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100 Percent Pure Sativa Strains: Are there Any?

There are lots of pure Indica and pure Sativa plants. However, their ‘pure’ forms are more and more difficult to come across, as well as their questionably named ‘pure’.

Generally, people today searching for a heavy sense of relaxation go for Indica strains, whilst people looking for an energetic and uplifting feeling prefer Sativa strains.

You can find many pure strains of Sativa found in the seed industry nowadays. Of all the readily available varieties, we’ve hand-picked some of the pure Sativa strains.

Jack Herer

This is an extremely common cannabis strain for many years now and even today it’s leading on the list of one of the best Sativa strains among growers and smokers alike. This strain has narrow and long-fingered leaves and produces dense and frosty buds that are heavy with resin. It’s a bit more difficult growing this in comparison with other cannabis plants. This plant wants to grow large and requires a lot of patience throughout the flowering phase. This therapeutic grade cannabis is on the leading list for enthusiasts.

Purple Power

Purple Power is a pure Sativa strain and definitely has all of the properties of one within this group. It’s produced to stay much more stable in cooler and wetter environments while still keeping the distinctive color and high produce. When cultivated within the proper conditions, it’s able to produce more than 1,000 g for each plant in tropical areas. The type of high Purple Power harvest is a natural and pure Sativa buzz, which happens to be social and actually leaves the user for creative thoughts.

Durban Poison

This is a pure type of Sativa strain which has an uplifting and functional high, much like that of Thai weed. It’s an extremely socializing strain and could cause the user to be very giggly, which can be appropriate for sharing with friends at parties and gatherings. Although there are many hybrid forms of this strain, the main weed is a genuine inbred line and not crossed. This tall, lanky plant has dark brown or purple pistils which have a unique liquorice flavor. Their buds tend to be long and heavy, creating a great production.

G13 Haze

This is among the most powerful cannabis strains within the marijuana industry. This strain should certainly have originated from a research lab of the United States government and it was eventually crossed from the Dutch breeders where it comes with a legendary potency. This type of Sativa strain features a sweet and fresh taste and aroma while being smooth and pleasant to smoke. This may not be the strain for those faint-hearted; it’s all about having knocked out with the total hit.

Kona Gold

This is a bold Sativa strain that has long-lasting effects, created from powerful Hawaiian landrace genes. Hawaii carries a prolonged history of marijuana cultivation plus it exhibits within this distinctly-shaped flowers and powerful aroma. Kona Gold features a modest THC substance that has a range of 7% and 15%, which makes it suitable for beginners. Even for veterinarians, though, this Sativa strain may help skilled smokers sustain optimism, energy, and focus.

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Kona Gold could be identified by its noticeably Sativa structure — much wispier than being bud-like, and its flowers develop elongated structures together with its branches. Their leaves show up loose and wispy and may be easily ripped from their main stems. Their leaves come in a mossy green shade and they are twisted lower than typical pistils, and range in colors from pale orange to yellow. Lastly, the blossoms of Kona Gold are coated in clear white trichomes, offering them a snow-like overall look which makes them hard to split up.

Colombian Gold

This is a renowned landrace type of Sativa which comes from the mountainous North Colombia. Very popular in the United States during the late 1960s and 1970s, this type of strain is becoming really rare, with some marijuana historians saying that clones or seeds from the primary landrace genotype do no longer exist. Whether or not if Colombian Gold remains to be around for use, it’s been made use to breed well-known staples such as Skunk #1. The THC content of this type of strain is measured at a range of 14% and 20%.

The cured buds of this type of strain might be not familiar to users of commercially-grown hybrids and Indicas. Their flowers come with small to medium sizes and offer a leafy and loose type of pure Sativa — marijuana enthusiasts might identify the silhouettes of the ragged blooms much like Thai or Jamaican Sativa landraces. Their leaves are usually pale green and also are threaded and comes with vibrant orange pistils. These tapered and long buds may also be quite resinous: trichomes coat the outer and inner surfaces, providing them with a golden spark which their name refers to.

Panama Red

This is a pure Sativa strain which primarily became popular during the 1960s and it was extensively liked up until the nineties. Offering a calm cerebral high which is somewhat on the energetic and euphoric, this type of strain is a nice classic Sativa. Nevertheless, Panama Red comes with some soothing bodily effects. Several consumers also experience to be more creative right after taking the strain. This type of Sativa leaves the user with dry eyes and mouths but might also trigger paranoia, headaches, and anxiety.

This type of strain is great for day time consumption to handle anxiety and stress, or to relieve the oppressing results of depression. The minor body high that comes from Panama Red can help have mild pains and aches much more manageable. They also may help battle eating disorders like anorexia. It could also be great for alleviating users of nausea and inflammation.

Panama Red is a natural landrace Sativa strain branded from the country it originated from and seeds now are only offered by the original Reeferman. The drop in the popularity of the strain is because of it’s an extended flowering period from 11 to 12 weeks. They have moderate produce and have a low THC level. In spite of this, this type of strain remains to be a favorite for many because of its ease of growth on outdoors and indoors.

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These are the top picks for the pure Sativa strains, There are lots of more varieties that are available in the market, each having its own high, flavor, and aroma. The top Sativa seed products are available from well-known online seed providers. Always choose a highly reputed dealer so you can have high-quality cannabis Sativa seeds.

Best Pure Sativa Strain 2021 – Great Selection of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Sativa strains often bring about particularly good effects, especially the uplifting effect. They are also particularly widely used for physical activity or activities that require a high degree of social interaction.
In particular, Sativa cannabis strains are usually easy to cultivate and produce quality buds with powerful effects. Growers can enjoy many benefits with a Sativa cannabis garden. The demand for Sativa cannabis is never ending.
However, it is quite difficult for growers to find the best pure Sativa strain at online seed banks, because currently on the cannabis market, most of the hybrid Sativa strains are available. So, we took the time to find a list of the best pure Sativa cannabis strain for growers to pick up.

Top 10 Pure Sativa Strain 2021

#1 Green Crack

Green Crack is a Sativa cannabis strain that provides hours of radical energy-boosting and stress-reducing effects along with euphoria. Green Crack will solve fatigue and help you focus happily throughout the day.
Green Crack makes even the most monotonous tasks seem more enjoyable, and you will also benefit as your productivity and creativity increase dramatically. Mainly used for entertainment purposes.
This cannabis strain is not too difficult to grow, it is more suitable for growing indoors, although can grow in many environments. These seeds will grow into surprisingly resin-rich plants. It will produce small, dense buds and yellowish green leaves, sometimes developing purple streaks.
Growers can expect a flowering period of 6 to 8 weeks, with the development of lots of flowers and an earthy, fruity aroma on these tall and vigorous plants.

#2 Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa pure cannabis strain. This strain is native to South Africa and is particularly adapted to the outdoor climate conditions in the Netherlands. Durban Poison has a rather distinct scent and taste, and it will vary depending on the habitat.
Durban Poison has a THC concentration of 15-28% and a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. This cannabis strain is quite easy to grow and vigorous enough to grow even in extreme North/South latitudes.
Grower can grow this cannabis strain both indoors and outdoors. Recent Durban Poison seeds are increasingly adapted to the wind and rain conditions of Northern Europe.
The plant has great growth potential, can be over 2-3 meters tall. Therefore some form of tree height control is recommended.

#3 Power Plant

Power Plant has been an instant hit for Dutch Passion since its launch in 1997. This pure Sativa strain is native to South Africa and the original version is only available in Dutch Passion.
Power Plant is a classic strain with high yield and stability. High yielding plants for indoor, greenhouse and outdoor gardens with bountiful yields of around 500-600 grams/m2. Power Plant is popular with recreational users as well as medical users.
When grown outdoors, Power Plants will have a later flowering period than indoors. However, in return, the fast harvest time begins around the 2nd week of October. The plant will be 1-1.5m tall, the buds are usually quite long and large, and have small leaves.
Since the Power Plant is a purebred, non-crossed line, it is very uniform, consistent and predictable in ability. It has stability, high efficiency and large yield.

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Cannabis Seeds

Amsterdam Seed Supply began in 2002 in an attempt to save some of the fast disappearing ‘old-school’ genetics once the main-stay of the New Zealand/South Pacific cannabis seeds industry. New Zealands main crop up until the 1990’s involved a blend of genetics, mainly sativa, and Haze types bought back during the 70’s by travellers first discovering country’s such as Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Burma and Cambodia. These cannabis plants were typically tall, fast growing sativas that flourished in N.Z’s warm/wet climate and long autumn periods.

Cannabis seeds from Amsterdam

After years of selective breeding these original strains of cannabis seeds were transformed into names once so familiar to the N.Z smoker and grower. Names such as ‘Tepuke Thunder’ and ‘Coramandel Gold’ were common and when tested were shown to have some of the highest THC content of any outdoor plants anywhere. NZ quickly developed a name for itself as being one of the finest outdoor cannabis producers in the world.

What types of cannabis seeds are there?

Amsterdam Seed Supply has been leading the world in medical cannabis seed production. Our collection includes an extensive variety of cannabis seeds that can be used for treating several medical conditions. Auto flowering cannabis seeds are in almost all cases crossings (hybrids) between Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis indica and/or Cannabis sativa. Amsterdam Seed Supply is one of the global leaders in producing high CBD/THC, stable feminized marijuana strains. We also have a great variety of regular cannabis seeds that will grow into female and male cannabis plants. We have a collection of indoor cannabis seeds that have been produced to thrive well in semi-artificial as well as artificial surroundings or grow rooms, and outdoor cannabis that will grow into select growing conditions. There are also cannabis seeds suitable to grow in greenhouses are usually a mix of Sativa and Indica genetics and are also perfectly suitable for growing indoors under lights.

Did you know that Amsterdam Seed Supply is the proud winner of several international awards, including over twenty Cannabis Cups. The success that we have accomplished today is the result of our hard work. We give away three free quality cannabis seeds with every order above 50 euro.