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Marijuana Seeds SA Reviews

Great service and packaging. Ordered on a weekend and my order was sent out on Monday.
Love my freebees.

Excellent Service

I've been a customer for nearly three years with multiple orders and these guys are simply outstanding in communication and turn around time

first time buyer and pleased

great service very quick discreet delivery, cant wait to plant them and see if wht i chose actually grows to be the same strain, will update as follows. but i highly recommend for newbies

Awesome as always.

Awesome as always.
After my first order I referred a friend and he was also happy with his order. This is my second order and still not disappointed. Thanks very much for the great packaging as well.

Thank You MSSA Team!

Thank you for such excellent service! Your packaging is ingenious and amazing! And thank you for the gift, I really appreciate it! Shopping with MSSA was an awesome experience and I'll recommend them to everyone!

Thanks MSA Team

Thanks MSA Team. Awesome service, great website, easy payments. Products 100% as advertised. Will definitely support you again and again.

Spread the love ✌

Once again

Once again, awesome service and as usual a surprise with the order. Definitely will continue to purchase from you guys. Had 100% germination so far with the seeds I purchased prior.

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Great seller

Great seller, easy to purchase and speedy delivery

Previous order came fast and had

Previous order came fast and had
14/15 germinated. Great service,fast delivery and a few extras included

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I will throw money at these guys

I will throw money at these guys. This is too good to be true and long may it continue. Incredible, incredible service. start to finish. Never waited longer than 3 days and always little suprises. Truly fantastic.

The best

Ordered seeds for the second time from the MJSSA team and highly satisfied and pleased with the products, service and delivery! Love that your products are affordable, have a range of strains that I am interested in and will buy soon and the quick and discreet delivery.
Thank you all at MJSSA.

Never ordered seeds from a better…

Never ordered seeds from a better vendor.

Top quality strains! Very good customer service. Discreete and safe packaging.

Special thanks to jenna!

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Wish they had more specials though.

Thanks a million to everyone at…

Thanks a million to everyone at Marijuana seeds SA for your awesome service and a special thanks to Jenna who kept me informed and answered all my questions through the whole process you guys rock. And thank you for the sample seeds

Excellent service experience

I have made use of marijuanasa’s services for quite some time now and have always been impressed by their level of quality and professionalism.
They never fail to be of assistance and are always friendly
I will be using their services for some time to come as they are very reliable and have reasonable rates.

Thank you for your great service and attitude to customer service, it is greatly appreciated and will definitely be making use of your services again in the near future 🙂
Kind Regards Evan

Reply from Marijuana Seeds SA

As much as we would love to claim this nice review, we think you meant it for MSA (Marijuana SA) and we are MJSSA (Marijuana Seeds SA):D

I believe you should be able to leave them a Google Review, on the other hand, you are more than welcome to try out our services in the future;)

Kiehl's Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate

The MECCA View:
Uniquely formulated for skin prone to blemishes, visible redness and discomfort, this calming facial oil features 100% naturally derived* ingredients including cannabis sativa seed oil and green oregano oil to help treat the appearance and feeling of stressed skin. This soothing concentrate simultaneously works to balance hydration and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

*Kiehl’s consider ingredients to be naturally derived if they retain more than 50% of their molecular structure after being processed from a natural source.

Key ingredients:
Cannabis sativa seed oil : helps to improve the skin’s barrier, reduce visible redness, and relieve discomfort while calming and soothing skin.
Green oregano oil: known for its purifying benefits, and helping to relieve problem skin.

Made without:
Animal products, fragrance, silicone, parabens, sulfates.

Find out more about Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil here .

Direct from the brand:
“We created this 100% natural facial oil suitable for all skin types, while addressing unique needs of problem-prone skin. It’s lightweight, fast-absorbing and skin soothing qualities make it a staple for balanced and healthy looking skin.” – Nancy Ilaya, PhD, Kiehl’s Scientific Director

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They may be made of cannabis, but packing a pipe with these pants will only give you a headache. Better to wear them according to the makers’ advice.

Ian Flay and Karen Muscat may be Australia’s biggest cannabis importers. They have five tonnes of the stuff lying around in bolts at their Clifton Hill factory in inner Melbourne.

The pair became cannabis dealers two years ago when they were unemployed in Adelaide. He was a jeweller, she a clothes designer. Flay hit on the idea of making jeans and T-shirts from hemp, and together they started the Slaam clothing company and shifted to Melbourne.

They went after the street wear market – those baggy, daggy clothes worn be skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders, and just about everyone else under thirty. It’s a cult that somehow has filtered into mainstream fashion. Oversized shorts and T-shirts worn as casual clothes by business people are a street wear crossover in the same way that fluoro garments walked off the beach and into the boardroom a few seasons back.

It is difficult to be different in Australia’s rag trade but Slaam’s cannabis gambit seems to have scored. According to Flay, word-of-mouth and some judicious advertising in the youth media and on FM stations has seen Slaam struggle to keep up with orders.

“Street life is hard on clothes,” he says. “For centuries before they turned their backs on it, humans knew hemp was the toughest natural fibre.” We’ve not only got the toughest material, but the street credibility that goes with [cannabis] being a prohibited substance.”

However, hemp still has the power to confuse. Flay and Muscat can import the fibre from China by the tonne, but Slaam has encountered difficulties trying to register a serrated-edged cannabis sativa leaf as a trademark because the Industrial Property Organisation deems it an illegal substance.

Similarly, Tasmania’s Hemp for Paper consortium has had problems importing cannabis seeds to plant a secret, but government-sanctioned, crop outside Hobart a year ago, due to zealously imposed seed quarantine regulations. “It was finally sorted out,” says consortium spokeswoman Patsy Harmsen, “but it could have been avoided. People, politcians and public servants seemed afraid it would give Tasmania a bad name.”

The potential for drug abuse ensures that Tasmania’s poppy industry – whereby flowers are grown to produce heroin for pharmaceutical purposes – is even more carefully regulated than that other example of Australian agrarian socialism, the sugar industry.

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Stringent regulations govern the growing of cannabis in Australia; plants used here for paper production or imported for clothing materials are high in fibre but low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the mind-altering active ingredient that gives hemp a bad name.

“The material is made from the fibrous stalks, not the leaves or the flowers,” Flay says. “If you smoked a pair of jeans you’d just feel sick, not high.”

Hemp only went out of fashion prior to World War II. For thousands of years before Hitler it was a staple, with myriad applications in the making of ship sails, rope, cloth, and medicine. The marijuana legalisation lobby claims fell into disrepute after the invention of nylon in the 1930s. It says that in order to push nylon as a wonderful new product, powerful American interests conducted a disinformation campaign against hemp, to the extent of producing that kitsch film classic Reefer Madness.

Australia, apparently, did not need to be told. It banned hemp in the 1920s, following England’s lead after London discovered that colonial exiles tended not to work after smoking hemp.

The latest push to use cannabis in paper production came out of Tasmanian conservationist fears about forest destruction. But Flay, while espousing its environmental value as a low-impact crop, says Australia is stupidly missing out on billions of dollars by not jumping on the band-wagon. He says it is grown for paper in France, Holland and Britain, and used for fibre in China, Hungary and what used to be the Soviet Union.

“Italy is producing seeds where the fibre content is higher and better strains are being sold around the world,” he says. “Those people are no fools. They know how superior hemp is as a fibre. It’s absorbent, won’t stretch, is UV-resistant, better for the environment, produces three times more fibre than cotton per hectare and four times more pulp than woodchipping.

“The industry could be worth $10 billion a year here in four years if the government would just take notice.”

Meanwhile if hemp does take off, Flay and Muscat have the licence to market textile derivatives in Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, the UK, France and Germany.