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Delta 9 Cannabis Starting Materials

Given our start as an independent, family-owned, Manitoba based company, Delta 9 Bio-Tech supports the right for Canadians to grow their own medicine. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re now selling clones as cannabis starting materials.

If you are looking to buy cannabis starting materials, you can learn how by reading the frequently asked questions below.

Are you a Licensed Producer? Check out our LP starting materials page.

Learn More Frequently Asked Questions

Please note – if you’re an existing Delta 9 client with a valid medical document, you will still need to complete these steps before you may begin purchasing clones.

Once all the proper documentation is received, you will be assigned a new client number. This client number will be unique to the sale of live plants, and will be separate from any existing account you may currently have for the purchase of dried cannabis from Delta 9.

Please contact Health Canada’s Office of the Medical Cannabis (OMC) at 1-866-337-7705 or
[email protected] for questions related to obtaining a personal production license under the ACMPR.

Each strain has gone through an extensive research & development phase and has been grown and sold by Delta 9 multiple times over the past two years. Additional strains will be available on an ongoing basis in the coming months.

NOTE: The following cannabinoid profiles are based on Delta 9 Bio-Tech growing results over the past several years and are intended as a guide only. Results may vary.

Strain Name CBD Skunk Haze Black Domina Master Kush Kali Mist
Strain Type Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Indica-Dominant Hybrid Indica-Dominant Hybrid Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Genetics Skunk x Haze Northern Lights x Ortega x Hash Plant x Afghani Cross between 2 landrace strains Unknown
Flowering Time 9 -11 Weeks 9 -10 Weeks 9 -10 Weeks 10 -12 Weeks
Expected % THC 5-12% THC 10-15% THC 14-20% THC 8-15% THC
Expected % CBD 5-12% CBD < 0.05% CBD < 0.05% CBD < 0.05% CBD
Growth Difficulty Medium Easy Easy Medium to Difficult

Five (5) Clones (of the same strain) = $250* (plus applicable taxes)
Each Additional Clone (of the same strain) = $20 (plus applicable taxes)
Ten (10) Clones (two different strains) = $500 (plus applicable taxes)

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*Prices include shipping and handling

At this time, online ordering will NOT be available for Delta 9 clones. Our Customer Care Specialists will be able to provide information on current strain availability, and help guide you through the ordering process.

Please be aware that orders will NOT be processed until your registration with Delta 9 is complete.

Plants will be shipped in packaging that has been specifically designed for the transportation of live plants, ensuring they remain in their ’vegetative’ state. Packages will be equipped with insulation to prevent damage from short-term exposure to extreme temperatures.

If you have chosen to grow your own cannabis, you will still have the option of obtaining an interim supply of dried cannabis from Delta 9 as well.

Please note – if you are an existing Delta 9 client, with a current authorization (prescription), you will still need to complete these steps before you may begin purchasing your interim supply.

This means that address amendments are not permitted for the shipment of live plants.

Once you are notified that your plants have been shipped, please make the appropriate arrangements to receive your order at the specified address and the specified date and time.

First, ensure the box is positioned upright. Inspect the box for damage (and document any damage with photos/videos). Carefully remove your plants from the box and associated packaging material. Inspect the plants for any physical damage (again, document any damage with photos/videos).

Second, transport your plant(s) to your pre-cleaned grow space, and transplant into a suitable container based on desired methodology. Your plant(s) is shipped in a prepared state of vegetation. Expose the plant(s) to an 18-hour light, 6-hour dark cycle as soon as possible. Allow your plant 48 – 72 hours of rest and recovery time from shipping to adjust to its new surroundings, and then you may proceed with your intended vegetative cycle.

Delta 9 takes the utmost care with packaging your live cannabis plants. We ensure that all measures are taken to keep the plants happy and healthy while they make their way to you. It is possible, however, that plants may become damaged in delivery.

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Any plant damage, or loss of viability, will be assessed on a case by case basis, however our general company policy is that NO REFUNDS will be given for any damages to the plants during shipping.

A detailed inspection form is included with every order, outlining immediate actions that need to be taken to ensure the ongoing health of the plants. That insert will remind you that, should you happen to receive a damaged plant in your order, you must contact Delta 9 the same day the order is delivered to you. In failing to do so, you forfeit your right to bring damage or viability concerns to Delta 9 for assessment.

Call 1-855-245-1259 or Email [email protected]

Delta 9 Mother Plants are grown geoponically using conventional nutrients free of any heavy metals. We DO NOT use pesticides in our facility, and instead focus on a holistic environmental approach through our Sanitation and Integrated Pest Management programs.

Please click here to visit Health Canada’s website on testing your own cannabis.

  • All Sales of Live Cannabis Plants are FINAL – they may NOT be returned, and refunds will NOT be offered once an order is placed (even before it is shipped).
  • At this time, Delta 9 will only be selling starting materials in the form of clones.
  • Orders for live cannabis plants may ONLY be placed over the phone.
  • If you are unhappy with the state of your live plants upon delivery, you MUST contact Delta 9 on the same day (via phone or email).
  • You may order as many plants (per day) as your ACMPR personal production license allows.


Manitoba Weed Laws & Regulations

Need a refresher on the laws and rules in Manitoba? We've got your back!

by Wikileaf – October 13, 2020

Unlike the other provinces in Canada, Manitoba does not allow adults to grow their own weed. But you are able to purchase it in person or online, and the delivery options are pretty convenient.

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Consumption Rules

If you are 19 years old or older, you can purchase and possess up to 30 grams of cannabis from a licensed retail store in Manitoba. There’s no limit on how much cannabis you can have at home, but you can’t grow your own pot and public consumption is prohibited.

Purchasing cannabis in store : You can purchase cannabis products including flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, oils, and topicals from a licensed retail store at one of these locations .

Purchasing cannabis online : You can purchase cannabis online through a licensed cannabis retail store’s delivery service. Depending on the dispensary, same-day delivery and curbside pickup are available. Delivery is only available to Manitoba addresses.

Consumption laws: The only legal place to consume cannabis is in the privacy of your own home—as long as your landlord or property owner is okay with it. Driving while high is illegal.

Manitoba Licensing Rules for Retailers

To become a private cannabis retailer in Manitoba, you must submit an application to the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries to receive an agreement. Once you receive that agreement, you can begin the license application process with the Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba . The application fee is a nonrefundable $500 and the yearly license fee is $1000.

Retailers must purchase wholesale cannabis from the LGCA. Cannabis retailers are prohibited from selling alcohol, live plants, or cannabis seeds. Storefronts must have security systems and video surveillance.

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