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New Cannabis Seed Banks to Cannabis Seeds Store

Here at Cannabis Seeds Store we have 10 new cannabis seed banks which are exclusively at Cannabis Seeds Store. We are extremely excited to have these seed banks available for your eyes only!

These seed banks have many ranges of Auto Flowering, Regular and Feminised cannabis seeds which are suitable for all types of weed connoisseurs.

Whether you grow your weed seeds inside or out these seed banks will offer you several types of growing which you can start today!

Cannabis seeds store offer the cheapest cannabis seeds online which you can take full advantage of as we will not be beaten on price.

I am going to talk to you through the seed banks which we now offer and you can head over to and start your cannabis journey today.

BSB Genetics Cannabis Seeds.

BSB Genetics. have some great versions of the popular USA strains such as Bruce Banner, Zkittlez and Gorilla Glue and have some old school European strain choices such as Moby Dick and Power Plant. These two strains are known world-wide for their huge yields and high potency!

With both feminised strains and auto flowering feminised strains to choose from, you’re sure to find something interesting in the range offered by BSB Genetics and Cannabis Seeds Store are incredibly pleased to add them to our new range!

Auto Sweet Tooth Feminised Cannabis Seeds by BSB Genetics.

Auto Sweet Tooth by BSB Genetics is a fast and easy growing auto flowering hybrid that delivers. Even those new to cannabis growing can look forward to exceptionally superior results.

This amazing cannabis seed will reward you with exceptional yields of sweet and aromatic buds for an intense, very relaxing and pleasurable body buzz in just 9 weeks!

Her incredible compact growth makes this girl fit in even the tightest spaces.

Review of Auto Sweet Tooth Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

My harvest was definitely on the upside. Though mainly relaxing, there was a bit of a raciness to it. Pleasant taste and smell. She was easy to grow and very mould resistant. 5 stars from me!

Pilchard’s Cannabis Seeds Bank.

Pilchard’s is a European collective of friends of Cannabis and their International network continues to allow them access to hundreds of breeders and their genetics.

Over several years, they have carefully selected their favourites from these varieties and the result is an offering of just six strains.

For many companies having an expansive and all-encompassing catalogue is prioritised, but for Pilchard’s, the individual quality of their varieties is their main focus.

Purple Pearl Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Pilchard’s.

Colourful, aromatic flowers. Dense, compact flowers covered in resin. Tasty flowers that are fun to look at.

A product so good, you want to give it to your mother to try. One you take pictures of to show to all your friends.

This captures our feelings perfectly for Pilchard’s Purple Pearl.

This pearl develops purple and pinkish colours by itself but if supported by cold temperatures below 20 degrees, the result will be an explosion of colours.

Combined with its great taste and stability, Purple Pearl is Pilchard’s go-to colour and taste bomb.

Elev8 Seed Banks

Elev8 Seeds to carry a strain depends on whether we believe that strain to be a definite “keeper”.

By working with large medical marijuana growers, we at Elev8 Seeds have had the opportunity to compare countless strains side by side in the same environment to find that top 1% that people search so hard for.

Elev8 Seeds’ mission is simple: to provide the best genetics in seed form to those that know the value of world-class genetics.

Lemon Snow Cone Feminised cannabis seeds by Elev8 Seeds.

I believe Lemon Snow Cone is the loudest, lemoniest, lemon strain in seed form on the planet.

The super lemon haze male Elev8 used came from genetics gifted from a private breeder that had worked it since Super Lemon Haze first came out. It was hands down the best Super Lemon Haze I have ever encountered. Ridiculously potent and delicious loud buttery lemon terpenes.

Super Lemon Haze is only one of two strains to win back-to-back High Times Cannabis cups. It has racked up a lengthy list of awards and is listed by High Times as one of the greatest strains of all time.

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Lemon Tree is a tightly held elite cut from California that is to lemon terpenes what Tangie is to orange terpenes. It smells and tastes like a freshly cut lemon. Lemon Tree has also won numerous awards and is prized for its lemony terpene content.

Review of Lemon Snow Cone Cannabis Seeds.

Real nice stuff. Even though this strain had the most amazingly sweet lemon candy smell throughout the whole grow, now after drying and curing it just mainly has your typical strong skunky smell to it. If you rub the buds a bit between your fingers or grind it up the candy smell will appear again. The buds are a bit on the fluffy side, but with good stickiness to them and a nice trichome layer. On smoking it is mainly a skunky taste with some sweet lemon tones and some pine, wood like thing to it. Balanced high leaning on the indica side. Strong stuff, but it will not knock you over. Overall, I am still incredibly happy with the product.

As this seed bank is new and up and coming details will be added shortly however, they do have fantastic strains such as LA Banana Cake. Keep a look out for this seed bank!

Cali Weed Cannabis Seeds Bank.

This seed bank packs a punch with their cannabis seeds which will leave you gob smacked. Let us take a look at a cannabis seed they offer.

Amy 9ounce Feminised cannabis seeds.

This strain is a very tasty smoke that results in an uplifting, energetic high, but don’t let it fool you, as overindulgence may bring on a zoning effect and will make you feel “spacey.” The high is genuinely nice and immediate.

Some reviews of growers on Amy 9ounce Cannabis Seeds.

a particularly good plant amazingly easy to grow, hot a loads of bud per plant and it is a nice tasting smoke strong high.

This was my best yield I have had big phat buds think in THC great smoke amazing high.

This strain is just got everything one of biggest yields I have had the smoke is good hard-hitting buzz.

Looks like LA in my grow room and tastes like La in my front room best green crack on the market is Amy 9oz hands down.

Penthouse Cannabis Seeds Bank.

Penthouse Cannabis Co, along with Top Shelf Elite, is another branch of Critical Mass Collective.

Similarly, to Top Shelf Elite, Penthouse Cannabis are focused on high-quality American genetics.

However, Penthouse Cannabis are much more specifically focused on ultra-rare, highly sought-after genetics typically only found in the States and available only as clones.

Cookie Breath Auto feminised cannabis seeds.

Cookie Breath is the ultimate Girl Scout Cookies strain.

The parental strains of Cookie Breath are Thin Mint Cookies and OG Kush Breath.

Expect flowering times of around 60 days and a THC content of around 22%.

Lady Luck Feminised cannabis seeds.

Lady Luck combines some of the more classical strains with a new fruity twist.

The genetics contain strains such as Afghan Skunk and White Widow along with more contemporary genetics such as Cherry OG.

Expect flowering times of around 65 – 70 days and a THC content of around 23%.

Super Sativa Club Cannabis Seeds Bank.

In the 90’s Karel and his team shifted their focus towards genetic preservation and the breeding of new cannabis strains for the Coffee shops in Amsterdam. At the same time Karel worked on developing advanced indoor growing techniques.

This made him an authority in the field of elite genetics, breeding and cultivation. It was around this time that Karel’s son Kees, who had been working and growing his own plants in Barcelona, came to join him.

His products are an enormous success in the Cannabis Social Clubs, especially his signature strain of Karel’s Haze. Kees represents a new generation of breeders.

Working with great passion and the ambition to keep the legend alive.

This legendary strain has now been crossed by Karel. The reverted female he used for this cross came from an elite Lava Cake clone, premium cannabis seeds donated to Karel’s son by one of his long-time buddies on the other side of the ocean.

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Lava Cake has gained increased popularity over the last few years, mostly because of its vigour and awesome terpene profile. Taste is on the gassy side of the spectrum and the effect is immensely powerful, not for your average beginner.

The more experienced smokers among us will definitely appreciate this heavy effect.
Lava Freeze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Super Sativa Seed Club is all about developing the best premium cannabis seeds with old school genetics. We want our growers to be proud of their cannabis plants. This doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate elite new school genetics and Lava Freeze is a good example of this philosophy.

With the brand-new cross of Friesland Indica (M33 for the old school growers) with Lava Cake, a new hard hitting, couch-locking and very tasty hybrid has been born.

Review of Lava Freeze Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

It is a bittersweet end to this grow for sure. She was a strong plant all the way and grew with ease at all stages. We did have a lighting snafu at the start of the grow which necessitated a replacement to a lower wattage quantum board.

We utilized our typical nutrient regimen with the addition of Terpinator this time around just to see if there is any truth to all the hype. All told and from a grower’s perspective, there were simply too many variables at play on this grow and one horrible mistake in late flower to allow for any kind of criticism. I’ll have to grow it again to truly know what SSSC has here – she was a one-show wonder, so I still have 7 more tries.
Taste & Smell: 10
Effects: 10
Whether it’s a result of the late stage nute burn or not – she didn’t round out with the kind of gassy scent that we were hoping for. In fact – the smell is quite subdued and lacking. We will see how it cures out but not holding much hope for improvement‍♂️.

I got to say though, the effects are unexpected for a 90% indica – super heady but still with that indica bake. Medium/strong for sure. I am really impressed with it and wish I had more.

Humboldt Seed Company Cannabis Seeds Bank.

Humboldt Seed Company’s goal is providing the top-quality medicinal cannabis seeds to medical and recreational users who want to cultivate the medicines by themself.

The company was founded in California. It delivers high quality seeds according with state laws.

Humboldt Seed Company also donates to various charities, including those that serve low-income patients.

Notorious THC Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Ghost of Von Humboldt OG and Caramel Cream x Humboldt Frost genetic line.

With the current market putting so much emphasis on T.H.C., The Humboldt Seed Company wanted to deliver! But “be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.” You wanted to get really stoned, and now you can! They did not sacrifice the terpenes; she drips gas and her trichomes shine like diamonds. Get ready for huge production, dense gigantic colas, and wonderful terpenes.

Stuff was amazing considering the abuse we put it through and how packed it was into our little tent. Will for sure grow again!

Dragon Seeds.

Dragon Seeds specialise in high quality feminised F1 seeds from the most experienced producers in the Netherlands and Spain. Dragon Seeds began because whilst finding cannabis seeds is no longer difficult, finding excellent quality seeds can still be challenging!

There have been a great many advancements in cannabis seed production in the last ten years and Dragon Seeds was started to capitalise on this by selecting only award-winning genetics in their range of the finest feminised cannabis seeds.

Chimeran Blue Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This sativa-dominant hybrid has quickly become a legend amongst California strains, and with its Blueberry and Super Silver Haze lineage, it is not hard to see why.

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Its dense buds packed with sparkly trichomes can reveal a THC content of around 18%, providing full-body relaxation and a calm, euphoric effect. With sufficiently cool temperatures at night, Chimeran Blue will also reveal an eye-catching purplish hue.

A moderately easy strain to cultivate, this medium-tall plant can deliver big yields thanks to its sativa genetics with up to 500 g/m2 indoors and 600 g/plant outdoors. It averages a flowering period of 9-10 weeks with outdoor harvest coming in the month of October.

Purple City Genetics Cannabis Seeds Bank.

Purple City Genetics is an award-winning grower’s collective that based in, Oakland. It was founded in California in 2008.

Purple City Genetics is cultivating only premium cannabis phenotypes.

Since 2008, Purple City Genetics guiding principle has been simple: cultivate only the best cannabis strains and grow the highest quality plants.

Gelato 33 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Type: Indica Hybrid
Finish: 9–10 Weeks
Genetics: Thin Mint Cookies X Sunset Sherbet
Notes: The Larry Bird cut / A favourite Cookies variety native to the Bay Area.

Review of Gelato 33 Cannabis Seeds.

This strain was pretty cool to grow it really turned dark purple at the end the smell is potent sweet it could not mind growing this stain again is it were just a little bigger but growing outdoors this early caused it to flower much sooner because of the light limitations it was easy to grow.

With all the new 10 seed banks we are overly excited to announce these will be available to you very soon! I hope you have enjoyed this blog and keep a look out for new cannabis seed banks.

Norwegian wood marijuana seeds

Hollands Hope feminized seeds truly live up to their name because they are perfect growers in colder environments, thereby the taste and effects won’t let you down!

Hollands Hope was developed because there hardly was a strain that could resist cold or moist weather as much as we hoped for and sometimes need in a country such as the Netherlands. Hollands Hope grows very well indoors but is really strong enough to survive a last colder period of the outdoor season. She is a pure Indica strain with all its typical characteristics like big wide growing leaves and a shorter flower period than Sativa kinds. Also she provides a heavy yield and very strong effect due to a great level of THC as well as CBD. Hollands Hope has its own distinct flavour and tastes like a mixture of sweetness, burned wood and earth. The effect you get from smoking the buds is very heavy and keeps you in one place for a certain amount of time.

Our Hollands Hope feminized seeds are the direct descendants of the legendary seeds of the same name. Yes Hollands Hope has always been a legend for decades together and with our feminized version you get the same quality that you expect from a strain of such stature. It is an Indica dominant strain, thus carries all the hardcore characteristics of Indica. They couch-lock strains are mould and disease resistant and growers just love them for the same reason.

Great Capability to Resist Mold Attacks

Hollands Hope was originally developed because there wasn’t any other strain that could resist moist or cold conditions such as the ones seen in the Netherlands. These seeds are excellent for growing indoors but are also tough enough to take on the harshest and coldest climates outdoors.

Being an Indica-dominant seed, it features huge leave that grow wide and they have a much shorter blooming period compared to Sativa dominant strains. Thanks to high levels of CBD and THC they offer very strong effects and big yields towards the end of harvesting.

Woody Flavor and

These seeds have their very own distinct flavor that is mixture of burned wood, earth and sweetness. Smokers medicating on Hollands Hope feminized seeds will get a strong cerebral hit that can make them a couch potato for some time, post which a relaxing feeling takes over the body, and lets them enjoy the high!