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Buy Feminized Stardawg Cannabis Seeds Birmingham

Our customers come from Birmingham and all over the UK. If you are looking to buy our number 1 selling Stardawg seeds, you will not be disappointed. Kandy Seeds Stardawg has somewhat become extremely popular in Birmingham and across the UK. If you are looking to buy Feminized Stardawg Cannabis Seeds in Birmingham you will struggle to find them as most seedbanks based in Birmingham only stock the Autoflower version which is simply not the same. Kandy Seeds UK sell the Feminized Version that you are more than likely searching for. If you live in Birmingham and want to buy high quality Stardawg cannabis seeds take a look at our original Stardawg seeds now.

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Kandy Seeds Stardawg Seeds Supplier UK

Disclaimer: CBD products are not medicines and can not diagnose, treat or cure diseases. Always consult your own doctor before starting a new dietary program.

Our seeds are produced in our facility in Spain by a team of experts with over 100 years cannabis cultivation experience between them. Collectively during the last 8 years they have produced some of the best strains of cannabis available.

European Re-Launch, New Strains & Updates

2021 has been challenging to say the least, the introduction of the Brexit bill has been nothing short of a nightmare scenario for seeds distributors based within Britain, our orders of seeds are being confiscated by customs despite them being completely compliant and legal…this is no less than an attack on our trade. To add to the nightmare scenario I also lost my most recent banking partner of over 4 years at the start of July, again no word given for why they decided to kick me out. Only recently I have established a new UK bank account but no trading of seeds can be done through that account, only smoking accessories which leaves me still in a difficult situation with no UK based bank able to offer their services. However there are options which for now can be used and I am about to test the waters and place a new order for seeds, the first since June, and priority strains on that list are Banana Kush, Blackberry Rocks, Chunky Pineapple, Wedding Cake and new to ‘The Cali Collection’….Glookies.


BSB Genetics however is continuing to go from strength to strength despite these unprecedented times and we are proud to announce that we are now once again being distributed across Europe from our wholesale distribution partner ‘Basil Bush Spain’. There have been around 5 months of background work to make this happen and it is a truly unique opportunity which see’s BSB Genetics as the only UK seed bank who’s entire collection of genetics is available outside of the UK….it’s a true honour to have been offered this opportunity and I grabbed it quickly with both hands and have put in the time and effort to see it come to reality. Brexit cannot hold us back!


Due to the re-modelling of the business to suit the UK banking scene I have launched a brand new business specialising in smoking products which are available to the public from wholesale cost. The shop will soon carry the new name ‘Stoney Mill LTD’, and our seeds will continue to be available as always from in store. But do check out our accessories collection as you will not find these prices matched in the UK, certainly not beaten, and we are carrying a large selection and stock holding of glass bongs, acrylic bongs, smoking pipes, digital scales, smoking trays & boxes, grinders, blunts, RAW papers etc etc, all from trade cost to you


Once solutions are in place to ensure the smooth banking and running of the business I plan to have a brand new website professionally built from the ground up to represent the entire BSB Genetics, The Cali Collection and Eazy Seeds collections. I cannot promise an online payment option just yet but that hopefully will be incorporated if I can first establish with a new banking partner accepting of my trade.


As mentioned above ‘Glookies’ (GG#4 x GSC) will soon be entering ‘The Cali Collection’ range (£38.99 for 5 or £64.99 for 10 fem seeds) and we have some other exciting new releases to announce once we have the seeds in stock including a fast finishing version of a legendary strain which took the world by storm 10 years ago!


The following name changes are being applied to these ‘The Cali Collection’ strains: Cali Dream is now Blueberry Dream / Cali Wreck is now Train Wreck / Cali Cherry Pie is now Cherry Pie / Cali OG Kush is now OG Kush / Cali Cookies is now Girl Scout Cookies / Cali Crack is now Green Crack / Cali Sherbet is now Sunset Sherbet. These name changes are immediately in effect for European distribution and will be following on in the UK shortly as older packets sell out and newer seeds on the new packaging replace them.


I’ll be adding the details of these to the ‘Bulk Offers’ menu here and the price drops will also be advertised in store, but not available for European distribution, only directly from our Birmingham based store. Letting go of our slower selling varieties allows for us to bring on board new and exciting strains and will also allow our customers the opportunity to get these strains for rock bottom prices while remaining stocks last. The current strains I’ve definitely decided are getting the axe are BSB Cheddar #1, Blue Cheddar #1, Cali SFV OG, and Lemon Garlic OG. But keep your eyes peeled on the ‘Bulk Offers’ page above as more will be added.

Onwards and upwards and a big thank you to everyone who has supported BSB throughout the years, we owe it to you



We are proud to announce that we have brought to the UK market “the happy strain”….Five Alive. She is a powerful 85% sativa known for elevating you into a place of serenity and euphoria with bags of flavour and terps.


Also entering our collection is Purple Berry Punch, a heavy hitting and sedative purple variety with very high levels of THC and excellent medicinal properties tasting of berries & grapes.

AUTO BANANA SPLIT (not pictured)

And new to our auto collection is the sweet & tropical tasting Auto Banana Split, our Banana Kush crossed with a highly resinous Auto White Widow to offer you a high indica girl with cerebral effects followed by a calming and relaxing stone.

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And finally she’s back, Blackberry Rocks, after 9 months out, our monstrous THC powerhouse has returned and is already selling fast due to sustained demand throughout 2021 from the lucky few who got their hands on her last year….so be sure to get in quick! She can hit 33% THC in just 8-9 weeks of flower with heavy yields of rock like indica strong buds tasting of blueberries and blackberries with notes of parma violet.

Positive Times Ahead – New Strains now in!

Hi all, it feels great to finally be bringing some positive news after such a horrific year, so here goes…

As many people will be aware Brexit has pretty much destroyed a large proportion of the UK seeds industry due to customs now refusing to allow cannabis seeds into or out of the UK.
This has meant our overseas distributor Zamnesia have seen stock levels of our seeds dry up, however that’s set to change and BSB Genetics is about to take Europe by storm.
Until the new system is officially up and running in the coming weeks I won’t give away the ins and outs, but I can confirm that overseas wholesale distribution will very soon be up and running from Spain allowing European customers to purchase BSB seeds more easily than ever before.

I am proud to announce that we have now added 3 new strains to our catalogue, they are as follows:

Five Alive (Bubblegum X Orange Juice X Grape Pie) – 5 seeds £42.99 / 10 seeds £74.99
Purple Berry Punch (Purple Kush x Star Killer) – 5 seeds £42.99 / 10 seeds £74.99
Auto Banana Split (Auto Banana Kush x WW) – 5 seeds £34.99 / 10 seeds £59.99

These strains will soon be added to the site here, they are currently being prepared for packaging.

Blackberry Rocks also arrived back in stock today after our first batch sold out rapidly in around November last year. Demand has been huge ever since so we are hyped to again be able to get this variety back in stock and are hoping supplies will now be consistent.
5 seeds £42.99 / 10 seeds £74.99

The following strains are available in store to clear at buy 1 get 1 free on all available pack sizes:

Blue Cheddar #1 (Blue Cheese) – 5+5 (10 seeds) £28.99 / 10+10 (20 seeds) £49.99
BSB Cheddar #1 (’89 Exodus Cheese) – 5+5 (10 seeds) £28.99 / 10+10 (20 seeds) £49.99
Power Plant – 5+5 (10 seeds) £28.99 / 10+10 (20 seeds) £49.99Cali SFV OG – 5+5 (10 seeds) £28.99 / 10+10 (20 seeds) £49.99
Gorilla Glue #4 (very limited stocks) – 5+5 (10 seeds) £34.99 / 10+10 (20 seeds) £59.99

We are excited to again be attending Product Earth and will be running a large 25% discount off our seeds for the weekend.
Please follow this link to see more:
This is a great chance for us to get back out on the road and meet more people, we hope to see you there.

For further information on any of the above please call us 10:00 – 5:00, monday till saturday on 0121 604 0040. Lee & Jon.
Alternatively follow us on Instagram @bsb_genetics where you can message directly to my phone – Lee.

Stocks running out due to Brexit & updates

Firstly we hope you all enjoyed a fantastic 420, the weather certainly played it’s part for us and after missing out on what should have been a month long celebration in 2020 we really hope you all got to have a great time with your favourite strain in hand

We are back open 10 till 5, monday till saturday, 0121 604 0040
(see full contact / address details above in the “Contact Us” section in the menu)

So as many of you will know by now Brexit has brought with it nothing but problems for the seeds trade, essentially ending the supply of seeds into Britain. This is having devastating effects no doubt for everyone involved in the seeds trade as well as for end consumers who can no longer simply pop in to their local seeds supplier and pick up their favourite strains due to stocks drying up.
Nobody can give us any advice on what will happen next or if it will, but we cannot simply give up on our chosen trade and call it a day, we will find a way, and I personally don’t know how to quit, so regardless of this mess BSB Genetics will continue to grow and prosper, that is my promise.

This is simply a process put in place under Brexit laws which means all plant products coming into Britain must first be inspected by an official authorised body for pests and diseases. Once cleared the consignments carry with them the required certification paperwork so that they are allowed to cross over our border.
All well and good, if your importing tomato seeds! Part of this process requires that all plant products within the consignments being imported must be clearly labelled on the outside of the parcel. What this allows is for customs to easily sniff out and identify all hemp / cannabis related goods so they can ensure we don’t receive them.
Is this legal? Well who can we complain to?
Our breeder has over the last 6 weeks attempted 3 times to get another parcel of seeds over to us (9000 seeds we have already paid for) using FedEx. First they sent a batch of 1000 free hemp seeds complete with the certification paperwork and they arrived the very next day. Excellent, so I gave to go ahead to release the main order. But 3 times FedEx have returned the parcel to our breeder. The first attempt made it into Britain before being returned. The 2nd attempt never made it past Charles De Gaule (France) and the 3rd attempt never even made it out of Barcelona.
But we won’t quit trying.

Some good news. On April 1st (I’m not fooling you) we received a batch of seeds we initially ordered from our breeder on December 16th! UPS had held onto the consignment since receiving it in January and we honestly believe someone in their warehouse slipped up as those seeds should never have arrived with us, but somehow they did. Germination tests were completed with excellent results in sub-standard conditions so the seeds are now on sale.
The strains just re-stocked are: Banana Kush, The Runtz, Mimosa, Gorilla Glue #4, Bruce Banner #3, Strawberry Banana & Stardawg, so currently we are well stocked on these strains, how long for only remains to be seen.

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Unfortunately we are running low on some varieties and essentially out of stock of the following: Auto Strawberry Milkshake (70 seeds left), LSD Ultra (call us), Wedding Cake (call us) & Skywalker Cookies.
A complete stock check has been completed this week and we now know the above strains and a couple of others will not be available for wholesale distribution for the foreseeable future, so if you see them ‘in stock’ anywhere online grab them fast.

If you visit our store don’t forget to check out our clearance seeds section just on the right as you walk in. We have many leading name brands on half price such as Barney’s Farm, Sweet Seeds, Greenhouse Seeds, Dutch Passion, DNA Genetics, Paradise Seeds, Nirvana, Serious Seeds and many many more.
These are older stocks to clear as we no longer stock other breeders seeds.

Any enquiries please message me on Instagram to BSB Genetics or e-mail me to [email protected]

Cheers, Lee & Jon


As many people have noticed we have had to keep our store closed throughout this current lockdown after a direct threat from West Midlands police & Birmingham City Council. Crazy situation of a threat while the shop wasn’t even open!

So here’s what you can do to get your hands on our seeds throughout this and no doubt more upcoming lockdowns:

In the menu top of this page you will find the section “How to Purchase”. In this section is a list of direct links to trusted online sellers who all carry our strains and will look after you well.

Please contact me directly through e-mail to [email protected] or through our ‘BSB Genetics’ page on Instagram and we can arrange a time for you to collect your purchases (minimum spend £50 for this service).

Brexit has unfortunately brought with it new rules on importing plant seeds into Britain, a new certification process is in effect which appears to threaten the existence of our trade. We are confident a way forwards will be found but we are still in the early days.
As it stands we have a batch of 9000 seeds ordered from our breeder on December 16th which are still being held by UPS who are refusing to deliver our seeds to us or return them to our breeder. For this reason we have recently ran low or out of stock of Banana Kush & Stardawg, but today we have received new stocks through a different channel, so supplies are now available again after a tough & stressful period.

Please be re-assured that BSB Genetics will continue to grow and flourish even through these uncertain times with Covid & Brexit hammering down on our trade. We still have the above methods available for trading with you and behind the scenes I am still working round the clock to keep on top of stock production and of course hunting for the next new varieties to add to our collection.

For any purchases or enquiries please get in touch with me direct.

Cheers, Lee Mallett
BSB Genetics

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: BSB Genetics

11:00 till 4:00 Through Lockdown

If you need us through lockdown we’ll be in the shop Monday to Saturday 11am till 4pm and you can call us there on 0121 604 0040.

Don’t Panic….we are open!

Our Shop Remains Open
We will still be on site to serve you throughout lockdown, just give us a call at the shop on 0121 604 0040 so we know you are on your way. Our shutters will be left half closed / half open, so just knock on the door when you arrive and we can serve you there.
Alternatively follow us on Instagram @bsb_genetics where you can message me (Lee) direct

New Seeds Just Arrived
A fresh batch of many of our top selling seeds has just arrived to ensure stocks will again last through lockdown and remain fresh as always. We are also well stocked for the wholesale side of our business to ensure your favourite online sellers don’t run out of our seeds.

We would like to introduce you to Midweek Song:
Here you can purchase seeds world wide with discreet shipping and they carry our complete range, so please go check them out (and keep an eye open for an upcoming BSB Genetics promo on their site)

Out Of Stock
We are currently out of stock of Blackberry Rocks and Super Nova OG and will update here once these strains are available again, we currently have no expected date on these strains unfortunately.

For any enquiries just give us a call on 0121 604 0040.

Cheers, Lee & Jon

6 New Strains now Live

After an immense effort we are proud to announce that our Six new strains are now live and ready to view right here in our BSB Genetics Feminised Seeds menu.
All 6 varieties are now also in the hands of multiple official test growers who will be running these strains live for you to follow on Instagram through @bsb_genetics with feedback and photography just in time for the launch of our BSB Genetics magazine issue #3 by around March 2021.

The new strains to check out are:


Our strains are all available to purchase online right now through any of these trusted sellers:

(Please contact us @ [email protected] to have your web link added here if you are selling our strains but not listed above)


The next project is to create a new menu here for the Eazy Seeds collection, a selection of strains known for being easy to grow, stress free and very rewarding and are also priced slightly below the BSB Genetics range. A great collection for those who like the old school classics, fast finishing cash croppers and stinky skunks.

This year, due entirely to Covid-19 lockdown, has been almost a complete write off for most businesses, many of them sadly could not survive the colossal impact of being forcibly closed down for so long and have ceased trading. So right now, over 3 months after lockdown measures were lifted, and those of us who survived could re-open our premises, we are still feeling the effects of lockdown with current trade not yet close to the levels we were experiencing prior to lockdown.
My business survived the lockdown period relatively unscathed as the retail premises I planned to open from around the end of March quite clearly could not happen after the March 23rd lockdown act came into force.
So the updates ‘so far’ for the next magazine issue will be based on winning 1st placed Best Seeds Bank on February 28th at the Hemp & CBD Expo, the opening of the new business premises and the launch of the 6 new BSB Genetics strains.
However I took the decision to not launch issue #3 this month due to the lack of foot fall and because we still have the majority of stocks of magazine issue #2 left to first hand out due to the business being closed for so long.

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Who would like the chance to purchase a very limited edition spooky halloween strain with top secret genetics and frightening potency for a bargain price?
For a bit of fun I am looking to launch a very limited halloween strain which will be limited until stocks either sell out or the last day of November, which ever comes first.
I ran a few halloween limited edition varieties a few years ago (Skeleton Jack, Corpse Kush, Critical Shock, Zombie Haze etc) and the response was fantastic so now I’m itching to do the same again.
Any unsold seeds will be donated at the end of the promotion to good causes through activists I already work with, so my goal will be to recoup my outlay and have fun at the same time while spreading some spooktacular cheer.

Cheers, Lee
BSB Genetics

Website Issue Fixed – We are back!

Firstly I would like to apologise to all who have been unable to easily source the details for my new strains here and to those also who are just adding BSB Genetics to their own catalogues who also could not get in here to retrieve the information you needed.
There was a technical issue with the website and the host, to get my website back online around a week ago, deleted what’s known as an ‘ecommerce plugin’ but forgot to tell me this would completely erase all my product pages, in short there would be no seeds for sale on here to view, just the ‘contact us’ and ‘blog’ pages as it has been for the last week.
However, far from being a technical wizard, today I have managed to find the route cause of the problem, update what’s known as a websites ‘PHP’ and that then allowed me to re-install the vital updated ‘ecommerce plugin’ and luckily still be able to retrieve all the historical data.
So in short my website is back!

I have today added Blackberry Rocks and The Runtz to the “BSB feminised” menu and still have 4 more strains to add which I’m working on and they will all be here asap, so please keep checking back if you require the photographs and information for each of those strains for your own websites or if you simply want to view them to decide which strain is right for you.

New Strains Now In & Website Issues

Firstly: Website Issues?

For reasoning beyond me this last couple of days I have had problems with my website. Initially the site went down due to a plug in error (technical issues). My web host disabled the plugin yesterday allowing the site to open. However the site is open again but now missing all product pages? I will be chasing this up.

I’m very used to being attacked by website hosts, banks, landlords etc for the crime of legally working within the canna world, so if this is another attempt to suppress me please rest assured it will, as have all others, fail!

New Strains – Exciting Times

Late August has seen the launch of no less than 7 new strains and our loyal customers have already gone nuts to get their hands on them.
Amongst them is the current most in demand Californian strain and 2 of the highest THC producing strains on the planet! They are:


Each Strain retails at £38.99 per 5 or £64.99 per 10 feminised seeds with Strawberry Banana and Do-Si-Dos coming in slightly cheaper at £34.99 per 5 or £59.99 per 10 feminised seeds.
These strains are set to launch online throughout our official distributors from September 1st with current stock levels very limited so be quick if interested.


BSB Genetics
896 Bristol Road South
B31 2NS

Tel: 0121 604 0040
Open 10:00 – 17:00
Monday to Saturday

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