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purple puch marijuana seeds

Purple Punch Seeds – Feminized

Purple Punch has a whopping 90% India, with the Sativa occupying a mere 10%. The parent strains of Purple Punch are Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. The two parent strains are Indica-dominant, which explains the reason behind the similar traits in Purple Punch.

The Phenotype of Purple Punch Seeds

The Purple Punch’s genotype partly contributes to its physical features. The first notable feature in Purple Punch is its medium size in height. The Purple Punch buds are a combination of purple hue with a touch of green. The buds are covered with furry and frosty trichomes with an amber tone.

On the other hand, the pistils’ colors range from green to orange or even yellow. The thin leaves complement so well with the color, making the weed plant irresistibly attractive.

Flowering Time

The flowering time for Purple Punch marijuana seeds is shorter than Sativa-dominant strains. In indoor settings, Purple Punch seeds take between 56 to 70 days to finish the flowering period. The large margin in flowering time mainly occurs due to differences in the growing conditions, and it is not an exception with this strain.

Purple Punch can be grown in both indoor and outdoor conditions with slight differences in the yield. When grown outdoors, plants that you will get from Purple Punch feminized seeds end flowering in late October.

Buds that you will get from our Purple Punch strain seeds carry an average of 15 to 20% of THC. We can classify the THC as average compared to other strains. However, do not let the average THC levels fool you to take more than your brain can tolerate. The high Indica levels in Purple Punch cause couch-lock almost immediately.

As aforementioned, the THC levels in Purple Punch vary from one plant to another, depending on the growing conditions. Providing the crop with adequate humidity, soil nutrients, light, and temperature, allow trichomes and sugar leaves to make enough THC.

You cannot ignore factors such as humidity, soil nutrients, temperature, and diseases, that affect the potency and yield of your crop.

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The CBD levels in Purple Punch also varies depending on the growing conditions. However, the CBD levels do not exceed 1%, which explains the overwhelming head-high effects of the THC. If you are a first-time user of Purple Punch, you should have shorter sessions so that THC doesn’t lock you into a couch. Taking Purple Punch in small quantities cannot help since the CBD levels are too negligible to cause any difference.

Effects of Purple Punch

Purple Punch comes with several effects, some positive, others negative. The most common effect in Purple Punch is relaxation, which is mainly caused by the Indica levels. When you take Purple Punch at reasonable levels, it becomes easy to focus on one thing and also help you to meditate. In some cases, Purple Punch can knock you out, inducing sleep almost immediately. Taking more Purple Punch than what your body can tolerate can cause a couch lock, leaving you feeling helpless.

Since the brain settles after taking Purple Punch, you are also likely to experience abnormal happiness. You are also likely to have a dry mouth and sore throat for using Purple Punch, a condition called cottonmouth. The severity of the cottonmouth depends on the fluids in the body. Taking enough fluids after a session reduces the severity of cottonmouth.

Recreational Effects

The main reason for developing Purple Punch seeds for sale was to provide users with unmatched recreation. The relaxing effects of Purple Punch make it ideal for movie lovers looking for a good time. You can also take Purple Punch to help you in meditation, especially after a long day. Purple Punch is also a confidence booster. You only need to take a small dose of this magical weed and head out and socialize with other people without feeling tense.

Medical Effects

Although the medical benefits of Purple Punch are few, we cannot overlook them. First, the relaxing effect from buds that you will get by growing Purple Punch strain seeds helps in the suppression of anxiety and depression. Second, Purple Punch feminized seeds are synonymous with suppressing insomnia. Using marijuana obtained from Purple Punch cannabis seeds also goes a long way to suppress chronic pain. If you are battling Rheumatic Arthritis (RA) or recurrent migraines, taking Purple Punch could solve your woes.

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Taste and Aroma of Purple Punch

The rare combination of taste and aroma makes Purple Punch marijuana seeds grower’s favorite. The basic flavors for Purple Punch are blueberry, sweet, and herbal. The first flavor you get after smoking Purple Punch is a combination of sweet berries with grape notes. The flavor then changes into citrusy, leaving your taste buds thirsty for more.

On the other hand, the aroma from Purple Punch can be described as sweet grapes. The intensity of the aroma depends on the phenotype of that particular marijuana plant.

The Yield of Purple Punch Seeds

Purple Punch cannabis seeds can survive in moderate harsh conditions. It would be best to regulate the growing needs to increase the quality and quantity of the yield. When Purple Punch seeds are grown indoors, they yield between 1.8 and 2.1 oz/ft 2 (550 – 650 g/m 2 ). Growing the same Purple Punch outdoors would produce 24 – 28 oz (700 – 800 gr) per plant. The only way you can achieve these insane yields is by keeping all the determinant factors at an optimal level.

Final Thoughts on Purple Punch Seeds

Getting legit Purple Punch seeds for sale is becoming harder every day. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out due diligence before buying the Purple Punch seeds. After buying high-quality seeds, you should follow all the growing directives to harvest high-quality buds.

Purple Punch Auto

Purple Punch Auto develops rounded compact buds with fat calyxes and bright orange or sometimes bright yellow hairs, with copious amounts of trichomes that give the buds that beautiful frosty look that all growers seek for. The light-green buds can exhibit subtle purple or lime-green tones that give them a charming and attractive look and complement them magnificently, while the mouth-watering mix of earthy cherries and blueberry muffins with a spicy touch will win you over even before you can see the buds.

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Smoke report

Due to the high THC levels, you’ll experience a powerful effect that will completely relax your whole body and gradually start feeling like all your muscles are melting before you can count to three. Despite the strong Indica effect, you won’t be couch-locked thanks to the slight Sativa genes that incorporate a pleasant creative head-buzz and leaves you mellow and clear-headed in a peaceful state of mind. The perfect effect to go through a busy day stress-free, alleviating sore muscles after a long workout routine or just chill and have fun on a night out with friends.

Plant appearance

Due to the Indica dominancy, this strain remains relatively compact despite its height and grows wide and thick fan leaves typical of Indica-dominant varieties. You can expect a thick tall main cola and a few shorter side branches with spaced-out internodes where the incredibly frostbitten flowers develop and end up looking like buds on steroids by the end of the flowering stage.

Grow tips

This strain offers unique flavors and charming colors so we recommend flushing thoroughly to allow it to show its full potential and end up with the beautiful reddish-purple and/or lime-green hues on the buds and surrounding foliage. Due to the Indica genes, the buds grow denser than usual so it’s essential you tie the branches slightly so there is enough airflow in between the buds to prevent mold and bugs. This variety doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or anything extra but remember to feed her properly and with good-quality nutrients, this way you guarantee the buds fatten up properly and that your plant doesn’t suffer any kind of nutrient deficiencies.


Thanks to the high-quality genetics, this strain offers a distinguishable taste of fresh blueberries and earthy cherries with spicy undertones and a pinch of sugary tart. The sweet smoke overpowers your throat with a sweet blueberry muffin-like taste as you inhale and, as you exhale, leaves a delicious coat of sweetness in your mouth that leaves you feeling like you’ve just eaten a dessert.