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Marijuana Seed Packaging That Stands Out

Cannabis product packaging needs to grab the attention of your customers, protect your products from damage, and keep your company in compliance with the law. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best cannabis packaging for your products and the best cannabis packaging company to work with.

7 packaging solutions as your reference:

Hemp seeds

Hemp seed packages must be airtight, sealed and opaque to prevent light and moisture from entering and to prevent premature germination within the package. Hemp seed can be sold in mylar bags or pouches, or in resealable glass jars or bottles.


Cannabis pre-roll packaging protects the joint from damage while sealing in odors, taking full advantage of the discreet portability that makes pre-rolls so appealing. The most popular cannabis pre-roll packaging is the individual odor-proof pop-up tubes. Alternatively, pre-rolls could also be packed in child-safe slider boxes or triangular tube-shaped boxes. Packing multiple pre-rolls into bags is one option, but if you go this route, it’s best to place each individual joint in a protective plastic tube.


Top-quality cannabis flower packaging options include odor-resistant bags or child-resistant glass tubes or jars. Sealed and resealable packaging is especially important as flowers can be particularly pungent and easily damaged by exposure to the elements.

Medical Marijuana Products

Medical cannabis packaging for products such as edible oils, tinctures, gel capsules, and topical ointments is often similar to that of traditional medical products. Prescription plastic or glass tubes or jars are ideal for gel caps. Some cannabis packaging companies also offer sheets that individually seal each gel cap.

Mylar Bag

Mylar Bags – the bags in which cannabis products leave the dispensary after purchase – are an important element of dispensary packaging. Depending on the state, dispensary exit pockets may meet standards such as childproof, sealable and opaque. This additional measure keeps dispensary purchases discreet and less appealing to minors.


Most cannabis concentrates can be packaged in childproof glass, silicone, acrylic or polystyrene containers. Containers with rounded corners ensure that the interior is accessible to all oils, waxes or debris – an important consumer selling point. To add branding and style to your product presentation, custom secondary cardboard packaging can be designed to hold the concentrate cans.

The cannabis food market includes a wide variety of products, from traditional cannabis chocolate cake to CBD honey sticks and cannabis beverages. Food packaging options include FDA-approved food-grade packaging materials for single-serving products, as well as jars, cans, bags, pouches, bottles and boxes for mass use. If there is more than one serving of food packaging inside, it should be resealed. Edible CBD products for pets may be packaged similarly to food intended for human consumption.

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Do you ever care about your cannabis brand?

Do you have any innovative ideas to make your cannabis seedboxes stand out?

In the ever-evolving age of cannabis, Iwynner Packaging has the ability to provide custom boxes for your cannabis products. From cannabis seed strains and hemp seeds to any of the other 420 seeds and plant essentials, we can help you design the custom cannabis boxes you need.

Iwynner Packaging is one of the most experienced printing and carton supplier companies in China. You can customize first-class packaging to find complete packaging solutions for your cannabis medicine and dispensaries. These custom packaging boxes can be created in just a few quick steps with precise die-cutting.

Today, cannabis and peripheral products have become the most important part of most dispensaries and dispensaries, and we can help you customize your cannabis seedboxes to highlight the functionality of your product and protect your product. We will customize the packaging to your preferred style and will choose personalized looks and innovative design ideas to manufacture these boxes that will give your brand substantial exposure. In addition, we have developed a number of childproof cannabis boxes whose purpose is to protect children from danger!

Box customization and branding options to present every detail No consumer would choose a plain cannabis seedbox over one with a company logo and product details. On top of that, consumers tend to choose boxes that provide every detail they need for their final purchase decision. That’s why Iwynner Packaging offers the option of printing every detail on the cannabis seedbox packaging, from CBD quantities and health advisories to consumer warnings, in order to provide complete information and make the customer think that the product is the perfect product that meets all my requirements.

Additionally, if you intend to sell raw cannabis leaves using your brand name, our experts carefully recommend the best design based on their years of experience and allow you to print your logo on decorative custom printed cannabis seedboxes to make your product easily recognizable among the competition.

If you want to deal with legal restrictions by adding universal symbols, Iwynner Packaging through modern printing technology also allows you to get stickers and labels printed with universal cannabis and hemp symbols to put on your tailor-made cannabis seed packaging to ensure your product is fully compliant with the authorities’ requirements.

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Currently, you can easily promote your brand by communicating your message to your customers through your product’s box. However, when it comes to the packaging of cannabis products, the material of the box is very important in addition to the printing and design. The material used to package your cannabis seedboxes should be sufficient to completely protect your seeds from any type of biological contamination while keeping your cannabis products dry and safe.


Trust Iwynner Packaging and give us the opportunity to solve all your problems related to the packaging of cannabis seeds, hemp seeds and other products. Our experienced production team of passionate packaging experts carefully selects quality materials to carefully manufacture your cannabis seedboxes, which means you get premium boxes and most importantly, we will never let you down when it comes to the quality and fineness of the boxes.

Cannabis Packaging

When selling high-quality cannabis products, proper packaging is an essential aspect of your business. Strong packaging solutions ensure your products are safely kept out of children’s hands and more attractive to potential customers. With the right cannabis packaging solutions, you can attract more customers and deliver a more functional and desirable product.

SourcePak is your source for the best cannabis packaging in the industry. We offer packaging designs for marijuana flowers, concentrates, edibles, vapes, medical products, and more, all at an industry-best price. These items serve as excellent bases that you can customize for an eye-catching, branded look.

Cannabis Packaging Design Solutions

Find packaging designs for some of the most popular cannabis products in the market, including:

  • Vape pens and cartridges: Choose blister or clamshell packaging solutions and paperboard slider boxes to keep your vapes, cartridges and other e-liquid products secure and child-resistant.
  • Integra Boost: Deliver freshness with 2-way humidity control that keeps the desired smell and moisture content.
  • Flower: Get smell-proof bags, child-resistant glass tubes, metal tins, and jars to keep your marijuana flower airtight and protected from the elements.
  • Edibles: Find FDA-approved, food-grade wrapping for single-serving products and tins, bottles, bags, jars, and other resealable containers for larger quantities.
  • Cannabis Seeds: Keep seeds from germinating with opaque, sealed, and airtight mylar bags and resealable glass jars to protect the seeds from light and moisture.
  • Concentrates: Select childproof glass, acrylic, and polystyrene jars with rounded corners so that customers can reach all of the oil, wax, or shatter inside.
  • Pre-rolls: Individual, smell-proof, pop-up tubes, metal tins, and child-resistant slider boxes are two popular ways to seal and protect pre-rolled cannabis products.
  • Exit bags: The bags customers leave your store with after purchase are essential for dispensaries, especially in states with specific requirements for exit bags, such as being childproof, opaque, and sealable.
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Cannabis Packaging Products Gallery

View examples of our Cannabis packaging products below:

Types of Cannabis Products

Proper cannabis packaging is crucial for preserving the product’s potency, extending its shelf-life and protecting it from the elements. The ideal cannabis packaging is tamper-evident, child-resistant, durable, and an effective barrier against ultraviolet (UV) exposure and moisture. Smell-proof packaging is preferred for discreet solutions.

There are three basic cannabis packaging categories:

  • Rigid packaging: Rigid packaging includes sturdy containers made of glass, metal or plastic. It keeps the product well-protected and can be reused.
  • Flexible packaging: Flexible packaging includes bags and pouches. These packages are typically cheaper, more compact and easier to transport than most rigid materials. Often, they’re also recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Paperboard Packaging: Paperboard cannabis packaging is designed with elegance without compromising safety.
    • Discreet child-resistant release mechanisms ensure compliance for both child safety and senior adult use effectiveness
    • Recloseable designs maintain child-resistant functionality
    • Laminated, tear-resistant paperboard
    • Customizable inserts
    • Ample space for branding, messaging, or labeling
    • Compliance with state or local packaging regulations
    • Made in the USA and fully recyclable, unlike other brands of paperboard packs

    Get Customized Cannabis Packaging With SourcePak

    As more states legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use and more dispensaries open, it’s essential to elevate your brand awareness with customized packaging options. Providing your customers with unique and secure cannabis packaging enforces the idea that your products are high-quality, safe and sustainable.

    Custom retail packaging from SourcePak can set your brand apart and increase customer loyalty. We have over 20 years of experience designing custom packaging solutions for numerous industries. SourcePak offers a client-first approach that allows you to get the exact product you need with unparalleled service.

    Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about how SourcePak can meet your cannabis packaging needs.