Tickle Kush (Hybrid)


TYPE: Hybrid

THC: 25% – 27%

CBD: .1% – .17%

GENETICS: Chemdawg and LA Kush

APPEARANCE: Tickle Kush forms into a short and squat plant with typically indica growing habits. A Coir Coco growing medium seems to be the growing methodology of choice.

SMELL: Apple, apricot, berry, blueberry, and earthy.

BEST FOR TREATING:  Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue.

CREATED FEELINGS: You’ll laugh, giggle, talk, and feel creative. And, the strong body buzz will relieve chronic pain, depression, mood swings, muscle spasms, tension, and tremors. Relaxing and euphoric high with medical

DURATION: Around 2 to 3 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: Chemdawg and LA Kush