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northern lights x big bud auto marijuana seeds

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto Feminised Seeds

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto utilises Canadian Ruderalis genetics to produce this automatic marijuana strain. It was crossed several times in order to stabilise it to produce reliable auto plants. Both Northern Lights and Big Bud are well known, the first for its potent indica effect and the second on account of its prodigious yield, and together they have produced a predominantly Afghani indica auto strain which even produces resin on its leaves.

Although it takes between 80 to 90 days from germination before it is ready to be harvested the wait is more than worthwhile. It is a potent plant that produces 18% THC and which gives very good yields even for new growers without experience. The smoke is thick with a typical earthy flavour complemented by yeasty undertones and a sweetness offset by notes of acidity. It is very relaxing and is recommended for medicinal use e.g for pain relief.

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto Review

Northern Light x Big Bud Autoflowering Strain from World of Seeds is the perfect Medical Autoflowering strain because it has been bread 4 generations from the Northern Lights and Big Bud parents and the end result is amazing. Basically What World of Seeds did was to crossbreed the Big Bud and Northern Lights plants with autoflower strains separately and then took the best of those two crosses and made this amazing auto strain.

This autoflowering cannabis plant produces high yields (up to 70 g/plant) at least that what the breeders are saying but I have seen up to 90 grams from a plant produced in inside environment so you can grow this strain quite huge!

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And that also shows that not always breeders are introducing the correct yield and flowering metrics and you just have to grow each strain and see what it can do! Outside however it can get up to 170 cm height and produce from 50 to 80 grams from one plant so it is just like a small non-autoflower plan and that is amazing! Inside this amazing hybrid plant will grow from 100 to 130 cm in height and will turn purple at the end of its life cycle so you will get those beautiful beautiful looking purple-like plants.

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Growing this Northern Lights X Big Bud autoflower strain is quite easy and it is know to be really strong to environmental changes and I read that one grower had to turn off lights for 10 days straight but this plant still grew after that huge stress. So basically you can grow this strain in almost any growing conditions and because it is so strong it is also good for beginners but the yield and smoke is good so experienced growers can get amazing results too.

While growing this strain you will not be able to tell that it tastes or smells so good when smoked because it wont give off a strong aroma and that is good if you are producing medicine in a stealth way or just don’t want anyone to know that you have cannabis plants growing anywhere.

The strong medical values of this plat are noticeable after just one toke and usually the smoke smells like pineapple or some other fruity flavor and you will be able to get at least two and a half hours of uplifting head high but mixed with some body relaxation also.

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You will probably harvest those beautiful buds in around 70 days and after a nice cure you will have a citrus / fruity smelling buds that will feel like a real cross and wont even show that less autoflower potency that many other auto strains have. If you harvest this auto strain correctly you can get that distinct cerebral and body high mix but then you really need to watch those trichomes and as soon as they are ready chop those buds off.

Overall the buds have great bad appeal and beautiful colors and because of the high trichome concentration you get that white feel and that sticky touch but the buds cal also turn a bit purple or bluish and overall have very very beautiful look.