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Marijuana Seed Licensing

Stoney Girl has several versions of licensing, from End User Agreements to Production and Development Licensing. Take a look at the list below to see what kind of licensing you need. Each type of licensing has a different level of requirements, some more strict than others. Take a look at our options and select a license that is right for you.

Why License?

Stoney Girl Gardens is interested in providing only top quality, guaranteed safe products to this new industry. In a time when it is difficult to know who you’re dealing with or where your medicine comes from, its good to know that Stoney Girl Gardens is there. Stoney Girl stands for Premium Quality, Medical Marijuana products designed for the Medical Patient that is Safe and Effective.

To insure this level of quality Stoney Girl Gardens is offering Verification through Licensing of our Associates and Partners. We are constantly battling fraud with our product name.


All Stoney Girl products and services are only available through Authorized Associates. We verify all of our suppliers, vendors, seeds and products to be original. This service allows you to quickly check and verify with us that your getting the original Stoney Girl product. Beware of Fraud!

Verification Hot Line 503-788-2349

Fraud Alerts

Stoney Girl Gardens does not advertise on Craig’s List or other similar sites. Recently we have seen our web site copied and ads placed on Craig’s list by cons and others who wish to take advantage of patients. If you see any such ads please contact us at the Fraud Alert Hotline below. We will immediately shut these type of cons down.

If you are in question as to authentication of our products or see questionable ads contact us.

Fraud Alert Hotline 503-788-2349

List of Licensing

End User License Agreement

Private Use of our Seeds, clones and Genetics – End User Licenses are on each package of our seeds and on each clone. Remember, we do not sell seeds, we offer licensing. To find out the entire agreement for using our seeds Read Here.

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Distributor License

Become an official Stoney Girl Gardens Distributor. Carry our line of products.

Production License

  • Production licenses come in two types; grow for us or start your own production company. Select one of the two from below.
  • Produce Medicine – Become an Authorized Stoney Girl Garden Producer for our clubs.
  • Clone Reproduction License – Make your clone factory. Find out how to make Authorized Stoney Girl Clones
  • Produce Seed Stock – We set you up and buy back seeds you grow.

Developer License

  • Developers licenses come in two types; grow for us or start your own breeding company. Select one of the two from below.
  • Grow for Stoney Girl Gardens – Become an actual Associate Stoney Girl Garden and help us create the next great strain. Join our team of developers.
  • Start your own – Grow your own next generation using our logo and strain information.

We assure quality and safety.

Here is what it is about:

Have you ever grown a Blueberry only to find out there was no blueberry in the plant after 90 days of work? Were you perhaps disappointed? Did this strain do the job you thought it was? This happens all the time.

Verification: We have a 24 hour line that you can call and ask if the plant or seed you’re getting is really our genetics. Yes we can verify that for you before you go through that growing session. You will know you have Berkeley Blues or Pit Bull.

USE: We want everyone to use our genetics as they are that much better. Our licensing is only for verification and to prevent pirating. The patient is encouraged to share as much as possible. Make those cuttings and get them out to all your friends. But once you start making knock-offs and selling seeds for profit it becomes another matter. Protecting the patient is what this is about.

As an example we had a wonderful group of patients in Fresno, CA that spent their life savings of $20,000 purchasing seeds from a fraud vendor with knock off product. They got no Stoney Girl Gardens genetics. This does not help the patient or us. We did not make a cent but we spent a lot chasing this guy off before he hurt anyone else.

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We just returned from Michigan where we were able to get our true genetics to the collectives and producers. After 3 years of buying knock offs from Craig’s list they now know what real Pit Bull is and have an authenticated copy to share with others. Up to that point it was somebody’s renamed Kush.

Many who think they are growing Pit Bull (or any of our other strains) may in fact not be if they don’t know where it came from. We see this on our tours continually. People like to show us their work but many times they have not been growing what they thought.

We urge you to work with us to protect the consumer, YOU!

Come visit our beautiful dispensary in Clackamas!

Click here to like us on FaceBook and stay tuned. We are committed to serving our Oregon cannabis community with the highest quality and most amazing medicine that is sure to fulfill all your OMMP needs!

Attend Cannabis Classes at Portlandsterdam!

We are proud to say we have 100% success with our students going home and being successful. In depth selection of seminars and training from industry professionals. Classes are held on weekends; visit the web site to register.

The New generation of cannabis for adult and medicinal use.

Here you have unique and original varieties of our own crop for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Very aromatic plants with fruity flavors. Good production with active effects as they are carriers of CBD.

If you want an easy and simple cultivation, look a little below what we have for you.

Reggae Seeds varieties

Featured varieties

African wax fabric earrings

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african fabrics wax

aluminium tinted hoops

African wax fabric earrings

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Bubba x MAC head banger

/Regular seeds

CBD Republik I

/Feminized seeds

Gelato x Kalijah

/Regular seeds

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/Regular seeds


Bass Line

Limited Edition: Grow_Lab

Limited Editions are our way of opening our culture laboratory to whoever you want.

Our purpose, our feeling

One more season here we are, with pleasure.

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