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regular marijuana seeds

What are the Regular Marijuana Seeds?

The regular seeds are those seeds of ca marijuana of undefined sex because in each cultivation of this type of strains you can obtain female or male plants. Therefore, there is a risk since if you are only looking for female plants you risk having males in your garden.

From Blimburn seeds we offer you 99% feminized cannabis seeds for the same reason you will not have problems in your crops, nor will you have headaches with the appearance of a male in your garden. If you are looking to have big yields with lots of delicious buds and no seeds appearing in your flowers, then growing marijuana plants from feminized seeds is the best thing to do.

What are the benefits of growing regular seeds?

The benefits of regular seeds are mainly for more advanced growers who want to have special gardens and exclusive genetics. In order not to get ahead of ourselves, here are some of the main benefits.

  1. With regular cannabis seeds you can obtain new cannabis genetics. This is because you get female and male cannabis plants.
  2. If you are looking for resistant plants, then regular cannabis seeds are for you because, regular strains also tend to produce more vigorous plants, can tolerate stress well, and produce cuttings that have more powerful growth and heavy yields.
  3. Growing regular weed seeds is one of the most entertaining adventures that you can live in your garden and also, it is a great natural experience that every grower, whether expert or beginner, must live.

Growing regular cannabis seeds

As we already said here with regular cannabis seeds you can get new strains and genetics. This is because male cannabis plants produce pollen which is captured by the pistils of female weed plants when flowering begins. After this initial process and as it begins to develop the bud in the female pot plant, the new weed seeds are also created. When this process passes, the female cannabis plant can suffer several effects that we detail below.

In the first place, the buds that have been pollinated and have created seeds can be affected because they develop with less power since the plant spends energy forming the flower and also, producing the seed. Also, it is necessary that strains that the taste of the buds and even the smoke can be affected because the plant, by distributing energy in a different way, prioritizes other factors other than taste, aroma, or sugar production. From the cultivation of regular cannabis seeds as well, you can obtain cannabis mother plants and obviously male cannabis parents, by means of clones. With this process, you can keep the same cannabis plant that you like so much for a long time, without having genetic problems with its offspring. When you clone a male from a cannabis plant, you make sure that you can conserve the pollen of a male that you like, both for its physical structure as well as for other qualities of the strain.

Learn how to grow regular cannabis seeds

Growing regular pot seeds is very similar to growing feminized seeds. However, there are some differences that you should pay attention to and that we will show you now. First of all, we start with germination, which is the same as a feminized seed, this process lasts between 1 and 4 days, at which time the seed must have an approximate 80% humidity to prevent it from drying out or damaging. Also, it is important to state that it should be done with an average temperature of about 24ºC to 26ºC.

Second, when you set out to grow regular weed strains, you need to know well if it is for an indoor or outdoor garden. Here we tell you that you will have much more control of growing indoor since you can measure all the factors and variables that plants need; otherwise, you will also be able to manipulate weed plants in a better way when they begin to show their sex. To avoid having problems when the plants show their sex, you can apply 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness during the first 2 and 3 weeks of flowering induction. After the female plants begin to show the first pre-flowers and when the males show the first flower buds, you can separate and if you do not want pollen from the males, eliminate the latter.

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Pots and technics of growing

Now, the main limitation of growing indoors is space, so we recommend using small pots, that is, 2 gallons – 3 gallons to have better control over the size of the plants, another trick is to do LST to plants to ensure good growth of the side branches. To the above, we can add the selection of genetics, for this, we tell you that it is better to have regular cannabis seeds, mostly Indica, since sativa tend to glean and take up more space.

When you grow outdoors it is known that marijuana plants have a greater opportunity to sunbathe, but you cannot control the heat waves and possible rains of the summer season that in some places tend to fall. To the above, you must add the pests and fungi that appear due to climate factors. The advantage you have of growing this type of marijuana plant outdoors is that in general, you will not have problems with space and you can occupy larger pots, from 6 gallons to 26 gallons, you can even grow them directly in the ground.

All weed plants must be transplanted after they have gained a good size, this process is recommended to do it after 1 to 1.5 months after having sown the seed in the first pot, and then, that the pot plants show good development radicular, taking over the entire substrate. For example; If you start with a 500cc glass you can transfer your weed plant to the final pot of 2 gallons or larger, if you want to make a monster plant, it is better that you go from a smaller pot to a larger one, in order to help the roots grow healthy and the plant is strong.

Nutrient and Soil

We recommend organic nutrition for plants since it is the best way to grow marijuana plants in a non-toxic way. For this reason, we tell you that making your own compost tea, which is a liquid dense in organic nutrients, stimulates the growth of beneficial fungi and bacteria at the same time that it helps to deter pathogens, which causes an incredible relationship with the roots, promoting its development and that of the plant.

Another necessary trick that you can use is to make your own compost at home, which will help you, since it is pure organic nutrition in the soil for your weed plants with a large number of beneficial bacteria microorganisms and in addition to specific nutrients that will help you to the great growth of your weed seedlings.

Water with care

If you are a beginning grower you should avoid overwatering your plants, on the contrary, start with little water and gradually increase the amount as your plants grow. You can start with small doses of 125cc of water if your plant is in a 500cc glass. When marijuana plants are in larger pots, they can consume more water for example; A cannabis plant in a 12L pot can be watered with up to 3L of water, or a plant in a 30L pot with 7.5L of water. These volumes of water also depend on the genetics you grow, because there are varieties that require more water than others, therefore, it is a question that you must analyze in your crop according to how the plants behave.

Ventilation and Temperature

Controlling humidity and ventilation indoors is easy, however outdoors everything is complicated, but do not complicate it because here we are going to help you with some tips. When stagnant air builds up, it can generate mold in your indoor grow and can ruin all your work, so it is best to install fans if you are growing indoors. For their part, outdoor gardeners should try to put their plants in areas where a good amount of air circulates naturally so that the weed plants are well ventilated.

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At this point, we will talk about the temperature that is essential to control, and that can be done through the use of fans. and indoor humidifiers. Gardeners who have problems with very high humidity, you can use dehumidifiers, which will help reduce the humidity of the air and avoid the appearance of fungi that damage the harvest.

Outdoor growers have more problems because factors such as humidity, temperature and ventilation cannot control despite that, you can help your plants with folial watering if the temperatures are very high. Also, you can use some mesh to put a roof over the plants and thus filter the solar rays, which also lowers the temperatures. When the growing area is very humid, it is best to use greenhouses to isolate the plants inside it a bit, try to regulate the humidity conditions.

Machalope Regular

This is great genetics because its size is compact for the same reason, it adapts well both indoors and outdoors. This variety comes from a cross of Oregon Afghani x Chocolope and is mostly indica, therefore its flowering is short, it only takes 60 days indoors and is ready to be harvested in September. Machalope harvests are abundant and range from 400gr – 650gr/plant outdoors and 400gr – 550gr/m2 indoors. The side branches are strong and thick for the same reason they can support the heavy buds of these heavy yields in a good way, anyway, it is always good to put some support for the side branches.

The buds of the great Machalope harvests are accompanied by delicious flavors between sweet and tropical, as fruity notes of cocoa stand out and with aftertastes of humid earth. These delicious flavors are combined with extreme potency because this variety concentrates 20% to 25% THC with an intense mental effect that becomes relaxing on the body level, leaving you lying on the couch.

Lemon Pie Regular

First of all, we want to clarify that this girl is a mega-producer of buds, because Lemon Pie can produce up to 700gr/plant outdoors and between 500gr – 600gr/m2 indoors, which makes her an extraordinary regular cannabis seed for everything. Type of crop. The buds of this mostly sativa genetics that is born from a Skunk #1 x Amnesia Haze cross has very particular flavors that go from an intense Lemon to Haze notes and an exquisite Bittersweet.

You can harvest the buds of this incredible genetics in 65-75 days when growing indoors and for outdoor gardeners, it is ready in October. An important point to note is that the buds of this variety concentrate a potency of 18% – 22% THC and less than 2% CBD, which makes it a super powerful genetics, which causes euphoric effects, which stimulate your creativity and that ends with a soft relaxation.

Candy Punch Regular

First of all, we want to tell you that this variety is a real hit of sweetness because it comes from an incredible cross of Africa x Great White Shark, parents that give this wonderful variety the mostly sativa character. Despite its sativa genotype, Candy Punch has a rather compact structure and medium internodes. All gardeners who wish to grow this regular variety will be rewarded with great yields of 600gr/plant outdoors and indoor growers from 450gr – 600gr/m2 after 55 to 60 days of flowering indoor, for the outdoor gardeners, the perfect time of harvest is October. Lovers of magical buds with fruity, sweet flavors and floral and earthy notes, find all that in the Candy Punch vintages.

When talking about potency, it is necessary to make it clear that Candy Punch has a high potency, since its flowers concentrate levels ranging from 15% – 18% of THC and produce energetic, creative, euphoric, and obviously mental effects that will leave you in focus. for the tasks of the day, like good sativa.

Regular seeds

In regular cannabis seeds, you can find genetically untouched phenotypes. Plants coming from these seeds offer the purest genetics. Also, females that arise from regular seeds are extremely strong and stress-resistant. Regular seeds do offer you the opportunity to breed male and female plants and enhance the features of the strains to create incredible new strains!

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Why you should grow them

Unlike popular misconception, there is no such thing as male marijuana seeds. Seeds with a 50/50 chance of turning either male or female are regular marijuana seeds.&nbsp In the past, the only way to grow weed with seeds was regular seeds. The classic way as nature intended.&nbsp

Many growers grow cannabis to harvest the buds they can smoke, so they are particularly interested in the female plants. For this reason, feminized seeds were created.&nbsp With such a (commercial) focus on feminized seeds, it’s important to remember that regular seeds are vital for creating and maintaining a diverse cannabis gene pool.&nbsp

The main benefits of regular marijuana seeds

When you purchase regular marijuana seeds, the possibilities are endless.

One of the benefits is that when you remove the male plants, (you want to do this well before flowering time so that there is no risk of cross-contamination) the remaining females are very strong and stress-resistant. As a result, the chance of hermaphrodites with regular marijuana seeds is almost zero.

To find out what other advantages regular seeds have to offer and to learn the differences between regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds, check out our article here

Ensure quality cuttings

Since female cannabis plants from regular seeds can withstand stress without turning into a hermaphrodite, they make excellent mother plants.

Create your crop, remove the male plants, and choose your favorite female cannabis plants as your mother plants. That way you have a continuous ancestor, that will provide you with cuttings for years to come.

Phenotypes and diversity in regular marijuana seeds

Another reason for choosing regular seeds is the fact that female plants from regular seeds offer the purest genetics. Unaffected regular cannabis seeds contain original, pristine genetic phenotypes.

Some find this the pinnacle of cultivation: finding that perfect phenotype from a large selection. By growing these seeds you will be sure of the strains full lineage.

Creating new strains

Before the feminized versions came about, old generation growers would take the opportunity to breed male and female plants from their grow rooms, to enhance the features of the strains they had.

When we create a cannabis strain we start with the regular version. Only if the new variety meets the requirements a feminized version is considered.

If you want to create crosses or hybrids, you can use an actual male to pollinate a female, rather than using “feminized” pollen for seed production.

By crossing you can increase certain desirable properties yourself to make a cannabis strain better. Or, if you are economical you can also just produce regular cannabis seeds for free.

Old school / Original strains

Some of the old school strains never made the cut on the feminized market and were forgotten over time. Especially some unique varieties from the early ’90 are solely available in regular seeds.

For some breeders, this offers an opportunity to revive those lost genetics and improve them with a personal touch.

It might pay off to carefully catalog each seed and review its characteristics, growth pattern, leaf, and stem growth, fragrance, yield, insect resistance, terpene profile, THC, and CBD ratio. Documenting these will take your cultivation game to the next level. Especially when you start creating (hybrid) cannabis strains!

We are always happy to help

Whether you prefer your seeds regular, feminized, or autoflowering, we here at MSB love to offer our advice so you can make a well-informed choice. We personally cultivated each and every strain as well as hand-selected all our marijuana seeds with the utmost care and attention. Please contact us with whatever questions you may have and you will be one step closer to achieving the harvest of your dreams!