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Rocket Seeds

One of the many things that Canada is known for is its approach to legal cannabis. This has led to the establishment of many marijuana seed banks across Canada. One of the most well known seed banks that is located in this area is Rocket Seeds.

As many people know, Rocket Seeds is one of the premium and trustworthy cannabis retailers that customers may order from. From worldwide shipping to reliable customer support, they have all the makings of an excellent marijuana seed bank. Now, let us take a closer look to what Rock Seeds has to offer.

History and Overview:

Unlike many cannabis seed banks out there, Rocket Seeds is primarily a retailer of top class marijuana seeds. This company was established specifically for representing various seed banks and selling their seeds in order to increase the reputation of both Rocket Seeds and its clients. One major difference of Rocket Seeds from other seed banks is that it does not develop its own unique weed strains. Although they do have proper storage and maintenance for various marijuana strains, they do not offer their own kinds of seeds.

Additionally, Rocket Seeds also operates primarily from the Internet. This makes them an online based marijuana shop as opposed to a company with physical stores. This makes them ideal for foreign customers who wish to purchase marijuana seeds from Canada.

Top Seeds and Products:

Rocket Seeds is known to represent only the best and most reputable seed banks both in Canada and in the world. The marijuana seed banks that Rocket Seeds represents are Crop King Seeds, Beaver Seeds, Blimburn, Sonoma Seeds, SunWest Genetics, and Mary Jane’s Garden. What’s great about this seed bank is that is has an extremely wide variety of marijuana seeds in its inventory. This gives customers a chance to shop for some of the best marijuana seeds that are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Here are some of the best-selling marijuana strains in Rocket Seeds:

  • Grand Daddy Purple by Blimburn Seeds
  • Café Racer by Blimburn Seeds
  • Gorilla Glue #4 by Blimburn Seeds
  • White Widow by Crop King Seeds
  • Acapulco Gold by Sonoma Seeds
  • Cali OG Kush Haze by Crop King Seeds
  • Bruce Banner #3 by Blimburn Seeds
  • Gelato by Crop King Seeds
  • Master Kush by SunWest Genetics
  • Strawberry Cough by Sonoma Seeds
  • Purple Kush by SunWest Genetics
  • Blackberry by Beaver Seeds
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These are just some of the many famous strains that Rocket Seeds has to offer. In addition to these premium marijuana strains, they have weed seeds that fit the needs of any users. They categorize their seeds based on what customers may be looking for. Feminized, autoflowering, THC, and CBD based marijuana strain are all grouped together to make the shopping experience more convenient.

Customer Services:

Much like other marijuana seed banks, Rocket Seeds offers many ways for customers to express their concerns to the company. They one of the few marijuana seed banks that offers a Live Website Chat which allows real-time communication between the customer and a customer service representative. Rocket Seeds makes it a priority to address any questions that customers may have which is why they have a team on standby ready to answer anything that customers may ask.

Aside from this, they also put up their phone numbers and email addresses for customers to access during their shopping. These contact details may also be used to receive regular updates about packages that you may have already ordered.

Delivery Options:

Rocket Seeds takes pride in being a marijuana seed bank that offers shipping to international customers. It makes them a more viable option for people who are located in areas where there are little to no physical weed dispensaries. Additionally, the type of package that the weed seeds come in depends on the customer’s location. Canadian customers are presented with unique packages. Their weed seeds are placed into an airtight container that keeps the freshness and smell in. This makes sure that no air enters the packaging that may cause molds and deterioration of weed seed quality. Additionally, packages are placed into discreet shipments. This means that the weed seeds are sent together with various items such as ball pens, toys, clothing, and other random things to lessen the suspicion of shipping out weed seeds.

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Rocket Seeds gives customers a choice of Regular Shipping (1 to 2 weeks) or Express Shipping (2 days to 1 week). Express Shipping comes with Tracking Numbers and Guaranteed Delivery.

Rocket Seeds Review: Conclusion

Although Rocket Seeds is more of a marijuana seed retailer than anything else, they do an excellent job of providing some of the best and most potent marijuana seeds out there. With a reputation to protect, they make sure that each product that leaves their establishment, is of the highest quality. It is a great marijuana seed bank that has anything that cannabis growers might need. Although their payment options are quite limited, they make up for it by guaranteeing safe and secure shipments to all around the world.