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seeds from a marijuana clone female or male

Can a female clone change male.

No, that is not the "only way". Female clones can certainly hermie and produce seeds, which it probably did. If only 1 plant has seeds, it is almost certainly a hermie–I would suspect nanners somewhere in the buds where the pollen could be pretty much contained. Otherwise, if pollen had come in on the wind from a male plant somewhere else, all the girls would be seedy. Where did you get the clones? Were they from fem seeds? What strain?

Tell him to throw the seeds away.

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sounds like the clones was stressed and ther for Caused it to hermie. Maybe you didnt stress it as much as the other person .

take care and be safe

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The Hemp Goddess

They do not bud from being under too much light. It takes darkness to trigger the flowering hormones that start the plant budding. Most plants can go back into a reveg when putoutside without causing hermie problems. I think I would be looking for another cause. How long have you run this strain? How many clones have you taken and grown with no hermies? Is this a subcool strain? I know he had some problems with hermies a while ago.

Do you have pics of your girl?

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I agree with The Hemp Goddess, a few nana’s are the likely culprit, hardly enough to start tearing your hair out over.

But in response to your actual question, yes, a perfectly good female clone can reverse sex totally and grow up as a happy healthy male.

It’s happened to me (please see pics of an Exodus clone) and also to 2 other growers I know of, just started chatting to one on another forum as he was puzzled by it happening to him so posted a thread about it and is something I’m actively trying to investigate at the moment, to find a genetic explanation for spontaneous sexual reversal in cannabis.

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Organic way to reverse female clone to male?

Last time i ‘ve grown some alpha diesel. I got a very few nanners by the end to two phenos, which provided me with one seed from each and both seeds were female.

Here is the soma way to female seed:

This is a few paragraghs from Soma’s book (Organic Marijuana Soma Style). Making cannabis seeds is an art. As in any art ther many different methods of application. I have tried using gibberillic acid, PH stress, light stress and fertilizer stress to force my female plants to make seeds. All of these methods are harsh on the plants, and some such as gibberillic acid are not organic. In my search for cleaner more earth friendly ways of working with the cannabis plant, I have found a new way to make feminized seeds. This method of making feminized seeds is "Age Feminization Technique" (AFT), I like to call it Rodelization, after a friend helped me realize and make use of this way of making female seeds. Stressing for seeds- Female seeds happen from stess. not genetics. Thats right, I am saying that all cannabis varietys have the capability of making male flowers on 100% female plants. Stress is the cause of this phenomenon. In the 32 years I have been actively growing cannabis, I have come to know every form of stress a cannabis plant can experience. It takes many harvest before you really get to know a type of weed. Just like getting to know human friends it takes time. Some strains prefer a higher PH, some a lower one. Some like alot of food, some like much less. There is quite alot of variety in marijuana genetics, and you dont treat every plant the same way. I have grown the same strains now for close to a decade, and am truly getting to know every bit of body language that my plants exhibit. I can recognize them now from a distance. After growing crop after crop of the same plants in the same conditions, I noticed that if I flowered the plants 10-14 days longer than usual, they developed male flowers. In AFT, Plants are grown 10-14 days longer to induce male flowers. To me a male flower is quite a beautiful thing. It has the potential of making all female seeds. Many growers have male phobia. They see a male flower and have heart palpitations, want to cut down the entire crop or at the vary least take a tweezers and pluck the little yellow emergency devices out. I call them emergency devices becuase they emerge at times of stress. Most of the time when females are grown longer for pollen, no seeds are found in that crop, but once in a while you do find some. Pollination Techniques- Pollination can be acomplished in a few ways. The first way is more exacting, or for when you are growing multiple varieties. The pollen is collected from the plants as they dry, and then used in a successive crop. After growing your female plants 10-14 days longer and hanging them up to dry, they are carefully taken off the drying lines and inspected for male flowers. Each and every such flower is removed and placed in a small bag and labeled accurately. These sealed bags can be placed in the refrigerator for up to 2 months and still remain potent. To use this method it is necessary to have another crop underway soon after the male flowers are collected. When the new crop is 2 1/2 weeks into flowering, you take your sealed bag of pollen out of the refrigerator and proceed to pollinate your new crop of females. First, match the female plant with the pollen from the same female plant from the previous crop. Turn off all the fans in the room. With a fine watercolor brush, remove some pollen from the bag and paint it on the female flower. This is repeated for each variety. I have done this sucessfully with up to ten strains in the same room. I pollenate the lower flowers, leaving the top cola seedless for smoking. This method requires two crops to produce seeds, but it is completely organic. It also lets you have great quality smoke at the same time and from the same plant your using to make female seeds. If you have never grown seeds for fear of not having something good to smoke, you will love this method. You can also use the collected pollen to make new female crosses by cross pollinating. This is a great solution when you want to use a variety you like as the "male" part of the cross, but you dont have access to seeds or males. The second way is less controlled or may be used when you are gardening a single variety. Rather than drying and saving the pollen, the females with male flowers are brought directly into the room with a second group of females that are 3 weeks into the flowering cycle. The circulation fans are turned to high and the little particles of pollen circulate around the room for several days. Six to seven weeks later you have ripe 100% feminized seeds. This method does not produce as many seeds as crossing with a genetically male plant, but it is productive enough to keep a variety in circulation. Feminizing methods can be extremely valuable in the effort to preserve strains, as well as being useful for any breeding programs. Having been a farmer who moved my genetics far away from where they started, I know the value of seeds. My friend Adam from TH Seeds in Amsterdam has a motto that I love to borrow: "Drop seeds not bombs"

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