to people that one sibling can have blond hair and blue eyes and another sibling can have brown hair with green eyes.

When a variety is commercialised by a seed bank, possibly thousands of its seeds will be cultivated each year worldwide, thus increasing the chances of encountering exceptional plants that stand out in many characteristics from the average provided by their sibling seeds. Such plants are the ones that can become, or rather be considered, elite clones. But. what is necessary for this to happen? There is certainly no official agency that issues “elite” certificates for cannabis clones, so how and why does a plant become an elite clone?

Several years ago, usually through internet forums, there was discussion between growers who were cultivating clones and attesting to the excellence of their quality. As it passed from hand to hand and from cultivation to cultivation, the clone was increasingly valued (and coveted). Certainly, the fact that a clone were cultivated by some well-known figure in the sector who emphasised the plant’s properties, always helped to increase the clone’s value. Furthermore, if the plant was prized in cups or cannabis events, we could definitely speak of a full-fledged elite clone.

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Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos, two elite clones combined in this productive hybrid

These days, things have certainly changed a lot. Besides the previously mentioned reasons, a plant can “become famous” in several different respects. Some of the “modern elite clones” are considered as such simply because they are top sellers in US dispensaries, also because of their enormous popularity among members of cannabis clubs and associations, or on the other hand because of the quality and/or quantity of resin they produce. Of course, social networks have also a lot of influence here, as well as the numerous cannabis competitions that are organised nowadays.

In some cases, the elite clones are not the result of growers finding the “plant in a million” in their seeds package, but come from the hard work of breeders or growers of a particular variety. Through many trials, plant selections and evaluations they encounter the specimen that no longer represents the standard but the maximum potential this particular hybrid or cross can deliver. We present here some of the elite clones used in the development of some of our varieties.

Amnesia Haze “Cordobesa”

Undoubtedly, if there is one thing that characterises this clone it is its powerful truly devastating effect, something that all those who have had the pleasure of growing it can testify to. It is also quite productive and easy to cultivate. It comes from an Amnesia Haze selection by Hy-Pro, with a unique nutty flavour with coffee and legume notes, offering a quality resin beyond any question. In order to develop our Amnesika 2.0 we crossed Amnesia “Cordobesa” with a productive Critical Mass clone. The result was surprising even for us: long colas filled with tight buds and bathed in resin with an effect far more powerful than the standard. it quickly became available in our catalogue!

Amnesia Haze “Cordobesa” in coconut fibre

Black Domina’98 “Barraka”

This popular cutting, also known as “Barraka clone” comes from a Black Domina selection by Sensi Seeds. It is a particularly well-suited variety for use as a parent due to its interesting characteristics; providing increased productivity, a compact structure and a mild, sweet musky flavour. Undoubtedly very appropriate for crossing with other plants whose organoleptic qualities are to be preserved almost intact. We have crossed this clone with a Somango selection by a collaborator. The result is Black Bomb, one of Philosopher Seeds’ best-known, fastest and most productive varieties.

UK “Exodus” Cheese

UK “Exodus” Cheese is another “old school” clone, which originated in the United Kingdom. It was born in the 90s from a Skunk #1 selection by Sensi Seeds. This plant has been delighting growers ever since with its unique and intense aroma. Our aim with this clone was to develop an automatic version faithful to the legendary aroma of the original, successfully achieved with our Cheesy Auto, awarded as the best auto- flowering variety at Expogrow Irun 2015.

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Purple Punch «Alpha cut»

This clone, although selected in 2013, has only recently gained genuine worldwide recognition. It is a cross and a later selection of Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple by Supernova Gardens. It was not until 2017 when, at the hands of Symbiotic Genetics and with the blessing of the creators, it really became popular. It was named best 2017 variety by the most influential cannabis publications. It offers high potency and a delicious blueberry muffin flavour, undoubtedly a favourite with many. Because of these characteristics we crossed it with the NorCal clone by Do-Si-Dos, another of the best plants that have emerged in the US in recent years. The result was Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos, a pure resin blast!

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos, exceptional resin production

Do-Si-Dos «NorCal cut»

As its name quite suggests, this wonderful plant comes from Northern California. It is the result of a cross between OGKB and Face Off OG by Archive Seed Bank (based in Portland, Oregon). This particular clone was selected in San Francisco, Northern California, by @NorCal_icmag. Soon after its release it became one of the most sought-after cuts at the time, mainly due to its incredible resin production and complex and delicious taste.

As it could not be otherwise, several hybrids were soon available where Do-Si-Dos was used as a parent, as this is a plant that seems to bring out the best in every cross with never disappointing results. You can certainly experience these incredible characteristics in some of our varieties, such as the productive and fast Key Lime Pie x Do-Si-Dos.

Wifi #43

This variety is also known as White Fire #43. It is the result of a selection conducted in Los Angeles, on the US West Coast. There, TLC Collective team selected a significant number of seeds from the original White Fire OG breeder, none other than OG Raskal. It is the result of a cross between OG Kush and The White, offering a resin production and a high cannabinoid content that became the distinctive qualities of this variety (especially THC, with analysis close to 30%). After a cultivation of about 500 seeds, the TLC Collective team considered the #43 phenotype to be the best. At Philosopher Seeds we have successfully used this clone to develop several hybrids, a great example being Wifi #43 x Purple Punch.

Up to here our review for now, soon we will refer to more Philosopher Seeds varieties developed with elite clones and we will present you more of these gems. Please do not hesitate to leave us your comments or give us your opinion about these clones, we will be happy to respond!