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rock kandy marijuana seeds

Rock Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Rock Candy is an indica dominant hybrid with a genetic ratio of 75% indica and 25% sativa with an average THC level at 16%. It is derived from Tahoe Alien and Sour Dubble. It is also known as “Alien Rock Candy” to most of the cannabis community. It has a unique aroma of sweet pungent citrus and has a taste of herbal and sweet citrus aftertaste and becomes spicy upon exhale. Its buds have long dense pepper-like medium green nugs with orange and purple pistils. These nugs have dark purple leaves and frosty crystal white trichomes. It provides that strong cerebral body high, uplifting boost and eventually relaxes the body and leads you to sleep. It is ideal for night time and evening usage due to its sedative effects.

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Rock Candy Fem Cannabis Strain Specs

Type: Indica 75%, Sativa 25%

Genetics Parents: Tahoe Alien x Sour Dubble

Flowering Period: 7-8 weeks

Climate: Mediterannean/Sunny Climate

Yield: 450 grams per square feet indoors, 500 to 1,000 grams per plant outdoors

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Lemon,Citrus

Height: up to 6 feet

Harvest Period: Unknown

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Effects and Flavor of Rock Candy Strain

Rock Candy marijuana strain has a unique aroma that gives out sweet pungent with a hint of citrus lemon tones. And unique flavors of herbal and sweet, citrus and spicy aftertaste. The plant has dark purple leaves, It has green buds with long, dense, pepper-like shape, and has orange, purple pistils and thick crystals on its trichomes. It is suitable for indoors and outdoor propagation and easy to grow for beginners.

Rocky Candy ganja strain has that average THC that reached 16 to 19%. It has moderate potent strains that provide that strong cerebral, euphoric high, and calms the mind and body. It takes 5 minutes to build full mind and body relaxation and carries you to deep body high. Its uplifting and stimulated sensation will slowly lead to a deep and blissful sleep. It is best for that night time and evening use due to its strong sedative effects at the end.

What are the Medical Benefits of Rock Candy Strain?

Rock Candy marijuana strain helps alleviate both mental and physical disorders. It has long lasting therapeutic effects that provide strong cerebral, relaxing body high with strong sedative effect. It is suitable to relieve sleeping disorders and insomnia. Its fast acting body high calms the body which gradually induces that deep sleep effect. With only a few puffs, one can reach the blissful slumber. It is also suitable to relieve inflammation, chronic body pains, arthritis, sore muscles and muscle spasms. It is due to its full body high that relaxes the muscles. It also has the sedative effects that are suitable to treat depression, stress, and anxiety. It calms the mind and body. This strain is also suitable to treat eating disorders like anorexia and to cancer patients who have after effects of chemotherapy and cobalt treatments. It helps improve the patient’s appetite.

Adverse Effects You Can Expect from Rock Candy Strain

Rock Candy cannabis strain has some adverse effects of cotton mouth and dry, itchy eyes. It can be easily managed through proper hydration. It is best to hydrate before, during and after usage. For dry eyes, it is recommended to have a bottle of moisturizer for the eyes to prevent dryness and itchy eyes. There are some who have experienced mild anxiety, dizzy, headache due to excess usage. It is best to moderate the dosage and or try other strains with less THC levels for tokers who are sensitive to high THC.

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How to Grow Rock Candy Strain

Rock Candy strains are easy to propagate for novice breeders as long as all the necessary preparation and climate control for propagation are met. It thrives well in a mediterannean climate outdoor environment. This strain is mostly resistant to molds, mildews and pests. Plants will grow to 6 ft and would need trimming for air circulation. It has a flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks. For indoor propagation, it is best to use the Sea of Grass method or hydroponics for better yield. It can yield at least 450 grams per square feet. For outdoor propagation, it is best to use organic soil and will yield at least 500 to 1,000 grams per plant.

2 reviews for Rock Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Zane F. – June 5, 2021

Hell yeah!! It is literally soooo easy to cultivate plants. It thrives well in my indoor setting because I used the SOG technique… And I was amazed that I was able to harvest her huge green nugs with orange hair and resin coating within just 8 weeks, also with a harvest of nearly 480g/m2. How about the effects? Gosh! I just felt an instant sense of tranquility! I experienced the buzz just a few minutes after smoking a joint. When I’m extremely stressed, this is a perfect strain for me. This is more than deserving of 5 STAR RATINGS in my personal experience!!

A. Cade – June 2, 2021

Woohoo! This is my go-to cannabis at night just because it relieves my work-related stress and tiredness. This one helps me to get rid of all my negative thoughts. It has been a real pleasure for me!! This strain is highly resistant to diseases, and it’s a lot of fun to grow because it’s so easy to keep up with… My plant is around 5 feet tall, with dark purple leaves, orange pistils, and heavy trichome crystals. It generated a delicious yield of roughly 600 grams per plant after only 8 weeks of cultivation outside. Its buds have distinct herbal and sweet flavors, as well as citrus and peppery aftertastes. It has a sweet pungent scent with a hint of citrus lemon tones… Choose this for your next crop, and you will be delighted!!

Rock Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The Rock Candy strain is characterized by a clear, translucent, and euphoric head high. It is a cross between Tahoe Alien and Sour Dubble. Oversized, lumpy, and littered neon-green nugs with orange hair define this strain. The nugs are covered in a resin that is both oily and sweet. The taste of the Rock Candy is a combination of diesel, fruit, and sour, and it fits well here. It’s just smoke, but it hits the lungs hard. Patients with anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia, fatigue, nausea, muscle spasms, and arthritis can benefit from Rock Candy fem and have the ability to entice you to consume it.

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More About Rock Candy Feminized Strain

Type: Indica-dominant (80%)
Genetics Parents: Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien
Flowering Period: 7 to 9 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean/ Tropical
Yield: (Indoors) 500 grams and (Outdoors) 500-1000 grams
Flavors: Sweet, fruity, citrus, and lemon
THC Level: 16%
CBD Level: 0.01%
Height: Up to 6 feet
Harvest Period: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Aroma, Flavor, and Effects of Rock Candy Feminized?

Its smell lingers on the palate, but it’s too much for me. Most people like it because of the soft and citrusy lemon blend that makes it an authentic taste delight. The Rock Candy makes a compelling mental case, and the results can take a long time to show. The first symptom is tension around the temples, which is followed by increased brain activity. Consumers can become more intensely perceptive to input or external stimuli that appear uninteresting at first. Smokers who adapt to their altered state may complete simple tasks or even solve complex problems. The indica side of Rock Candy eventually emerges as stronger soothing waves travel from the neck and break across the heart and limbs.

What are the Medical Benefits of Rock Candy Feminized?

The Rock Candy, like other strains, has a high CBD content. Unfortunately, being a good treatment for those with seizures or epilepsy is still too bad. Other medical marijuana patients would also benefit.

It’s usual for users to fall asleep before the body has completely recovered from the effects. His most common medical use is to induce drowsiness and sleep in insomniacs. Alien Rock Candy can also help people relax by combining its uplifting power with a relaxing physical body. Stress and other mental illnesses, such as PTSD, may be helpful in some situations. Because of its sedative-like effects, it also assists in the relief of mild pain and aches.

Effects You Can Expect from Rock Candy Feminized

Consumption of Rock Candy is expected to have a few harmful implications. Consumers experience dry mouth and eyes, as they do with many other strains. While some strains are easy to handle, others aren’t. Alien Rock Candy is located in the middle, where it can make some people suspicious. Others will assume that tiredness is only temporary. As previously mentioned, the potency of this strain should never be underestimated. Overuse is a common cause of anxiety and drowsiness. There are, of course, people who have even lower levels of resistance.

How to Grow Rock Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The Rock Candy is a marijuana strain that is simple to cultivate. It also appears to be resistant to insects and molds. She will, however, need a great deal of attention, just like any other plant. If cultivators decide to plant it outside, it will flourish in a Mediterranean climate. Though outdoor planting is fantastic, most people do not have the resources to do so. The good news is that it grows well indoors and mainly when using the SOG method and hydroponics.

Rock Candy, like most Indica strains, has a relatively short flowering time. Hydroponics can also help with this. Producers should expect up to 18 ounces of yield per square meter in 7 weeks. Growers are fortunate to have a garden in which to grow. Indoor gardening, as we all know, can be costly. In any case, by mid-September, every Rock Candy plant should be able to produce about 18 ounces.

Rock Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Derived from crossbreeding the Tahoe Alien and Sour Dubble, the Rock Candy Feminized strain is an Indica leaning hybrid that is also dubbed as “Alien Rock Candy”. This strain is composed of 75% to 25% Indica/Sativa with THC levels of 16%. The result of this combination is a strain that’s widely recognized as potent and flavorful. Its oversized, neon-colored buds with hints of orange fur exude a unique combination of aromas and flavors that are sweet, pungent, herbal, citrus, and spicy with other distinct nuances. With high THC levels, the weed is expected to deliver cerebral and physical effects that are impactful, transparent, and long-lasting. Although its name may sound a little unusual, the Rock Candy Feminized strain is an amazing cannabis strain to try, thanks to its excellent qualities.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Rock Candy Fem Seeds?

As unique as its name, the Rock Candy feminized strain also delivers distinct and unique flavors and aromas. This weed gives off a sweet yet pungent aroma with hints of lemon and citrus notes. Although quite overwhelming, its scent carries over to its flavors. Users enjoy the soft combination of the weed’s flavors which are a blend of herbs, lemon, citrus, and a bit of spicy aftertaste that are a real delight.

Given its high THC levels, the weed usually begins with a potent cerebral high that soothes both the body and mind. It provides a euphoric and uplifting sensation that stimulates the mind, elevating brain activity which causes users to be more perceptive. After the mental buzz slowly starts to fade, the Indica side of the strain will take over. It gives a full-body relaxation that carries users to a deep body stone, feeling a heavy sensation that usually leads users to the couch. Since it has strong sedative characteristics, this herb is great for evening use or after a long day at work.

What are the Medical Benefits of Rock Candy Fem Seeds?

The Rock Candy Feminized marijuana strain has also great therapeutic purposes which can help with several mental and physical conditions. Its relaxing body stone and sedative effects can alleviate inflammation, minor discomforts, body pains, sore muscles, migraines, tensions, arthritis, and other body aches. Just a few puffs will do the trick in easing these minor body disorders. Moreover, the sedating effects can help those insomniacs to achieve much peaceful and restful sleep. The strong cerebral effects calm the mind and are proven to be effective in combating symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, and other minor mental conditions. Also, this weed is great for treating eating disorders such as anorexia and appetite loss.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Rock Candy Fem Seeds

There are a few adverse reactions that users can experience when consuming the Rock Candy feminized cannabis strain. Most commonly, users will experience the occasional drying of the eyes and dry mouth. But it can be alleviated by staying hydrated before and after consumption. In some cases, mild headaches, dizziness, and temporary tiredness may be encountered. Those who are not used to high levels of THC can experience anxiety and paranoia, especially when consumed in excessive amounts.

How to Grow Rock Candy Femin Seeds

A lot of novice growers, as well as experienced ones, have found the Rock Candy Feminized seeds very appealing due to their ease of cultivation. The plant has an only brief flowering period of only 7-8 weeks. It grows easily in an indoor and outdoor environment but prefers warm and sunny climates outdoors. It may be easy to grow but it still needs sufficient care and attention, just like any other cannabis plant. To increase bud production and improve development, it is best to propagate the plant using a hydroponics setup or directly in organic soil. Sometime in September, growers can harvest yields of up to 450G/m2 indoors and 500-1000G per plant outdoors

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