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medical marijuana seeds for sale missouri

Medical marijuana seeds for sale missouri

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Seed To Sale Guide For Missouri Dispensaries

Missouri’s DHSS will accept medical marijuana dispensary license applications beginning August 3rd. As part of your application, you’ll need to demonstrate how the seed-to-sale system you choose helps you maintain compliance and run a responsible business.

To help you get started, Cova Software created an application supplement loaded with information on tracking, recording and managing inventory in Missouri. Details that will help you score high on your application and stand out from the competition. Find in-depth answers to questions that are essential to your application success:

  • A brief overview of the inventory management and compliance requirements in Missouri.
  • How a seed-to-sale tracking system uses automation to keep you compliant.
  • What Metrc integration means and why it is critical.
  • How Cova POS meets all the DHSS compliance and reporting requirements.

Instead of taking a casual approach to the application process, download this supplement to demonstrate your ability to record and track at your retail location.

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