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marijuana seeds flint mi

Cannabis Seeds

Our Goal is to provide a fun and easy atmosphere for the most unforgettable shopping experience. We deliver our seeds to you! We proudly employ talented, reputable and experienced seed breeders for all of our seed strains! We will deliver your…

Mosca Seeds

We specialize in quality cannabis seed genetics and best growing practices to produce top quality marijuana seeds. Our attention to detail in every phase of the plant growing cycle yields premiere cannabis seeds which we sell through a number of…

Humble Jungle Seeds

Our time tested varieties and techniques will assure you the best possible outcome. Whether you are growing for personal, industrial, or medical use we can help guide you from SEED to SALE!

Atlas Seed

Atlas Seed is a feminized, day neutral hemp and cannabis seed company servicing medium to large scale farmers. Our genetics are hand selected for field scale applications.

Magic Bean Seeds

The purple caper has been growing in California for over 25 years indoors and outdoors. Magic Bean Seeds is known for the best fathers in the Bay Area and Central Valley.

Ventura Seed Company

Our vertically integrated supply chain ensures a premium, sustainable product from genetics to finished goods. Rooted in Ventura County, California, Ventura Seed Company has affiliate farms located throughout the US and is a leading pioneer in hemp…

Oregon Elite Seed Bank



We take our growing seriously. We use science and data, apply the best practices, make the most effective combinations and produce cup winning seeds time and again. Our ethos is about raising the game, sharing our expertise and selling you the best…

Seed Cellar

Modern medicine is just starting to harness the vast potential of cannabis and its uses in treating the symptoms of a wide range of illnesses, from chronic pain to epilepsy; PTSD to cancer.

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The Factory Shop

We decided to take matters into our own hands and create a reliable healthy knowledgeable safe friendly business for others like us to be able to count on! Since day one, we’ve been working tirelessly in order to expand our clone collection and make…

Michigan Organic Solutions

Welcome to Michigan Organic Solutions. They offer Michigan tested and compliant mmm products. Michigan Organic Solutions is a LARA compliant medical cannabis provision center. Come on in and have some fun!

Michigan Organic Solutions is a Provisioning Center serving the greater Flint Area. They have a long history in the community as one of the first provisioning centers in the State! Michigan Organic Solutions is an intimate and lovely little shop that has something for everyone, within every price range. Many of exciting things are starting to happen for Michigan Organic Solutions and they would love for everyone to be a part of that!

Medical: PC-000252
Deals and Discounts

Medible Monday – Buy one edible get one half off. Shatterday Saturday – Receive 25% off your purchase of Shatter/Wax/Budder/Etc. (excludes cartridges)


First time patients will receive $5.00 off their first order!


Michigan Organic Solutions Dispensary

Michigan Organic Solutions Dispensary Information

Michigan Organic Solutions dispensary is a verified legal Michigan marijuana retail storefront business with a valid license to sell retail cannabis products. Michigan Organic Solutions has business operations in the city of Flint, MI and serves the surrounding cities of Genesee County. Michigan Organic Solutions dispensary was issued storefront license to sell cannabis products to customers at its storefront business location. Michigan Organic Solutions dispensary has a verified licensed physical storefront location at 3549 S Dort Hwy #106 Flint, MI 48507 where commercial cannabis activities are practiced. You can visit this legal Flint dispensary store in person at this address.

As a Michigan licensed cannabis dispensary, Michigan Organic Solutions will only provide legal marijuana sales during open business hours. Please review Michigan Organic Solutions’s hours of operation above or check their website for the most updated information. Most importantly, Michigan Organic Solutions storefront and retail operations are fully secured and under video surveillance at all times.

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Michigan Organic Solutions Dispensary Customer Guidelines

Make sure to bring your legal ID. All Michigan Organic Solutions dispensary customers must provide a valid proof of identification and only people 21 years of age or older may enter the store unless they are a medical patient. Medical patients 18 years of age or older with a valid physician’s recommendation may also access the dispensary. However, since some dispensaries are Recreational and/or Medical, please call ahead or check the dispensary’s website for the most accurate information.

Michigan Organic Solutions’s employees verify the age and valid proof of identification of all customers before letting them in the dispensary. Generally, no customer may enter the Michigan Organic Solutions dispensary operations back-office area unless they have a business reason to do so and are at least 21 years of age.

Legal Michigan Marijuana Store Sales

Generally, you will find only marijuana products at this dispensary. As a Michigan licensed cannabis retailer, Michigan Organic Solutions dispensary may only sell and deliver cannabis and marijuana products, marijuana accessories, and branded merchandise or promotional materials. Furthermore, Michigan Organic Solutions will only receive marijuana products for sale from a Michigan licensed cannabis distributor. All marijuana products offered for sale and delivery must comply with all State marijuana packaging and labeling requirements. Specifically, like most businesses with perishable goods, Michigan Organic Solutions is not allowed to sell products to consumers that are expired. See the Michigan Organic Solutions menu for current products offered for sale.

Michigan Organic Solutions Dispensary Return Policy

Michigan Organic Solutions storefront may or may not accept customer returns. Most States do not allow resell of returned marijuana products. For most businesses, there is a no-return policy on all flower, and customers can only return defective cartridges. Specifically, you may only have a certain amount of days to return a cartridge in its original packaging and label. Usually, contaminated products can be returned but require approval from a manager or owner. Please check the dispensary website or call (810) 309-0564 to get the most up to date information. Additionally, most customer returns are destroyed or, if defective, returned to the Michigan licensed cannabis distributor from which they were sourced.

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Marijuana Product Package Specifications

Michigan Organic Solutions dispensary will not accept, possess, or sell marijuana products that are not already packaged for final sale to a consumer. Most dispensaries with only a retailer license will not handle raw marijuana flowers or concentrates nor package or label any cannabis goods. All marijuana products purchased or delivered to consumers leave the retail storefront in a sealed and safe package. Most Michigan Organic Solutions marijuana products will either be in an individual child-resistant package or in a child-resistant exit package with all purchased products. Expect all Michigan Organic Solutions marijuana packaging to be resealable, tamper-evident, and child resistant unless the product is immature marijuana plants and seeds.

Record Keeping Requirements

As a legal marijuana retailer, Michigan Organic Solutions dispensary maintains financial records, personnel records, training records, contracts, permits, security records, destruction records, product tracking data, and an accurate record of all marijuana product sales. Depending on the State, generally they will hold these records for up to 7 years. Most importantly, all records are confidential but must be made available to the Michigan Cannabis acting government body upon request.

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