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Reading Time 8 minutes Fruity, spicy, wood, flowers … With the use of cannabis we can get as many flavors as you want at any time. Each plant from the marijuana seed has unique characteristics of taste, smell and cannabinoids . The … Leer más

Trichomes of the marijuana, what are they? function and color to know the point of maturation

Reading Time 7 minutes What is the best time to harvest this genetics? How do I have to cut my cannabis plants for the effect to be more cerebral? What do you have to look at to know the optimal time of harvest? … Leer más

Marijuana can also help overcome the pandemic Covid-19

Reading Time 5 minutes We knew that cannabis is one of the best medicines that the planet can provide, is very effective as a relaxant, analgesic, antidepressant, sedative, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, whet the appetite and now appears to help prevent or overcome diseases … Leer más

2022 Lunar calendar to grow marijuana

Reading Time 8 minutes How does the moon affect plants? The cultivation of plants, taking into account the moon is one of the basic principles of biodynamic agriculture, and in this post I’m going to give you all the keys so you … Leer más

Legalization of recreational cannabis in Germany

Reading Time 6 minutes The newly formed government coalition in Germany has approved the recreational use of marijuana for adults, making it the first major country in the European Union to legalize the production, sale and consumption of this plant. 2022 begins by … Leer más

2022 Calendar for outdoor marijuana growing in Europe

Reading Time 17 minutes ⭐ CALENDAR 2022 FOR OUTDOOR/NORTHERN EUROPEAN CROPS Tired of this climate so cold and desiring to grow marijuana in your garden? Old Europe is multicultural, tolerant and open-minded, but its climate is cold and even … Leer más

How to lower the PH in an easy, cheap or homemade way

Reading Time 5 minutes One of the first problems we face is how cannabis growers for self-consumption, is to reach an adequate PH for the irrigation water or the substrate in which our plants eat. But this will no longer be a … Leer más

How to dry marijuana and make a perfect curing

Reading Time 7 minutes We arrive at the harvest of the cannabis plants and we think that all the work is done, but in reality a very important part is missing. In this post we explain how to dry marijuana buds to … Leer más

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Table Top Crop, dosage, uses and instructions for use

Reading Time 10 minutes When does the Big One fertilizer start to be applied? What is the correct dose of Top Candy? If you have ever asked yourself these or other questions related to how to use Top Crop fertilizers, this is your … Leer más

Is medical or recreational marijuana legal in the state of Nebraska?

Reading Time 3 minutes No, at the moment Nebraska is one of the few states in the USA that still maintains a state ban on the use of cannabis . Since 1927 the same restrictive laws continue with this plant, and it does … Leer más

The phosphorus marijuana crops, deficiencies, excesses, and other problems

Reading Time 7 minutes The phosphorus (P) is one of the 3 macro indispensable elements in feeding the marijuanaplants,its importance is vital and when the plant can not assimilate properly because of deficiencies, excesses, or blockages of this nutrient, the most normal thing … Leer más

How to make marijuana cuttings easily

Reading Time 8 minutes Did you know that marijuana can be reproduced asexually? Did you know that you can multiply a gene as many times as you want? Even better, did you know that you can create identical clones of your favorite … Leer más

As it could not be otherwise, we decided to create this space to spread weekly relevant information about the plant that we are so passionate about. In this blog you will find guides to becoming a master grower, information on cannabis cultivars and products for growing, testimonials from people who use cannabis as medicine, recipes that will make you lick your fingers and enjoy cannabis in another way.

You will also find current articles that talk about the unstoppable legalization of marijuana in Spain, Europe and worldwide, in our marijuana blog you will know the current legal situation by countries.

If you are a beginner and want to know first-hand and without filters the best growing techniques you are lucky. Here, you will find tips and advices as well as a community ready to solve any doubt. Don’t be afraid to ask or tell us about your experience, we will be happy to help you and learn from your contributions.

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We’ve been growing marijuana for 20 years and we like to inform ourselves about the latest scientific advances, all this information in the form of simple advices we will share it with the community, as growing marijuana in indoor and outdoor spaces, when to grow marijuana in winter, how to save on the electric bill if you have an indoor crop, or advice you on how to get denser and more resinous buds. if you read the articles in our blog you won’t make the same mistakes that we made before. you’ll gain a lot of time and get to the point obtaining the best results.

Our video section about marijuana is the jewel of the crown. Our partner Javi gives us a funny and didactic vision of how to grow cannabis and not die trying. It’s endearing to watch his videos about marijuana, it will become your daily habit very soon.

PS: If you’re growing or smoking marijuana for the first time, take a look first and draw your own conclusions. All the information we publish is faithfully verified.

A blog about cannabis, hemp, seeds, growing and everything related that can be interesting for you.


You can catch up with the Team at the worlds biggest coffeeshop, The Prix d’Ami in Amsterdam for what is certain to be fantastic evening.

With GoodieBags, Giveaways, Product News, DabStation and much much more, it’s the one event you don’t want to miss!

Starts @ 8pm and finishes late.

You can check out The Amsterdam Smokers Club Instagram page for photos from our previous Amsterdam Smokers Club evenings and for details of our upcoming events.

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The Monsters Cup 2018 Awards.

The Monsters Cup 2018 Award Ceremony!

Only a true Monster can win!

March 10.

There are endless good times in Barcelona. If you’re in town be sure to stop by and say Hi to our friends at The Monsters Cup awards ceremony. Starting at 8pm @ Av Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 13

Nerd Creations brings you 8 separate categories and awards with 8 professional judges in attendance. There will be Live Music from Big Narstie and DJ Skrtchy, rounding off what has been a spectacular week of activities.

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The winners will receive The Monsters Cup Championship Ring!.

We at Devil’s Harvest Seeds are especially happy to show our gratitude to our friends and colleagues @nerdcreations @themonsterscup and @aranuaclub for their warm hospitality.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this yet another great occasion!

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Booth #13 at Spannabis 2018!

Our Partners for Spannabis 2018!

March 9-11.

We at Devil’s Harvest Seeds proudly announce our booth partners for Spannabis 2018!

This year we are joined at Booth #13 by cannabis innovators Dr Zodiak, MoonrocksOG, Honeycomb Extracts and DGS Botanicals. W ith such great and diverse company on board, we know we’re all set for an incredible 3 days!

Join us for another epic year at Spannabis, the expo that has taken cannabis events to the next level. It’s going to be non-stop giveaways, promos and parties so whatever else you do this March, get yourself along to Spannabis 2018 and come visit us at Booth #13!

Scroll through our blog for more details of our plans for Barcelona and Spannabis 2018.

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First Ever Rosin Competition!


March 4-11.

HQ Barcelona presents The Masters of Rosin . The first ever professional competition dedicated solely to rosin!

More than 10 professional judges will evaluate the entries for a total of 7 days . At the end of the week, one lucky winner is going to receive the “Golden Iron” worth 1000 EUROS!

HQ Barcelona will be joined by DNA Genetics, Frenchy Cannoli, The English Cut , Dabinator and many more for this fantastic occasion. In charge of analysis will be Fundación CANNA : Scientific research and Cannabis testing. Because we all have the right to know what we consume.

With a whole week of workshops and music, this is going to be the perfect introduction to those that are new to making rosin and a great occasion for those already in the know.

Be sure to stop by and enjoy the Vape Station and the Vapes ‘n’ Dabs Bar from Dabinator too!

Catch up with the HQ Team on their Instagram page for more event news or check the schedule for details.