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Chem Crush Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Chem Crush Strain

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Chem Crush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Chem Crush Feminized Cannabis Seeds offer a lovely taste with a spicy aftertaste. Even smokers who aren’t used to smoking hash like this will certainly enjoy the flavor. It starts you off with an intense herbal note that develops and quickly turns into a sweet, spicy, and smoke. The sweetness kicks in once more in your aftertaste like a savory yogurt filled with chocolate pieces. The overall taste intensity is well-balanced. This weed has a mellow, chemical aroma when it burns. On the inhale, it smells herbal and spicy, while on the exhale, you’ll be able to taste that spicy, chemical flavor. The aroma is a little harsh when you take this flower for the very first time. It’s not too bad, though.

This is a 50/50 hybrid with Indica characteristics. The high is cerebral and slightly psychedelic. This strain is also known for its strong medicinal effects that help with nausea, pain, stress, and loss of appetite. Its genetics play a significant role in how the strain looks and is used, but many stoners argue that it makes a Sativa-dominant strain taste-wise.

This strain is known for its extremely high THC level, reaching up to 20%, and that is enough to give you an intense head high. On the other hand, the CBD content in this strain is relatively low, so it won’t be great for treating patients with epilepsy problems. But if you’re looking for a strong psychoactive effect, this is a perfect choice.

Effects Of Our Chem Crush Strain

Although you can use this strain during the day, it’s good to note that the effects are very powerful. This is psychoactive, and even if you’re a well-experienced smoker, starting your day with Chem Crush might not be so wise. It will hit you hard because its THC content is one of the highest you’ll ever see, averaging 20%. So if you’re a beginner, you should reconsider.

The high of Chem Crush Feminized Cannabis Seeds starts about 15 minutes after smoking. At first, you’ll feel energized and euphoric, but after a few minutes, it will move through your body, giving you an intense sensation. The effects are felt pretty quickly and last for about 2 hours before tapering to something more manageable.

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Chem Crush Feminized Cannabis Seeds are among the best choices you can make if you’re looking for a weed that will offer you energy. It’s perfect for morning use, too, but it might hit you pretty hard, so it is recommended to smoke this at night after work to stay focused and not get tired. Chem Dawg has powerful effects on your mind, focusing abilities and will make you feel energized. We daresay it’s one of the best strains to fighting fatigue.

This strain might be your perfect choice if you’re suffering from a lot of stress at work and you need something to relax. Smoking this strain will ease your mind and make everything seem alright. Chem Crush can help with anxiety too when smoking it in low doses (just 1 or 2 puffs). In the long run, you will find that the flower enables you to battle depression and kick it out of your life like it never held you back before.

How Does Chem Crush Strain Grow?

Chem Crush Feminized Cannabis Seeds are relatively easy to grow, and you’ll be able to handle it even if you’ve never grown weed before. Just make sure that you give enough nutrients and water for the best results. Flushing the pots one week before harvest is a great idea, but otherwise, this plant doesn’t respond well to organic methods.

This strain is best to grow indoors as it does well in a hydroponics system. It can also be grown outdoors, but it requires a dry and sunny climate with little rainfall, and those conditions make the plant perfect for the vegetation stage and flowering.

The whole structure of this plant is quite tall, and you can quickly grow it up to 100cm if you give it enough space. It has a strong stem that allows the branches to support heavy colas covered in resin-rich trichomes. This strain’s effect on the appearance is not that great because it’s an F1 generation weed. Looks, structure, and growth pattern:

This strain is feminized so that you won’t worry about males. The plant will start growing normally, but it’s important to note that the height of each plant may vary depending on how much light they are getting. A good piece of advice might be to keep them next to a window, without direct sunlight. A photoperiod plant will have a long flowering time between 55 and 65 days, and it might be even more depending on the phenotype you’re growing.

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Chem Crush Feminized Cannabis Seeds grow into a bushy plant, so they won’t need too much space to grow. It can be grown outdoors or indoors, depending on where you are located, and you’ll have great results no matter the environment. Indoors, this strain will produce between 200 and 250g per square meter, while outdoors, you can expect up to 450 grams from each plant. The overall yield of this strain is quite good compared to other strains.

History of Chem Crush Strain

Chem Crush Feminized Cannabis Seeds result from crossing two excellent strains: Chem Tang and Orange Crush. These two strains took it to 2nd place in the Denver Medical Hybrid category at The 2014 Cannabis Cup.

Orange crush marijuana seeds online

I just recently finished a quiet book for my nieces. It was a lot of fun to make. I love making things for people that I love (it makes sewing velcro onto everything that much more tolerable). It was a nice change to make things for girls rather than little boys. I thought that I’d share a few images from the Quiet Book.

I found a great blog with some really fantastic Quiet Book pages, Crafty Chic. I really loved her Hair braiding page and also a little puzzle page. I wanted to incorporate activities that could keep the attention of little girls between the ages of 1-5. The Puzzle Page seemed like a great option. Lyric from Crafty Chic made her page with 9 pieces, but I chose to just have 4. When making the actual images I had to plan out where I’d be stitching and embroidering so that it would be disrupted by the cutting of the image, 4 pieces just seemed much easier to work with. I ended up making 3 puzzles, and apple, a bird, and a sunshine. There is a pocket on the opposite page for storing unused puzzle pieces. As with most pieces in the quiet book I used a double layer of felt to provide more stability when handling the pieces. I am pretty pleased with how the puzzles turned out.

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The Hair Braiding Page was a little bit intimidating to me. I simply couldn’t decide what the best way would be to attach the yarn. I didn’t want the doll to suffer with alopecia. I ended up solving the problem by cutting several long strands of yarn. I divided the length of the yarn into three sections with the middle section being a bit longer than the length of the hairline. I braided the middle section, tied off the braid with some small pieces of yarn, and then attached the braid by stitching directly through the braid. It seemed like a good solution to the problem ( I am sure that this is one of those things that I have seen done and was stored in my mind only to be regurgitated at the proper moment ). If you visit Lyric’s page you will notice that the design of my doll is incredibly similar to hers. I love how simple she kept the face. She is also quite clever with her storage solutions. She made the body of the doll into a pocket, which I did also. Inside the pocket are several elastics and ribbons for the dolls hair. (The cute Riley Blake fabric for the pocket was also used on the inner cover and crayon caddy, super cute!)

The Flower Garden Page is everywhere and in no way an original idea, but I still really like it. You might notice that my small pink flower has three layers of fabric. I did not sew all three layers of fabric together, in fact the bottom layer of fabric is stitched to the page, and the top two are stitched together. Three layers of fabric is just too much for small fingers to handle when learning to button.

I also girled up the tic-tac-toe board (no image). I made flowers and butterflies for the pieces. It turned out quite cute.

For the Name page I had to make more letters than I was used to. This book is primarily for my niece Ava, but her two older sisters will surely use it as well. I made enough letters to spell each of their names (luckily they have some common letters which saved me some time).

If you are interested in seeing additional Quiet Book Page ideas be sure to check out the links on the right of my blog.