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Stealthy Seeds Reviews

To start, I need to highlight the fact that I live in a country where it is notoriously difficult to get mail through customs; to the point that many well known seedbanks will not guarantee shipments here. I have tried and failed multiple times to get a few seeds in via mail, stumbled upon and decided to give them a try as a last resort.

Do not let the outdated aesthetic of their website discourage you from using them.

Customer service is top notch, emails were responded to quickly, processing and delivery was quick and the product came intact. Most importantly their stealth packaging is genius. I got my package within two weeks of payment and needless to say it came through without a hitch.
I would 100% recommend them to anyone who has difficulty shipping this particular product.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are paying by bank transfer be prepared to have deductions on the end of the receiving bank. I payed the expected transfer fee on top of the amount due, but there was a deduction on the receiving end (currency change charges? Withdrawal fee?) so they got an amount less than what was due. Better to use bitcoin, it just was not an option for me at the time.

5 stars

5 stars
+1 I appreciate the store's professional operation and delivery." Steadlthy seed".
+2 The working team responds very quickly and also enthusiastically advises and answers customers' questions.
+3 As for the safe selection methods that the store offers, just call it great. very skillful in the package and the delivery everywhere is stable.
+4 Customer care service even after shopping is still very attentive.
+5 If possible, please prioritize me for more incentives. hihihi

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I received it within just 11 days since…

I received it within just 11 days since I ordered
My English is not good but it’s a very great experience. thanks

Received in Aus

Received in Aus, discreet tracked package with no trouble in 2.5 weeks. Great customer service and seeds tailed in 24 hours!

yes, yes, yes

quality seeds?
yes,100% germination and the fems are female.

effective stealth?
. yes, delivered down under (the ultimate stealth test) in just over 3 weeks, during covid!

recommend to a friend?
. yes, were professional from the get go, communication was superb and i am looking for an excuse to order more from them

Well i orderd my seeds on 6th of…

Well i orderd my seeds on 6th of October they shipped it on the 14th but the communication was great anytime i sent an email they responed within a day or two answered all my questions. I received my seeds on 17th November, shipping time was a little long but thats the fault of coronavirus caused delays. Was really happy and thank you stealthy seeds. will be ordering again.

Good company nice seed selection


StealthySeeds has responded to my emails

Seeds were old did not pop up!

Well i orderd my seeds on 2nd of april…

Well i orderd my seeds on 2nd of april they shipped it on the 13nd but the communication was great anytime i sent an email they responed within a day or two answered all my quiestions. I recived my seeds today 11nd shipping time was a little long but thats the fault of coronavirus caused delays. was really happy with the stealth the felt pens are a must in my country cause of strict customs. But thank you stealthy seeds. will be ordering again.

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Was searching for a company that will understand how hard it is to obtain certain products in their country. is a seller that fulfils your purchase and they do a good job. Great for collecting those seeds that you are searching for, would have given a 5 star only if they had a live chat and a more modern looking web page. I received my parcel with no hassle and tracking is easy.

Excellent all round

Fast delivery, great communication and stealthy. Recommended.

Very good buying from them

Fast delivery and a good seed concelalment for stealth shipping, I liked the purchase experience.

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Shipping options sanniesshop

Buy 3 packs of seeds or more and get free shipping !

We know that the privacy is a high priority when sending cannabis seeds, stealth and safe in a plain bubble envelope. The chosen protective packaging ensures both the quality of the products inside and the privacy of the customers.

Orders that are not shipped by regular letter mail like the organic nutrients will be shipped in neutrally colored boxes without company logo or other prints. Sannie’s Shop pays great attention to delivering your order as anonymous and as fast as possible.

Orders that weigh over 2 kilogram will be automatically be shipped with track and trace

Europe parcel 2-10 business days (price depends on weight)
World parcel 4-15 business days (price depends on weight)
Europe and World with track and trace (price depends on weight)

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Sannie’s shop delivers world wide

You can track your order over here:

If you have any questions regarding our shipping methods, just shoot an e-mail to Sanniesshop (see contact page)

Stealth packaging sends all it’s products as discrete as possible. This means that small products will be sent in
a white padded envelope and bigger products will be sent in an appropriate shipping box.

On this box we will only put the address of the recipient. We put nothing on the box that reveals what you
ordered or from which company it’s coming, so no one will be able to see where you placed your order or
what the package contains.

Stealth (hidden) shipments

If you order marijuana seeds, just to be sure we will send these with the stealth method, which almost always
arrives properly.

Marijuana seeds are sent inside the back of a CD or DVD box. When you receive the padded envelope, you
will find a blank CD or DVD inside. Carefully open the bottom of the CD or DVD box, where you will find
the seeds.