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Get Quality Marijuana Seeds From Seed Supreme

When growing your own marijuana, there are many things that should be taken into consideration. The most important of these factors being the genetics of your cannabis seed; if there is one component of your grow operation for which you should spare no expense, it is the seeds. Specifications of the seed can contribute to your overall success or can cause a serious disturbance to your cultivation experience.

The genetics of your plant play a factor in determining your overall harvest size and how fast you will see your plants grow. From choosing between different types of strains to determining if you want autoflowering or feminized seeds, it is important to spend some time considering the characteristics of seeds so that you land on those that will best suit your garden.

To better assist you with differentiating between the countless seed options available, we’ve broken down some points of consideration to help better inform your decision. We do not promote the cultivation of marijuana in states where it is against the law, so be sure you’re familiar with your state laws when it comes to marijuana possession, consumption, or cultivation. Our website is very handy for finding this kind of information, and lots more regarding the latest laws and news on cannabis. Learn more at

Supreme Seeds from SeedSupreme!

With an overwhelming degree of variation in cannabis plants, it’s important to be well-informed about what you are getting and what roles the genetics will play on your cultivation strategies. SeedSupreme is one notable industry source that will provide you with extensive guidance on the matter! From small shrubs to the bushy kushy, you can expect to find high-level knowledge on whatever kind of plant you are looking for with Supreme Seeds.

Different strains deliver yields of varying levels of quality and result in different flowering time frames as well. Also, bear in mind that some strains are better for cultivating indoors while other strains are better for outdoor growing or greenhouse cultivation. Your cultivation environment is up to you, but whichever you choose, Supreme Seeds is able to plug you in with detailed cultivation pointers and will recommend you the ideal strains for your preferred grow setup. Supreme Seeds carries only the best genetics around. In fact, they carry seeds from over 100 of the top seed companies in the industry.

Their seed selection is sourced from some of the global leaders in international cannabis breeding – TH Seeds, DJ Short, DNA Genetics, Sensi Seeds, Mr. Nice, and CBD Crew are all renowned international seed companies partnered with SeedSupreme. Seed Supreme also carries a few well known domestic seed companies like Cali Connection, TGA Subcool Genetics, and Rare Dankness, which is rare for a seed bank. Below is more info about Supreme Seeds, via their website :

“SeedSupreme Seedbank is the perfect online store for great-value, high THC, regular, feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. You’ll find the dankest and stickiest pot strains available from around the world. Whether you want interesting new hybrids or you’re looking to find high-quality seeds you’ve come to the right place. We work with breeders who focus on the medical and well-being properties of cannabis. By sourcing this great variety of cannabis strains from well respected international cannabis seed banks we at SeedSupreme Seedbank ensure you can choose the right weed seed for your need.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Feminized Seeds?

Cannabis plants that are grown naturally will produce male or female seeds. If you are starting with standard seeds, only about 50% of these plants will be female; this is important because female marijuana plants produce a much higher yield from their male counterparts.

People growing with the intention of cultivating won’t find much use with the male plants, as they produce seed pods and can actually spoil an entire harvest if in too close proximity to the females. If they are near female cannabis plants they will negatively impact how much more bud you will get off of the female plants. Up until very recently, those growing cannabis had to aggressively monitor the plants to ensure proper separation of the males and females.

The solution? Feminized seeds. Taking all the guesswork out of it, working with these recently introduced types of seeds ensures that your marijuana plant will be more likely to produce the high-grade chronic you’re looking for. Instead of having to plant twice as many seeds, diverting significant time and energy, you can instantly have access to female plants with these seeds.

The advantages for growers who start their garden using feminized seeds are numerous. Feminized seeds streamline the growing process, saving you money, time, space, and energy. Growers cultivating a small crop of cannabis for personal use should use feminized seeds to ensure they are getting the most out of their cultivating card.

Growers can avoid spending weeks of nurturing plants with the uncertainty of it being female by using feminized seeds from SupremeSeeds. These specially-treated seeds increase the probability of producing a female plant to almost 99% accuracy. For more information read our article about How To Grow Gigantic Marijuana Buds.

What are Auto-flowering Seeds?

Autoflowering strains are the quickest to flower; in time, they will automatically flower instead of waiting for a specifically timed light cycle. In other words, the plants will begin to flower all on their own after the vegetative period of growth, which is around 2-4 weeks.

This unique process was created when breeders were able to fold in genetics from Cannabis ruderalis— a subspecies of the cannabis plant that is renowned for its autoflowering attributes. Crossing the autoflowering ruderalis with indica and sativa varieties results in a plant that doesn’t rely on photoperiods to flower, but rather grows and flowers on its own time.

When grown outdoors, the autoflowering plants will start producing buds no matter how many hours of sunlight they are receiving. This means you don’t have to worry about rigging up a light deprivation system or supplementing light if you are trying to achieve multiple harvests in a season. When growing indoors, autoflowering strains allow you to rapidly grow different strains as they generally complete maturation after around three months. Autoflowering plants can create bigger buds in less time than most regular cannabis plants.

Does SeedSupreme Take Visa?

Yes, SeedSupreme does accept debit and prepaid cards . All major VISA and Mastercard issued credit and debit cards are accepted for payment, using their secure online payment gateway. The seeds c an also be purchased via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can find additional information about SeedSupreme’s debit & prepaid card support on their customer service page. SeedSupreme does not accept PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or Apple Pay.

Does SeedSupreme Ship to the U.S.?

Yes, all SeedSupreme seeds are available for shipping to the USA . The seeds c an be purchased via all major VISA and Mastercard types of credit and debit cards, as well as by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sign up for the Best Weed Affiliate Program and Become Your Own Boss

The sale of cannabis seeds has become very popular business nowadays. There is an increasingly large number of weed affiliate programs that you can sign up for today. Getting into the business of selling weed seeds can be a bit difficult and that is where these programs come in to save the day. It is surefire way to make money. You can earn very good commissions for directing customers to a particular site where they can place orders for the seeds. One site that never disappoints when it comes to quality of seeds is Seed Supreme.

About Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme is a highly reputed seed bank. When it comes to the sale of weed seeds, this is the best place to purchase all sorts of seeds. It does not matter what strain of weed tickles your fancy. They have all of the seeds ranging from the powerful white widow strain to the Kush and purple strains. The choice that you take is totally dependent on your personal preferences and tastes.

Having been in the business for a while now, Seed Supreme has taken the initiative to extend the business opportunity to others who are interested. This is where the weed affiliate program comes into the story. Do you want to start your own business in the sale of weed? Seed Supreme has got you covered.

Starting your own business

There are so many complexities that come with the sale of weed seeds. In some places you will have to sign up for a license. This is a headache on its own. Secondly, finding a reliable supplier is a whole other task. Getting the capital to start the business might just discourage you. But all of these hurdles can be overcome effortlessly by signing up for the Seed Supreme weed affiliate program.

When you sign up for this program you stand to earn as much as 20% in commission of all sales that you drive to the website. This is a guaranteed picking just waiting for you to collect. There are many affiliate programs for weed but then none can match up to the deals that are given by Seed Supreme. The profits that you are going to make out of this program are just out of this world.

Another thing that you will love about the Seed Supreme affiliate program is that it is well managed. You will always earn for all the conversions that you drive. An ad is placed on your website and every time someone clicks on it and places an order on Seed Supreme, you get paid. In fewer words, you get money for bringing in the business to the site.

There are a number of weed affiliate programs that you can sign up for. Seed Supreme is however the best of them all because of the simplicity of the whole process. All you need to do is to make your application to the program and you will be sorted out. You do not have to struggle with multiple-step processes and low-commission programs. With Seed Supreme, you can become your own boss very fast.

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Understanding Different Options For Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Is this the first time ordering marijuana seeds online? If so then you are likely to be confused with the options that are before you. It is always helpful to understand first what are the different options that are before you so that you can make the right choices. Here are few things that will help you understand the process of ordering your seeds online.

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Before you proceed with the ordering process you should first find the bet stores to order the seeds. You will be coming across many resources that claim to offer the best seeds available in the market but you should not blindly go with those self-made claims. Make your own research and try to find the most impressive store for ordering your bulk seeds.

One of the conditions the online stores will have when you want to order the seeds is minimum order quantity. They will have all the varieties you need but they will feature them in pre-set quantities. If you are thinking of ordering just one genetic strain you will not have any problem. On the other hand if you want to try multiple genetic strains at the same time then you will need to pick so many genetic strains and each one meeting the minimum order quantities. You will end up having a huge quantity of cannabis seeds. You cannot just cultivate all of them at once because your state regulations will limit you in this regard and you will be allowed to grow only a certain number of plants at a given time. As you could easily guess all the other seeds remaining with you will grow old and lose their viability. The germination rate will come down for those seeds. To help customers to avoid such scenarios what they do is to allow the customers to go for pick n mix. You can pick and mix different varieties of seeds based on your preferences and you will not have to meet the minimum order quantity for each genetic strain but just go for as many varieties you need and take cumulative quantity of the seeds. You will therefore be able order multiple varieties of seeds without making your total volume swell up.

Another option that you will have with marijuana seed stores online is mixes & collections. The packs will have mixed collection of seeds prepacked for you. Here you will not pick and choose individual genetic strains but go with the mixed seed collection put together by the store. Before ordering you will however be able to see what varieties are included in the pack. This again will help you save money and order multiple genetic strains in smaller quantities.

These are some of the options that you will have when you want to buy marijuana seeds online. There are numerous stores out there and you might want to screen as many stores as possible before ordering the seeds to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

The hash strains deliver incredible results

People experiencing cannabis are aware of the overpowering potency of the hash resin. The hash cannabis strain is the equivalent of the hash resin in the marijuana world. Of course, the two products are as different as chalk and cheese. Taking them as a cue, the cannabis breeders have tried their best to produce the hash strains.

The hash strain is an unusual cannabis plant. You can get some of the exquisite hash strain seeds at The endearing quality of the hash strains is that they have generous growth potential. This plant has a short flowering period. It makes the plant a very compact and manageable one. They have specific distinctive features such as the thin and brittle coating that envelops over the buds on drying. Beneath this coating, you can find the real hash strain. The unmistakable Afghani aroma is an unforgettable one. One who has smoked this variant of cannabis cannot forget the exotic fragrance. You experience the fantastic taste and smell when you burn the buds. The sweet resin converts into a sharp and punchy flavour.

The hash strains have a history running for over three decades. However, they have become popular very recently. They have the most exceptional quality of delivering a terrific punch. Also, they ensure the high stays for a considerable length of time. It is the recreational use of the hash strains. They have their medicinal qualities as well. Not many people are aware of the same. The hash strains have an excellent reputation for curing insomnia, ADHD, and even the Crohn’s disease. The painkilling capacities of the hash strains are legendary.

The other high quality of the hash strains is that you can grow these plants anywhere, indoors and outdoors. You have many varieties of the hash strains such as the Blue Hash, Hash Bomb, etc. Each of these variants is great in its way.

Collecting these seeds is easy today with websites such as selling them to people who love to obtain the same as a collector’s item. Selecting the right kind of strain is a challenging task. The beginners would find it impossible to identify one from the other. These websites can come to their rescue by doing the hard work on your behalf. The Haze strains are a mixture of high quality strains that include plants with shorter flowering periods. The beginner would find it impossible to segregate the feminised seeds from the male ones. Even the experts see it a tough task.

By doing the difficult job for the novice, the websites ensure that the customer gets full value for his money. It is the best way to choose your seeds in any case. Letting the expert do his job is always beneficial to you. You need not rack your brains searching for the right kind of seeds. By saving your hassles, these websites do a great job under the given circumstances. Choosing the wrong kind of strains can cause a lot of problems for the beginner.

How to avoid loss in marijuana cultivation?

Have you heard that some people succumb to losses when they cultivate marijuana at home? Does it sound strange to you because people venture into marijuana cultivation process because they think that it is going to help them save money but on the other hand they end up in diametrically opposite consequence of losing money? Yes it happens! If you are cultivating any favourite genetic strain such as haze strains or other genetic strains you will need to first find out what could lead you to loss.

What are the reasons that lead people to loss? You need to check this out first before you go ahead ordering your hash strains. One of the most common reasons why you might be end up losing money is due to the wrong choices you make. People make wrong choices while growing marijuana because of their ignorance. It therefore makes a lot of sense to invest some time trying to learn what works and what does not work with marijuana cultivation.

One of the common areas where people make wrong decisions is with the selection of seeds. Often wrong types of seeds are ordered because beginners think that all seeds are equal. If you too think that you could order any seeds and sow them randomly then you need to first review your outlook. There are indoor seeds and outdoor seeds. If you are looking for indoor seeds then you should have indoor space to cultivate and the same applies to outdoor seeds as well. Indoor seeds will grow well even in low lighting conditions. This is not the case with outdoor seeds. You will be wasting your time, money and efforts sowing the wrong type of seeds. This is a good formula to end up in loss.

Yet another common reason why people end up in loss is poor care of marijuana plants. In general settings cannabis is not a fussy plant. It can withstand extreme conditions but when you are cultivating it indoors, then it becomes lot more sensitive. You will need to carefully check the plants regularly for instances of infection or other pest attacks. When people fail to do this, they will end up ruining the entire crop. They will not be able to enjoy the expected results because the plants will be hit completely by the infection. When this happens you will not even be able to recover what you have invested. This does not mean that every person who cultivates marijuana ends up in loss. Only when you are totally careless, not taking good care of your plants you will run into such issues. There are thousands of people cultivating marijuana plants successfully and enjoying the best results. You will therefore be able to enjoy exceptional results too saving a lot of money in the process. Marijuana cultivators also have the benefit of enjoying premium quality marijuana which they normally do not have access to when they buy the marijuana directly from the open market.

Why there is an increasing craze about marijuana cultivation?

Have you been lately hearing a great deal about marijuana cultivation and are you not sure why there is such a sudden buzz about growing one’s own marijuana? Do you think that all these are just hype and that the subject is receiving undue attention? What if it is not just hype and if there is really something that people have found which makes them rush towards this trend? It is worth exploring rather than dismissing everything that is happening here as hype.

When you go out to buy your marijuana for personal recreational use or for medicinal use, can you get your preferred genetic strain? Is something like that even possible for you? You do not have to answer that because you know the answer already. However, when you are going to cultivate your marijuana at home, you can decide exactly which genetic strain to cultivate and enjoy smoking your favourite genetic strain. You could choose to cultivate the haze strains one time and you could change it all completely the next time. It is totally up to you. In other words you will have complete freedom to enjoy any genetic strain you like as long as you are ready to cultivate it. Today, finding all types of genetic strains is lot easier when compared to the earlier days whereby people did not know where to get their marijuana seeds. Today, there is more of an open culture. People could order their marijuana seeds like they would order any other product. Many of the states in the US have allowed marijuana cultivation for personal use. This has made the entire system lot more transparent and easier for many more people to jump on to this bandwagon. So this is not just a hype at least at this level you know it now.

Have you been always happy with the quality of the marijuana you get when you buy your weeds in the open market? How many times you ended up complaining about the quality of marijuana. You paid for first grade marijuana but what you got was third grade. In other words you have very little control over the marijuana you obtain from the open market but it would not be the same when you cultivate your own at home. You could not only decide to cultivate hash strains or any other genetic strain of your choice but you will also have complete control over the quality of the marijuana that you harvest.

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In terms of the cost too you are likely to enjoy the best outcome. You will be saving a lot of money in the process. Yes of course there are efforts to be put in but all those efforts would translate into these three main benefits namely freedom to cultivate marijuana strains of your choice, control over the quality and finally amazing savings. You will be spending just a fraction of the cost for cultivating your marijuana.

Saving money – Is it real with marijuana cultivation?

One of the biggest motivating factors for those who are cultivating their own favourite genetic strain of marijuana such as skunk strains or other such strains is that the savings that they are likely to enjoy while cultivating weeds for their personal use.

One of the questions that you are likely to have here is whether these savings are real, whether whatever you are likely to save is substantial, and whether it justifies the efforts, we are likely to take for the cultivation of marijuana.

Before you venture into the cultivation of white strains or skunk strains or any other genetic strain of marijuana, you need to first understand how the whole process works. As far as marijuana cultivation is concerned, you will be able to grow only a few plants. If you are thinking of growing cannabis setting up a huge farm then that is not how things work. Cannabis is a highly regulated plant and you cannot grow it as you like. Your state will dictate how many plants you are legally allowed to grow at any point of time. So you will need to abide by those rules.

If you are thinking of cultivating marijuana and selling marijuana for a profit then you are wrong. You cannot sell cannabis to others. You are allowed to cultivate weeds only as long as it is for personal use. In this context if you want to ensure that there is substantial savings then you will need to decide for ongoing cultivation of marijuana. If there is ongoing cultivation then you will gradually be able to enjoy great savings.

For those who are cultivating marijuana indoors, there is an initial cost. The initial setup cost itself is high. If you are thinking of just testing whether cannabis cultivation will work for you or not, then it is important not to venture into indoor cultivation but try outdoor cultivation. For outdoor cultivation of marijuana, there is very little upfront expense. You just need to buy the seeds but for the seeds expenses there is very little expense. You will therefore need to make wise choices. On the other hand, if you have decided to cultivation marijuana regularly then you can confidently go for indoor cultivation and the savings will pay for the setup costs over a period of time.

For all these things to work, it is vital that you order your seeds from the right sources. You will need to buy good quality seeds only then you can get decent harvest. If the seed quality is poor then you will end up wasting time and even getting frustrated in the process. You will need to tread carefully while sourcing your seeds because there are many online stores out there selling marijuana seeds. So find the best source to order your seeds and you will certainly be successful with your cultivation efforts. Of course, initially there is a bit of struggle but that should not stop you.

Will the savings cover your marijuana cultivation expenses?

In order to decide whether marijuana cultivation is good for you and whether it will give you worthwhile results you need to do some basic calculations so that the whole process will make financial sense. We cannot admit the fact that not everyone grows marijuana just to save money. There are number of people who go through the whole cultivation process just to gain access to good quality cannabis.

When you grow marijuana at home you will be spending just a fraction of the cost for the cultivation if seeds are going to be the only expense you are going to incur. However that is not the case. If you cultivate skunk strains or white strains out door, you will just be required to buy seeds and some plant nutrients during the cultivation process. These will not cost you much and the savings that you enjoy is considerable. On the other hand, let us assume that you are going to cultivate marijuana indoors then the initial setup costs are high.

What are the different setup costs that you may have to incur for indoor cultivation of marijuana? First you will need planters that are large enough for your plants. Secondly, when you are cultivating marijuana indoors, you will first need good lighting equipment. Marijuana plants even if they are of indoor grade loves plenty of light regardless of whether it is going to be white strains or skunk strains that you want to cultivate. You will need full spectrum light so that it simulates natural light. Besides that, you should also know your plants will need a good humidifier. This again adds on to the cost. Temperature control system to provide optimum temperature throughout cultivation process is needed. When you run all these equipment 24×7, you are going to pay huge utility bills. Before you rush to order your seeds, you will need to run a quick calculation of all these expenses based on your consumption rate. If you are consuming a large quantity of weed and buying your weed in large quantities then all these expenses will make sense. Also it would make sense if you are going to cultivate your marijuana regularly. For those who just fancy the idea of cultivating marijuana once but not ready to take it up as a regular project it may not be a worthwhile investment unless you go for outdoor cultivation whereas there aren’t many expenses.

Savings are real but only for those who are going to sustain this project for long enough to get the investment back through savings. If you stick to it for long enough, you will be able to save enough money to pay back the initial setup costs. The answer therefore depends on how you are planning to take things forward.

Rushing to make decisions here just because you friends are doing it could prove to be a foolish approach. Once you decide to go ahead, look for the best seed store to order your pot seeds.

What are the biggest challenges in marijuana cultivation?

Everyone who engages in marijuana cultivation knows the benefits in terms of cost savings, quality of the marijuana one gets to enjoy and the unlimited supply of marijuana that they have when they cultivate their own weeds. However, at the same time they will also have series of challenges to talk about which they face in the cultivation process. What are the biggest challenges and how to face them when you are cultivating your skunk strains or other genetic strains.

The first and the biggest challenge beginners face when it comes to marijuana cultivation is finding the best seed sources. Initially, you are likely to be under a lot of confusion. You will have access to so many stores. How to go about deciding which store to use? How do you know which is the best fit? Yes, it is very difficult to narrow down your choices. One thing you may want to keep in mind is that you cannot just go with the first online store that you come across without any screening or review. If you do then your entire cultivation effort will be jeopardized. To face this challenge, you should invest some time to find out what the customers who have used the online store in the past and listening to what they have to say will help you spot the best online sources for ordering your seeds.

The next biggest challenge that people face at least in the early stages of marijuana cultivation is that they do not know which genetic strain to choose. There are so many genetic strains so they get confused. If you are confused too with the genetic strains that you would like to pick, then here are few things that you should do. First identify genetic strains that will grow well in your region because this is something you cannot change. This will help you narrow down the number of genetic strains. On the other hand if you blindly decide to grow white strains without taking the geographic compatibility then you will run into issues during the cultivation process.

After shortlisting the genetic strains that are suitable for your region, review your own preferences. For example, some people will have only medicinal reasons to cultivate pot at home. They would not want to get high when they smoke weeds. Such people have to choose specific varieties that will give them the result that they want. There could be others who want to explore various flavours and smoke weed only for recreational purposes. In both situations one needs to keep their expectations or the expected results as the guiding factor while deciding their marijuana genetic strain.

Finally, dealing with pests and diseases will be one challenge that you cannot expect to run away from. You need to be therefore prepared enough to meet such challenges. In this regard, if you are cultivating marijuana indoor, you will be able to minimize the pest attacks a great deal.

Are you a responsible cannabis cultivator?

Are you confused with this question? Are you wondering what it means to be a responsible cannabis cultivator? Until few years ago cultivating cannabis was not that common and it was not legal in many states of the US. Today, things have changed and it has created a more open environment. You can grow cannabis for your medicinal or recreational needs at home. When you are given this opportunity to grow cannabis for your own needs, you need to also look into your own cultivation process to understand whether you are using this freedom responsibly.

When you grow your own marijuana at home you can choose to cultivate haze strains or hash strains. No one will stop you from choosing the genetic strain that you like to cultivate. However, the law sets its own stipulations on cannabis cultivation and it varies from one state to the other. If you are a responsible cultivator, even before you start sourcing your seeds or before decide how you are going to cultivate cannabis, you would first find out what the state law is saying regarding marijuana cultivation. It is important to have a clear understanding of the state laws.

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One of the key stipulations is that you should not sell the marijuana that you grow. You can grow hash strains or haze strains but it should be used only for personal consumption. It should not be cultivated with any commercial interest. This is where sometimes breaches are made. Avoid breaching the law because if the number of breaches increase the legal systems will tighten the laws which can even go to the extent of prohibiting cannabis cultivation completely. Who knows? So it is best to adhere to what the law states. Moreover, you will also not get into unnecessary trouble with the law enforcement authorities.

At another level to keep things completely risk free and completely legal, you will need to make it a point to source your cannabis seeds from a trusted supplier. The supplier should be authorized to sell marijuana seeds legally and should be authorized to ship to your location. If you are careless about these factors then it is an indication that you are not being responsible in your cannabis cultivation. It is your responsibility to source your seeds from the right vendors.

At any given point of time, you are allowed to have only a certain number of marijuana plants. You should not try to evade this stipulation. If required use autoflowering cannabis seeds with shorter budding cycle so that you can go for multiple batches of cannabis cultivation within every season.

Most importantly, do not go overboard with your consumption of marijuana regardless of whether it is for recreational use or for medicinal use. If you try to keep to the limits you will be able to avoid unnecessary side effects or other risks of addiction. This is yet another aspect of being responsible with your cannabis cultivation. Even if you are growing your own cannabis, you should keep the usage under control.

Frequently asked question about cannabis cultivation

People who venture into cannabis cultivation often have a lot of questions and they do not know where to find answers for such questions and how to go about cultivating cannabis with all those doubts and questions. Here we have tried to answer some of the key questions that people have when it comes to cannabis cultivation.

Is it legal to grow cannabis?

Yes it is legal to grow cannabis in most of the states in the US. You might want to find out whether you can grow cannabis legally in your state before you start the cultivation process. Even in the states where it is legal, there are further regulations on how it could be grown. You should find out those regulations pertaining to your state. If you have moved to a new state and want to cultivate cannabis do not go with your previous states legal status and regulations but take time to find out what needs to be followed locally.

Where to find cannabis seeds?

You can find cannabis seeds online. Ordering cannabis seeds online is very easy. You can order any strain of your choice. You will come across many types of seeds such as white strains, blue strains and so on. Look for the seeds of your choice before ordering and order your seeds from a trusted store.

Can I trust cannabis seed stores online?

Yes you can trust online stores for ordering your cannabis. There are number of online stores that you could trust. This does not mean that you can randomly choose any store you like without proper screening. Regardless of whether you want to go about ordering mixes & collections or specific seed strain, you should review the ratings offered by customers before placing your order.

I do not have outdoor space can I still grow cannabis?

Yes, you can still grow cannabis even if you do not have outdoor space. You can choose to cultivate cannabis indoor. There are certain genetic strains that will do well even in low lighting environments.

Will I need any special equipment to grow cannabis?

This depends very much on where exactly you are planning to grow your cannabis. If you want to grow cannabis indoor then you will need some basic equipment such as full spectrum lighting, temperature control equipment, humidifier and so on. If you are growing cannabis outdoor then you do not need all these equipment.

Will I be able to really save money when I grow cannabis?

Yes, thousands of people are already saving money by growing their own marijuana. However, if you are going to try cannabis cultivation just once and if that once is going to be indoor cultivation then you will not enjoy any savings because of the initial setup costs for indoor cultivation. On the other hand if you are going to cultivate cannabis regularly then you will enjoy ongoing savings. So this is helpful to grow your own cannabis at home.

Improve your yield selecting the right cannabis seeds

Growing your own cannabis is not as complex as many people think. This however does not mean that it is very easy either. For the one who is ready to give oneself time to learn and to master the cannabis cultivation process it is certainly possible to get the best results. When you start growing cannabis you will come to learn about number of important factors. You are likely to become increasingly successful with your cultivation efforts. When you see things improving with every new batch of cultivation, you will start getting better results as you will be learning from your mistakes and you will be reducing your mistakes each time leading to better results.

Knowing the various factors that control the yield is very important and very useful to you. Should you be starting the cultivation process without knowing these factors, then you are likely to put yourself in a very disadvantageous position. You will therefore need to tread very carefully to ensure the best results.

One of the key factors that control the success rate in your cannabis cultivation process is your choice of seeds. Not all cannabis seeds are equally easy to grow and equally high yielding plants. For example if you are selecting northern lights strains you will have to first check whether the genetic strain that you have selected is suitable for your area. Suitability of the genetic strains will be decided based on the altitude as well as based on the climatic conditions. Moreover, you will also need to decide on the cannabis genetic trait based on the flavours that you would like to smoke. Each genetic strain will have its own unique flavour. Pick your seeds based on all these factors.

At another level, you will also need to choose your seeds based on your cultivation type. You might want to choose purple strains. Now the purple strains itself comes in various categories. You can cultivate cannabis indoors or outdoors. The seeds that you buy should be chosen correctly so that it matches your cultivation type. Further to that, you should also note that your cannabis seeds are high yielding seeds. There are feminized seeds and also auto flowering seeds. Check whether the preferred genetic strain comes in these high yielding categories. Non-feminized seeds will reduce your yield by 50% because you have only 50% chance of flowering plants. Only female plants will produce buds.

Similarly, you should choose auto flowering seeds. These seeds will increase your rate of success. When you grow cannabis for the first time, you may not be able to give your plants with perfect conditions for growing. In such cases, your yield will be affected. If you do not want to be worry about such drawbacks then you should go with autoflowering seeds whereby the plants will flower regardless of the environmental conditions. Taking care of such plants is also very easy as they are less fussy when compared to the regular cannabis seeds.

Guarding your interests when ordering cannabis seeds

Buying marijuana seeds has now been made easier than ever. If you want to grow marijuana at home you need not have to drive around the city these days trying to find your seeds any longer. Previously, one will be able to get marijuana seeds only through the local pharmacies. As the pharmacies do not specialize in selling cannabis seeds they will have only limited supply and that too you will not be able to get any genetic strain of your choice. All these issues are not there any longer because you can order your seeds anytime you like in just few quick clicks. Added to that, you will be able to get any genetic strain you like.

Buying your cannabis seeds online has its own set of challenges. The first challenge is in finding a reputed store for ordering cannabis seeds. There are many stores and all the stores claim that they have the finest quality seeds. In reality, not all stores live up to their promises. If you want to get the best cannabis seeds you will have to screen multiple stores.

Before ordering your weed seeds try to read reviews on a number of online stores. Customers who have used the store before will have firsthand experience and this will save you from unnecessary risks. You cannot possibly try every store out there to find out whether they supply good quality seeds or not. You can however take time to go through the reviews posted by other buyers. This is one of the best ways of guarding your interests while buying cannabis seeds.

Secondly, you might also want to compare the prices between stores. Here our intention is to find the best quality seeds but still pay lesser price. The idea is not to compromise on the quality for price. There are number of good stores out there ready to sell good quality cannabis seeds.

One of the factors to be paid attention to when you are trying to find cannabis seeds or comparing their prices, check whether the prices you are comparing are for the same type, genetic strain, quality, germination ratio, etc. Comparing an apple for an apple is very important. So do not rush through the comparison process but pay attention to details.

Another point to remember is whether the price includes the shipping costs or not is something to be taken into account. At times, the price indicated might look cheaper but when you checkout you will notice a huge shipping fee added to the rates. You don’t want to be taken for a ride this way. So better be cautious when you are shopping.

Going with a well-established store with several years of experience in the field with good reputation will prove to be useful. You can confidently order your seeds from such shops because they would not want to jeopardize their hard earned reputation and that is your insurance when ordering your cannabis seeds.