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marijuana seed shops in south africa

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

It is legal to grow your own weed in South Africa, and the climate is perfect for it as well. While South Africans wait for the necessary laws to be put in place by September 2020 that will guide how much you can grow, many people are taking the opportunity to experiment already.

Unfortunately, the industry is still very new in South Africa, so finding reliable suppliers of cannabis seeds with an easy checkout process is still limited.

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Top Pick: Cannabis Seed

Cannabis Seed is my top pick, because it has a decent variety of seed, a low delivery cost and easy payment options. Trophy Seeds was voted Seed Bank of the Year in 2018, but only has EFT as a payment option. While Bilton & Budz has a much larger variety, delivery is more expensive and payment options are limited to EFT . On the other hand, Cape Ape Seeds has a much more limited variety and only has EFT as a payment option, but offers free delivery.

With a wide variety of feminized seed from Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seed and white label seed for any budget, Cannabis Seed is my top pick for online cannabis seed shops in the country. Seeds are shipped from Johannesburg, South Africa, with delivery within 3 days to major centers at R99 per order. Payment can be made by EFT or card.

African Smoke

African Smoke stocks about 40 varieties of seeds from Compound Genetics, Ethos Genetics, Sensible Seeds and Dutch Passion, as well as other products related to marijuana. Payment can be made with PayPal (all major cards) or EFT .

Biltong & Budz

Biltong & Budz is a popular South African online cannabis seeds store, listing over 1000 products in its seed category, but only 500 are in stock, indicating that you may not be able to find something you ordered again the next time you’d like to order. Payment is made by EFT , and orders are shipped at a fee of R120 for Postnet to Postnet or Courier for under 3kg, or couriered at R300 for orders over 3kg.

CannaSmiths Marijuana Seed Shop

CannaSmiths Marijuana Seed Shop has a good variety of cannabis seeds, as well as growing equipment. A standard shipping fee of approximately R150 is added to orders (presumably by weight of order) and payments can only be made by EFT .

Cape Ape Seeds

Cape Ape Seeds has a small selection of cannabis seeds, but offers free courier delivery on all orders. Payments are made by EFT , with proof of payment to be e-mailed to Cape Ape Seeds before the order will be dispatched.

Jilly Bean and Agent Orange are regular seeds, while other seeds in the selection, including Cheese, Orange Kush and Wedding Cake, are feminized.

Daggafontein Genetics

Daggafontein Genetics is different from the other online shops listed here. There are only four strains: Buffalo Cheese, Diesoline, Candy IV and Gardener’s Delight, and the cannabis seeds are all regular. Daggafontein will refund or replace your seed if less than 50% of them turn out to be female.

Delivery options are Postnet to Postnet at R100, or courier at R130, with free delivery for orders over R1000.

Dank Mountain

Dank Mountain stocks nearly 20 varieties of seed from Ethos and DNA Genetics. A flat shipping rate of R100 applies, and payments can only be made by e-Wallet.

Ganja Seeds South Africa

Ganja Seeds South Africa has a limited variety of cannabis seeds, possibly because the shop is still new. Shipping costs R170 and payment can only be made by EFT .

Green Smoke Room Seeds

Green Smoke Room Seeds has more than 50 items listed in its South African stock section, which includes AK-47, White Widow, Super Cheese and many other regulars. Shipping costs in South Africa (when ordering South African stock) are just over R100, and EFT is the only payment method available.

Marijuana SA

Marijuana SA (MSA ) is based in Stellenbosch and looks like a group of entrepreneurial students. The site boasts a YouTube channel that is updated weekly and aims to be a supplier for all needs to grow your own cannabis.

Transport costs are added at checkout and is between R100 (economy) and R120 (overnight courier), with payment by card or bank transfer.

There’s not a wide variety of cannabis seeds available, but Durban Poison caught my eye, and they also have auto-flowering regulars such as Girl Scout Cookies and Northern Lights.

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(You can earn a R50 credit by signing up for their newsletter.)

Marijuana Seeds SA

Marijuana Seeds SA stocks Nirvana seeds, with a selection just over 45 feminized and auto-flowering variants which includes AK48, White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies.

Orders are shipped by courier at R150 per order, with payment by EFT and proof of payment to be e-mailed.

Pachamama Seeds South Africa

Pachamama Seeds South Africa has a very limited variety of seeds. A flat shipping rate of R100 applies, but there is also an option to collect the seeds in Philipi, Western Cape. Payment can be made by EFT or cash deposit.

Sacred Seeds

Sacred Seeds has more than 150 listed products from reputable suppliers such as Dutch Passion, Seedsman and Barney’s Farm, among others. Delivery through Postnet costs R100, Courier R250, and Courier to Farms R500. Payments can only made through EFT .

Smoking Gun Seed Company

Smoking Gun Seed Company lists just over 100 products in their seed catalogue, but doesn’t supply much information on their website, other than that there is a transport fee of R150 added to orders. Payment is by EFT only.

Trophy Seeds

Trophy Seeds has a large selection of seed, including Red Diesel, White Widow, Cheese and Durban Poison. Seeds are shipped at R100 per order through Postnet to Postnet, and payment is by transfer into Trophy Seed’s bank account, with the order number as reference.

Trophy Seeds was voted #1 Seed Bank of the year in 2018 by the Cannabis Club South Africa.

South African Suppliers Alphabetical Comparison Table

Shop Cannabis Seed Catalogue (Approximate) Delivery Cost Payment Method
African Smoke 40 R110.00 EFT / PayPal
Biltong & Budz (Best Variety) 500 R120.00+ EFT
Cannabis Seed (Top Pick) 80 R99.00 EFT / Card
CannaSmiths Marijuana Seed Shop 230 R150.00 EFT
Cape Ape Seeds (Free Delivery) 15 Free EFT
Daggafontein Genetics 4 R100.00+ EFT / Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash / Etherium / Litecoin / USDC
Dank Mountain 20 R100.00 e-Wallet
Ganja Seeds South Africa 15 R170.00 EFT
Green Smoke Room Seeds 50 R100.00 EFT
Marijuana SA 20 R100.00+ EFT / Card
Marijuana Seeds SA 45 R150.00 EFT
Pachamama Seeds South Africa 14 R100.00 / Collect EFT
Sacred Seeds 150 R100.00+ EFT
Smoking Gun Seed Company 100 R150.00 EFT
Trophy Seeds (Seedbank of the Year 2018) 130 R100.00 EFT

International Suppliers

The South African online shops listed here make it easier to get cannabis seeds without being concerned about customs possibly delaying delivery, but there may be instances where you may want to order from international seed banks.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

With over 100 strains ranging across auto-flowering, feminized and regular, everybody is sure to find something they like in the selection. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds ship for free to South Africa from Amsterdam, with a delivery guarantee: if you don’t receive your seeds, they’re confiscated by customs or get crushed during transport, they will be replaced free of charge. Payment options include Bitcoin, Cash, Bank Transfer and Debit/Credit Card.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds have 40 cannabis seed strains available, which range cross auto-flowering, feminized and regular. They ship worldwide from Vancouver, Canada, with a $30 shipping fee to South Africa, but higher-priced shipping options with insurance are available. Payment can be made with Bitcoin or Debit/Credit Card.

Marijuana Seeds NL

Marijuana Seeds NL has just over 200 cannabis seed strains available with 62 regular, 111 feminized and 29 auto-flowering, as well as 38 high-CBD strains. They offer free worldwide shipping from the UK (no, not the Netherlands) on orders over £55, or shipping from £5.95 on lower value orders. Payment options include Bitcoin, Debit/Credit Card, International Bank Transfer or Cash.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

With 135 cannabis seed strains available, Quebec Cannabis Seeds in Vancouver, Canada, has some interesting strains, such as Grapefruit Cheese and Black Gold. Payment options include Debit/Credit card, with delivery at $10 added on checkout for worldwide orders.

Where Do You Prefer to Buy Your Cannabis Seeds in South Africa?

It is entirely possible that I may have missed some online cannabis seed shops in South Africa while compiling this list, or that information may have changed since publication. If your preferred shop is not on the list, please let me know in the comments. I’d also appreciate your feedback on your experience with the shops listed here.

If you’d like to find out more about marijuana in South Africa, have a look at 420 SA and Cannabis Club South Africa.

Welcome to Mandala Seeds

It’s harvest time. Thank’s Mandala for this genetics.

Это были большие однородные растение с мощными нижними ветками,. огромные широкие веерные листья, диаметр при корневого ствола был 5 см. Семена проросли стремительно просто на глазах, поразила энергия роста без приложенных усилий с моей стороны вес цикл. Некоторые за цвели довольно рано были более поздние фенотипы которые медленно переходят на цвет. По эффекту энергичный общительный . В боксе вегетация должна быть короткой , или методом море зелени. Клонируются без проблем и потерь. Кто раскроет весь потенциал останется доволен и в плане урожая включительно. Стоит потраченного времени.

(It was a large uniform plant with powerful lower branches, huge wide fan leaves, the diameter at the root trunk was 5 cm. The seeds sprouted rapidly just before my eyes, the energy of growth without any effort on my part was astounding. Some bloomed quite early, there were later phenotypes which slowly took on colour. The effect is energetic and sociable . In pots the grow time should be short, or a sea of green method . Clones are cloned without any problems or losses. Whoever unleashes its full potential will be delighted, including in terms of yield. Worth the time invested.)
Translated by Mandala Seeds

Ordered Satori and Sadhu in 2007. Chose Mandala Seeds because of their ethics and the fact that their site was not only very grower helpful and informative but actually had the correct information on proper seed starting etc., which is something a professional horticulturist always looks for! Satori and it’s progeny that I bred from those 1st 10 seeds rocked everybody’s world in an amazing way! Also I’d never seen such speed in germination and wondered what kind of pixie dust magic they sprinkled on those Satori seeds! I kid you not, I kept a detailed journal, and one of those 10 seed germinated and pushed through the soil with its cotyledons open to the light in less than 24 hours. I have never seen a batch of seed so desperate to grow and thrive in my 45+ years in horticulture! Due to unforeseen circumstances most of that breeding and genetics were lost and I decided to once again dive into Mike & Jasmin’s wonderful genetics, as that first $79 order had served me so well over these many years! Y’all are the Best bar none!

Egal welche Sorte ich hatte. Sie haben eine der Besten Genetiken und Sorten auf dem Markt. Die leckerste Minz-Sorte, die ich jemals hatte, war Chill-Om. Immer ein Grow wert.
Die Menschen dahinter sind auch sehr liebevoll und lösungsorientiert.
Immer wieder gerne.
Danke ❤️

Замечательная обратная связь, общение на русском! Приятно иметь дело)

Satori and Hashberry arrived today. Grew Satori many years ago probably more than a decade back. We enjoyed it for several grows. Easy to clone and keep going. Looking forward to trying the Hashberry soon too. Plus, more freebies than I expected! Aloha!

Been growing for over 30 years and for the first 12 years I struggled to find a stable strain from numerous orders from many other seed banks. I came across Mandala seeds in 2005 and purchased Satori, the best decision I ever made! The strain was very stable and easy to grow with high yields via Sea of Green Method. Over the years I’ve also tried Hashberry and Krystalica which also gave amazing results and with never having one turn Hermaphrodite. If you want the best you are in the right place!

Been growing 8 Miles High for 10 years! Got f2s..3s..4s. I always pick the same pheno but it just gets better.. Very LOUD minty fresh tickle the nose. .. Nothing compares. Straight to the head..pep in the step. Feel good positive vibe, heavenly bliss! Mandala Seeds is #1 in my book.

Como de costumbre, todo ha llegado super rápido y con regalos extra ! Semillas gratis y unos inciensos que huelen muy bien ! Muchas a todo el equipo de Mandala ! Haré otra reseña después del verano sobre la Green Mountain Grape, lo estoy deseando!

Exactly what we expected from the description. Nice work

When it comes to good sativa highs, the Satori is a strain which I can highly recommend. Very good up high combined with a extraordinary yield makes this a fantastic strain. It is in the same league like Kali Mist from Serious Seeds, altough Satori is less stable than Kali Mist. Satori phenos range from a more broad leaved sturdy indica type with a hybrid high up to a more narrow leaved and taller sativa type known as the spear pheno. While the other phenos are good weed, it is absolutely worth to search for the spear pheno to get the exceptional up high. They are all heavy producers.

In total I grew 4 packs of Satori over the years and I got the spear pheno 4 times, so it is a bit rare. Once I even got a triploid Satori, with 3 leaves and 3 sidebranches instead of two, which is one of the rarest phenos one can get. Unfortunately it did not have the special high.

For the sativa lover, Satori is a must.

I have been a programmer for many years and like to program with marijuana – it helps not to be distracted, to be focused on work, relieves fatigue. of the strains I have tried for this purpose (Satori, 8 Miles High, Beyond the Brain, Chill-OM, Kalichakra) – Chill-OM is my favorite. My algorithms are getting better and more creative.
Many thanks to Mandala for functional strains: my favorites for work, rest, and sleep!

Without a doubt one of most remarkable strains I’ve ever tried!! In my top 3 of all time!! The high is unique in the fact your mind feels crystal clear but really stoned at the same time, you have to try to see what I mean!! Very high yeilding plant too, highly recommended.

Cannabis Seeds South Africa

Welcome to Cannabis Seeds SA. South Africa’s premium marijuana seed bank.

Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis, Ganja or Dagga, it doesn’t matter what you call it.

We have the best cannabis seeds available to buy online in South Africa.
We also offer a variety of secure payment options with fast, discreet shipping nationwide.

We offer top quality genetics and marijuana seeds of the highest calibre.
All our seeds are backed by our 90% Germination Guarantee*.

If you would like to produce your own Feminized Cannabis Pollen from your favourite strains then head over to the DIY page and grab yourself a bottle of SEX REVERSAL spray by Dizzy Buddha Genetics.

Premium Seeds Grow Better

FEATURED Cannabis Seeds

We use discreet shipping methods with trusted courier services making sure your package gets delivered to your door hassle free and on time.

We accept payments from any South African bank account with OZOW, the most trusted payment gateway available in South Africa today. OZOW is easy to use, instant and extremely secure.

We also accept cryptocurrency at Cannabis Seeds SA.
Some of the cryptocurrencies that are accepted:

Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Tron (TRX) Litecoin (LTC) USDC (USDC)

About Cannabis Seeds SA

Cannabis Seeds SA was formed by a group of like-minded, passionate, and knowledgeable growers.
The catalyst that started it all was the day we received 2 very large orders of marijuana seeds from 2 different South African seed banks.
These 2 large orders naturally cost us quite a chunk of money.
Upon receiving our pricey orders we were more than underwhelmed by the look of each of the seeds.
They were small, pale, and underdeveloped. We felt robbed, to say the least.

A few days later we began germinating the seeds using tried and tested methods of germination that until then had never let us down.
On average only 20-30% of the seeds popped (germinated) and we were left feeling even more upset about the large amount of money we had just thrown down the drain.

Ever since then we have invested a lot of time and energy into procuring cannabis seeds of the highest calibre for the South African market and all the cannabis enthusiasts within it.

Unlike many other local seed banks, all of our cannabis seeds are fully matured and are produced using only the finest genetics.
You will never receive small, pale or immature seeds from us, that is a promise.
That’s why we’re able to offer you our 90% Germination Guarantee on all cannabis seed purchases, because we know and trust the quality of our cannabis seeds.

We have a great passion for genetics.
This along with a team that possesses over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience, allows us to bring to you some of the best cannabis seeds available in South Africa.
Our variety may be limited at the moment but you can trust that there will be new strains available each and every month.

So we ask you to ‘grow’ with us and develop long lasting connections so that together we can enjoy the fruits of our labour and break the stigma surrounding cannabis in our country.

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