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Cannabis Seeds: benefits and recipes

Cannabis seeds are now widespread in new diets and food supplements … they are also considered a superfood!

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Cannabis seed has a slightly nutty flavor and can be incorporated very well into many dishes.

To eat cannabis seeds shelled or whole?

Cannabis seeds can be eaten with their shell (whole) or without their shell (shelled). Whole cannabis seeds contain more fiber and a little more nutrient, but the downside is that the cockles get caught between the teeth.

Also, whole cannabis seed is slightly cheaper than hulled cannabis seed.

You can incorporate cannabis seed into your diet by adding a few tablespoons to your yoghurts or smoothies. You can also sprinkle it on your salads or your soups.

Cannabis milk from weed seeds

You can also drink cannabis seed in the form of cannabis milk. Cannabis milk is a good milk substitute for people who are allergic to it or who are lactose intolerant, and it replaces milk advantageously for those who prefer not to consume it.

Cannabis seed oil

Cannabis oil is used like olive oil, except for cooking. Cannabis oil has a very low smoke point (165 degrees), which makes it unsuitable for frying.

Cannabis oil can be used as a base for salad dressings or mixed with your smoothies.

Cannabis seed flour

Cannabis flour offers tons of possibilities for incorporating cannabis into its diet. You can make bread, pancakes, pizza, crackers and cookies.

At first, cooking cannabis flour is a bit tricky. Since cannabis flour is gluten-free, it is more difficult to obtain a good texture. You can remedy this with arrowroot, for example.

Raw cannabis seeds

Later in this article, I will give you some recipes based on raw cannabis seed. The absence of cooking allows the nutrients to be preserved.

Cannabis seed recipes

Because cannabis seed yoghurt is fine for a while, here are some delicious cannabis seed recipes. So let’s play with the recipes and add the cannabis seeds to your diet easily!

Walnut and Cannabis Seed Bites

This recipe uses nuts, dates, coconut and cannabis seeds. Nuts are a good source of essential fatty acids, protein, minerals and dietary fiber.

  • Many consider nuts to be the best nut for health.
  • Coconut is also a good source of dietary fiber and also contains a lot of protein.
  • The dates in this recipe give it a delicious sweet taste without the need for any added sugar.

These nuts and cannabis bites are made with only healthy ingredients. The nuts and cannabis bites make an ideal snack, especially after sports. The carbohydrates found in dates and the proteins in nuts and cannabis seeds promote muscle recovery after a workout.

  • 15 pitted dates
  • 150 g walnut kernels (not toasted and unsalted)
  • 2 tablespoons grated coconut or fresh coconut
  • 3 tablespoons raw cannabis seeds
  • Put the ingredients in the food processor and mix in pulse mode until everything is well mixed.
  • Transfer the mixture to a salad bowl. Using a tablespoon, take the dough to form balls.
  • The size of the nut and cannabis seed bites in the image is approximately 3 cm.
  • Your bites can be smaller or larger, depending on your preferences.
  • You can store nuts and cannabis bites in the refrigerator.
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Green Cannabis Seed Smoothie

You can make this smoothie with almond milk (unsweetened). Otherwise, you can prepare it with homemade cannabis milk, which requires a little more work. Cannabis milk is used to create a smoothie rich in protein and essential fatty acids.

  • A frozen ripe banana (cut into slices and freeze a few hours in advance)
  • A ripe pear
  • Half a lawyer
  • A few sprigs of parsley
  • 50 g fresh spinach
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 200 ml of homemade cannabis milk
  • In the blender, put the cannabis milk and spinach and mix until you get a smooth consistency.
  • Add the other ingredients and mix until you get a smooth smoothie.

This green cannabis seed smoothie serves as a meal, and you can drink it for breakfast or lunch.

Cannabis Seed Pasta

cannabis seed recipe 3 Don’t let the title of this recipe scare you: these pastas contain very few carbohydrates and are incredibly healthy. For this cannabis seed pasta, you will need to make zucchini pasta.

  • 1 zucchini
  • A handful of cherry tomatoes
  • 2 tablespoons shelled cannabis seeds
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon cannabis oil (or olive oil)
  • A pinch of salt
  • Prepare the zucchini pasta.
  • Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.
  • Put all the ingredients in a bowl and sprinkle the pasta with lemon juice.
  • Mix well to coat the pasta with cannabis oil and cannabis seeds.

If you wish, you can add small pieces of red pepper to this zucchini salad.

Seeds of marijuana for medicinal purposes: the most important, what are its uses and benefits

That marijuana used for medicinal purposes and there are numerous studies that support the results of the application of these patients is no secret. So today we talk about what are the most widely used to treat diseases or disorders do and what its benefits are.

Today there is much discussion on the therapeutic use of marijuana, but the fact is that, for thousands of years and to about 1950, it was distributed in many apothecaries in Europe and the United States, for Natural medicine to treat certain diseases, ailments or disorders.

More than half a century after the ban, today is the day when many people are returning to the use of this plant as a natural medicine, as there are already several countries that allow their doctors that, depending on what type of case and, of course, in a controlled manner as may be prescribed to their patients use cannabis to enhance their quality of life, of course, always using cannabis specifically for this purpose.

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More and more scientific discoveries demonstrate the benefits of cannabis for some patients, but do not talk about all varieties of marijuana, or consumption mode as that could be done for personal enjoyment.

Therefore, not all varieties of marijuana have the same medical purpose, not all apply to it. In addition to that, of course, it is also not advised to take marijuana in the same way it would if it were for the amusement of everyone, but it has to be pretreated and verified by experts.

In general, it is noteworthy that the use of marijuana as a natural medicine is due to “the components that marijuana produces naturally” called cannabinoids, including the best known are the THC and CBD. “Meanwhile, our brain produces a neurotransmitter called anandamide which also belongs to the group of cannabinoids. The andamina is responsible for the proper functioning of some activities of the nervous system, intestines, organs and especially the brain,” explained from Green Parrot Seeds.

That is why today we want to focus briefly on what cannabis varieties most suitable for use in medicine and the specific effects of some of them.

More appropriate varieties

Experts say, first, that self-medicate, nor cannabis nor with other natural or chemically treated drugs is good, so the prescription of a doctor or expert on natural health is recommended.

That on the one hand and on the other, that the varieties of cannabis seeds more used for therapeutic use are Sativa. Why? Because they are the ones that contain THC greater. It will get the following effects on the sick people who consume: “On the one hand, improve mood, fight fatigue and depression. On the other, reduce nausea and stimulate hunger. Similarly, the use of cannabis sativa seeds derived allow the relief of post-traumatic stress disorder, in addition to increasing the concentration“.

Furthermore, indica seed varieties are also used. Indica contain much less THC than the above, but offer a large degree of CBD.

Such seeds produce the following positive effects on the sick man: “They relieve pain, migraines (headaches), arthritis, menstrual cramps … On the other hand, “help relax muscles, reduce spasms and nervous symptoms. They also help in the fight against anxiety, stress and insomnia and, finally, help reduce the intraocular pressure (glaucoma treatment) and dilate the bronchi (fighting asthma)“.

Of all the samples of these two types of varieties, you can be found at Piensa en Verde, we would stress: Medical Mass ; B3 Medical and Medical Mix 5.

What are Hemp Seeds and its health benefits

There are several myths around Hemp seeds, which have given this wonder seed a bad image. The idea that hemp seeds contain large amounts of THC and have psychoactive elements just as recreational marijuana had been ingrained into everyone’s mind due to its association with cannabis. Hemp seeds are the seeds that grow on hemp plants/cannabis sativa, and although marijuana and hemp seeds come from the same plant species, their compositions are different in various ways.

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As we move towards a more open-minded foodstyle, we’ve learnt that hemp seeds do not contain any amount of psychotropic properties. In fact, it’s one the healthiest type of seeds to enjoy. It’s a rich source of protein, fiber, plus essential vitamins and minerals. This great ingredient has 0.3% of THC and actually provides more health benefits than any other type of seed.

Read on to find out the health benefits of hemp seeds:

Reduce PMS and cramps
PMS and cramps are a big part of every woman’s life. The emotional and physical turmoil can’t be avoided and puts a hindrance in daily life activities. It is believed that these symptoms are the due to a sensitivity of the prolactin hormone. Hemp seeds contain the essential fatty acids (GLA) that help relieve the sensitivity caused by that hormone, thus, reducing the effects that PMS and cramps have on our body.

Reduce inflammation
Hemp seeds have anti-inflammatory properties, enhanced by the presence of omega-3 and GLA present in its composition. The reduction of inflammation helps fight off many chronic diseases like heart diseases, arthritis, and fatty liver disease.

Weight loss
A perk of including this in your diet is that it helps you lose weight. As hemp seeds are rich in fiber, they make you feel full for longer and diminish your sugar cravings. Having these protein-rich seeds every morning can help you feel full throughout the day so you don’t end up overeating during meals.

Improve Skin

The anti-inflammatory properties present in the seeds help treat eczema as well as reduce acne. Other than that, hemp seeds also contain loads of omega-3 and 6, which helps improve the skin health by making it more moisturized and strengthening it against the environmental factors.

Aids Digestion
Since it’s a rice source of fiber, hemp seeds also improve your digestive health. The high-fiber seeds are helpful in ameliorating the gastrointestinal system of your body and relieving constipation.

Improve Cardiovascular Health
The plant-based protein along with fiber and healthy fats of the hemp seeds keep your heart healthy and working smoothly. The omega-3 and 9 reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Enhance mood
Along with the omega-9, hemp seeds are also rich in magnesium and Vitamin B which play an important role in relieving stress. They alleviate stress hormones and enhance the mood drastically.

Preserve brain function
Hemp seeds have neuroprotective properties that help preserve the brain functions and protects against neurodegeneration. It can help reduce the risks of multiple neurological diseases like brain tumours, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, migraines, etc.