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Doc’s Apothecary

Pure, potent cannabis goods for medical and recreational users. We’re proud to be the best dispensary in Denver!


For a potent cannabis experience, check out our resins, waxes, shatters, and more!


Top-shelf bud from our quality growers, available in varying flavor profiles and strains.

All the accessories you need to elevate your lifestyle and smoking habits.


Our pre-rolls are convenient and expertly prepared, in a variety of strains.

Products You Can Trust

Step inside our boutique-style dispensary and explore our great selection of cannabis goods. Our décor offers a modern take on the old apothecary, offering a large variety of quality, marijuana products including bud, edibles, concentrates, drinks, tinctures, topicals, and much more.

The experienced master grower and our entire team at our marijuana dispensary in Denver work hard to ensure we consistently produce premium cannabis products, with exceptional quality and flavor. We oversee the production of our top-shelf recreational and medical marijuana in Denver from seed to sale, allowing us to offer more affordable prices to our patients and customers across the board.

The budtenders at Doc’s Apothecary are committed to serving our medical and recreational customers with quality cannabis, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

And Much More Available

Edibles, Extracts, Flower, Gear, Pre-Rolls, Tinctures, Topicals, Vapes, CBD Products, and more. Check out our whole store now.

Elevate Your Lifestyle With Us

Owned and operated locally, Doc’s Apothecary is passionate about living a healthy, happy life with the help of Mother Nature. Our commitment to wellness shines through in everything we do and all the cannabis products we offer in Denver.

Whether you are searching for natural relief from stress, aches and soreness, sleep troubles, or something else, we invite you to come visit us. We’ve got just what the doctor ordered! We’ll take our time to help you find the perfect cannabis products for your life and wellness goals. We’ve got tinctures, topicals, edibles, smokables, and much more to choose from at our cannabis dispensary in Denver.

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New to the world of cannabis? We’ve got tons of great resources for you! Are you a seasoned user looking for your new favorite Denver dispensary? Come down and say hello! No matter your needs or experience level, we will serve you with a smile.

13 Best Dispensaries in Colorado Where You’ll Get the Dankest Buds

Weed’s been legal in Colorado for the last 4-plus years — with certain restrictions, that is. It became one of the first states — along with Washington — to legalize the drug recreationally, leading others to follow suit over the years. Since then, shops have popped up all over Colorado, offering customers a variety of types of cannabis, concentrates, and edibles for every need. If you find yourself in the Centennial State, check out these amazing bud dispensaries that’ll leave you wanting to come back and visit again.

1. Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Location: Denver, Colorado

Two blocks from Coors Field, Ballpark Holistic Dispensary offers a wide variety of cannabis, concentrates, and edibles. Among their 46 flower strains, their most popular is the “Denver Maple.” It was a top finalist in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup.

2. Highland Health

Location: Trinidad, Colorado

Once you have the Canyon Lands Infused Chocolate Bar from Blue Kudu, you’ll be stopping at Highland Health regularly. The low prices on Highland Health’s bud and concentrates have everyone heading to Trinidad. The educated staff promotes the medicinal and healing side of the cannabis plant and is very helpful.

3. Infinite Wellness Center

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Producing all their own flowers, the Infinite Wellness Center really does have infinite options. They have their own new concentrate for recreational purposes, called Flux by Infinite, and they also have over 150 edibles, various topical products, and strain selections all made with top-quality pot. Plus, they were voted by budget dispensary in 2017 by Leafly List.

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4. Lightshade

Location: Federal Heights, Lowry, and Cherry Creek, Colorado

The marijuana at Lightshade has some of the highest THC levels in Colorado, making them one of the more high-end dispensaries in the state. They have different locations all over Denver and Aurora. However, their Holly St. location has one of their growing facilities on site that you can see from the waiting lobby. You’ll be able to rely on the staff to help you find the right weed, because the menu is pretty extensive. Once you try any of the products from Lightshade, you’ll notice the difference in quality.

5. The Joint

Location: Denver, Colorado

As a popular shop in Denver, The Joint keeps customers coming back for their great bud prices. Their most popular, the voodoo strain, will leave you energized and uplifted all day long after one hit.

6. Altitude

Location: Denver, Aurora, Colorado

During your first visit to Altitude, you’ll want to join the Frequent Flower Miles program. It offers exclusive perks like double-points days. Besides that, the staff and quality of products are top notch.

7. Kind Love

Location: Hilltop, Colorado

Cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and more. The main focus at Kind Love is medical marijuana patients. However, the “budtenders” will be sure to give each customer a consultation, making sure they walk out with the bud that’s right for them. Kind Love has a great loyalty program where you can earn discounts and accumulate points, too.

8. Simply Pure

Location: Denver, Colorado

Simply Pure has a wide variety of edibles that are all 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free. They pride themselves on coming up with healthier alternatives to other edibles on the market. They have a full staff of professional certified chefs, making sure all their products are consistent and delicious. In 2018, they were awarded the Grow-Off Best Flavor Champions.

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9. L’Eagle

Location: Denver, Colorado

Focusing on the smoothness and flavor of the weed, L’Eagle uses a long-curing process that allows the cannabis flower to completely dry and slowly oxidize. All of their products are free of toxic pesticides thanks to their high standard in cultivation practices.

10. Botanico

Location: River North Arts District, Denver, Colorado

You’ll get a nice bang for your buck at Botanico. The quality of all the cannabis is excellent, and for the price, you can’t go wrong. In addition to the great prices, they also have monthlong special deals.

11. The Green Solution

Family-owned and here to serve all your marijuana needs, the Green Solution has won over 50 awards for their quality flower, concentrates, and edibles. They make it easy for you with their online reservation system. You can even order online and pick up at any of their 17 locations.

12. The Lodge Cannabis

Location: Denver, Colorado

You’ll find a lot of CBD and THCA products to choose from at The Lodge. The incredibly helpful staff will help you find the right products you need from the growing selection. They even have some amazing deals, especially if it’s your birthday.

13. Maggie’s Farm

Last but certainly not least, Maggie’s Farm provides sun-grown, hand-trimmed, slow-cured, spring-watered cannabis that’ll have you going back for more. They have seven locations across Colorado, all with amazing “budtenders” who will help you find the dankest bud.