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How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online Safely

The laws around buying marijuana seeds vary by country, which is why some may want to know, can you buy marijuana seeds online safely?

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online Safely

While you are taking a chance when buying anything online, it really is one of the best ways to get seeds – it’s convenient and secure; however, there are some things to consider if you’d like to keep the experience safe. For instance, you may want to think about who you are purchasing from. Sadly, sketchy people are everywhere online, and the cannabis world is no different.

When you buy marijuana seeds online, it is essential to determine if you are dealing with a reputable company. How your products are shipped is crucial when it comes to safety.

In this article, we will discuss tips for anyone who wants to buy marijuana seeds online safely. But first, let’s explain why you should purchase seeds online in the first place.

Should You Buy Marijuana Seeds?

There are benefits for growers that buy marijuana seeds online . When purchasing over the internet, you keep more money in your pocket, plus you save time and effort. You get to order seeds from the comfort of your home with every detail needed to understand what type of seeds you are getting laid out right there on the website.

Everything from the type of harvest, grow methods, benefits, and THC level is provided in one centralized place. If, for any reason, the website you are on does not offer the seeds you want, guess what? You did not waste any time getting dressed and driving to a dispensary only to be disappointed. See? Patronizing an online store is quick and easy.

Should You Grow Clones or Seeds?

One of the first possible variables a marijuana grower must consider is whether they use clones or seeds. There are good and bad reasons for both options; knowing this information could be the difference between success and disappointment in the end.

Here are the pros and cons of clones vs. seeds.

Pros of Growing Clones

With clones, the gender of your plant is exactly what you would expect. Seedlings from a female mean the clone is going to be female and the same thing vice versa. Clones will have a running start over seeds because they come from a mature plant with settled roots. This means they grow faster. Every grower likes a healthy yield that comes sooner than later.

You will know exactly what type of plant you will get in the end because clones are always an exact match to their parents. However, quality is essential. Robust, mature plants ensure the new clone plant won’t have their parents’ ailments and problems. One of the biggest pros of clones is that they can provide you with an endless amount of marijuana plants. All it takes is one plant to produce several clones, which can lead to more clones.

Cons of growing clones

A bad cloning job could cause your plants to die or go into a state of long-term trauma. If this happens, your clone plant is a waste! If the parents have health concerns, clones are likely to have the same issues. Some health problems may include fungus, root rot, and the inability to fight off pests.

Clones are also sensitive and must be handled with more care when it comes to nutrients and light.

Sourcing quality clones can also be a challenge. It is easier to find and buy marijuana seeds , especially online, unless you know a good clone grower.

Pros of growing seeds

Seeds are natural and automatically have the necessary strength to protect them from bugs and infections. Unlike clones, plants produced from seedlings never have issues passed on from the parent. Clones do not last long; therefore, they need to be grown or else they will be useless. Seeds, on the other hand, last a while and are easy to store for later use.

Cons of growing seeds

Seeds need to germinate, which means they take a lot longer to grow. Plus, trying to germinate a cannabis seed may require some extra knowledge and effort. It’s also easy to damage plants during the germination process, so growers must be careful.

In general, seeds require extra care and attention to grow into lush marijuana plants.

Can’t You Just Find Seeds?

When you purchase marijuana and find seeds in the bag, you may be thinking, this is perfect! While it seems like it would be fitting to just use these, think again. Experienced growers warn others against using bag seeds for many reasons. They are not entirely useless, but you are more likely to be wasting your time than not. Yes, it is possible to produce an amazing harvest with bagseeds, but generally, the plant will turn out subpar or male.

Should you grow bag seeds?

Purchasing seeds at a quality seedbank online just guarantees better results, and the grower is less likely to waste time, energy, and effort by going this route. Growers who find the best place to buy marijuana seeds online will generally get healthy seeds that create a bountiful yield.

Those wanting to take a shot at growing bag seeds should likely consider this option if they have no high-quality weed seeds to choose from. Unfortunately, many bag seeds are no good because marijuana seeds will go bad, and, over time, the genes deteriorate. Fresh seeds are always best. You can also sometimes look at the seed to determine its health. Soft, light-colored seeds are low quality and less likely to germinate or grow into good pot.

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We suggest growing bag seeds outdoors since indoor growing requires more equipment and expenses. If the plant fails to produce buds, at least you didn’t spend a lot of money. If you have your choice of bag seeds, try to use ones for a plant you know. The more you know about the mother plant, the better your chances of success.

In terms of avoiding male plants, If you purchase seeds, you could choose feminized seeds and not worry about it. You can’t guarantee this with bag seeds.

Either way, feminized or not, the presence of seeds in your weed means some form of natural pollination occurred. Therefore, they are fertile and can grow. The catch is, it may or may not be the results you want.

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How to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Every grower needs to know how to buy marijuana seeds . It should be easy, right? There are sellers everywhere promoting cannabis seeds, especially online.

Some may have convincing advertisements, but it is all about getting your money instead of producing quality seeds and honest service. The popularity of marijuana means growers risk encountering scammers on their search for good seeds just as quickly as they come across reputable seedbanks.

You may be wondering where can I buy marijuana seeds that are trustworthy? We can help with that. Use this guide to help direct you on how to buy marijuana seeds safely.

Direct from a seller

Social media is a popular place for promoting services and products since it connects people globally with just a few clicks of a button. This makes purchasing weed even more possible. For example, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram have become popular places to find people selling seeds.

Here’s how that might look. For instance, on Tik Tok, users can create short videos advertising their products, website, and special offers. Instagram users can post seeds on their page or go ‘live’ and engage directly with their potential customers. Since the content of people you follow and like (and the content of people they follow and like) may show up in your newsfeed, some growers find sellers through online connections.

The problem is, are those sellers trustworthy?

A reputable seller will generally have a reliable customer service team. Search their website for customer service information, contact them and ask questions. The last thing you want is someone just taking your money and leaving you nothing or claiming to have high-quality seeds, but you end up with a dud. Suspect companies tend to avoid revealing details about who they are, what they offer, and a good way to contact them. A simple google search of the company should reveal quite a bit of information. You should also look for online reviews from real customers.

A sketchy business is unlikely to ensure your package is discreet, and buyers risk never receiving their product. However, on the flip side, sellers must use caution when selling marijuana seeds online, which is to your benefit.

Remember, anyone can claim to be anyone. Beware of companies with social media accounts that have tons of followers but little engagement or posts. Pay attention to how long the company has been around and the longevity of their large social media accounts. Some social media platforms restrict the advertisement of cannabis, making it a little difficult to find sellers; however, this does not stop people from marketing weed online.

From a reputable business

Online seed banks are the way to go since legality is still an issue in some places. Finding seeds in your local area may be nearly impossible or just plain inconvenient. Thanks to the internet, buyers have tons of seeds at their reach. In fact, anyone trying to figure out where to buy marijuana seeds will fair better going online simply because it is cost-effective. Imagine, you no longer need to get up, put on clothes, drive, or catch a ride – going from place to place looking for the seeds you want. Online cannabis shopping saves you money and effort. Just pull out your phone, tablet, or laptop and search from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

Reputable companies will likely guarantee their product and offer a refund or replace bad seeds that do not germinate. Their website should clearly state the shipping procedures and what to expect. A company you can depend on will guarantee discreet shipping and safe payment options. Discretion ensures no one knows what’s inside. You should be able to find specific information about their seeds on their website. Then, research the business online to decide if you want to buy marijuana seeds from them.

Remember, reliable companies care about making sure your product is delivered safely.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Getting your pot-loving hands on good quality seeds locally can be challenging, depending on where you live. Even in areas that sell marijuana seeds, growers often run into issues with the seeds they’ve purchased in local dispensaries. Since online is usually best, here’s our recommendation on where to buy marijuana seeds – if you want to do business with a reliable, top-notch source.

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Our list of the top 3 online seedbanks is based on real customers and rates the store’s shipping methods, customer service, and strain selections. Here’s a little about them.

The Top 3 Seed Banks Online

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

ILGM is hands down the best place to buy marijuana seeds that are top quality! This company is also rated the most dependable. Robert Bergman, a cannabis connoisseur, founded ILGM in 2012. He used the knowledge gained from over 25 years of experience to help other weed lovers by providing advice and tools to make their growing journey easy, successful, and fun.

Customers in the United States, Europe, and Australia can usually expect their shipment to arrive within 15 days. Users get free standard shipping, and tracked shipping is $25. One of the pros of shopping with ILGM is their shipping. ILGM guarantees your products will arrive in discreet packaging. They offer a wide variety of well-known strains, including Gorilla Glue, White Widow, and Blueberry Autoflower. And the best part? They guarantee their seeds will germinate, or you get your money back.

Crop King Seeds provides a fantastic variety of strains on a website that is easy to navigate. Newbies will love their collection of autoflowering seeds and high CBD strains. You’re not on your own either; they include gemination guides to help with the growing process. Their website also features real reviews from real customers. Their controlled review system prevents paid or biased reviews.

As a nice bonus, growers receive free shipping on orders over $300. Shipping generally takes 1-2 weeks for delivery, and the standard delivery fee is $10. Customers pay $30 for express shipping.


Seedsman is a reputable store with a large variety of seeds. Marijuana lovers, especially those in the U.S., will love their choice of top-tier specialized strains. Choose from an extensive list of licensed breeders, all in alphabetical order; it’s an actual candy store of options. Seedsman is a go-to for those wanting seeds from popular breeders. Some of their well-known options include Skunk and Sour Diesel. You will also find a vast selection of feminized seeds.

This store is a good value since Seedsman sends free seeds with every order. Expect to pay around $9 for delivery.

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