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marijuana seed and starter kit united states of ameria

Growing Outdoors vs Indoors

Soil Reloads items can be ordered to restock your grow kit, increase yield, or upgrade your components ensuring years of successful growing cycles. We have 3-types of kits depending on your needs.



Grow Kit
Itemized List

Grow Kit Delivered

Competitors Prices

150-Watt HPS Grow Light Unit

Cali Hot Soil = 6lb (Super Soil)

FoxFarm Soil (12qts bag)

4 Adjustable Rope Clip Hanger

2 Germination Humidity Domes

2 Five Gallon Grow Fabric Pots

6″ Heavy Duty Clip-On Fan

4″ by 8 Feet Steel Ducting

4″ by 16 Feet Steel Ducting

4″ Steel Duct Clamps – 4 Clamps

4″ Duct Inline Fan with 4 Variable Speed Controller

4″ AirCarbon Filter Odor Control-Reversible Flange

Brahma Leather Gloves

24 Hour Grow Timer

6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

Indoor Humidity Monitor with Periscope Monitor

Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Scissors

2 Plant Saucers – 10″ Heavy Duty

Hydroponics Rapid Rooter (5-Count)

Fermenting Mason Jars – 16oz

Fermenting Mason Jars – 32oz


Step-by-Step Instruction Booklet

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Simply Amazing. I love how easy it is to set up. The instructional video is a must watch. It goes over every detail on how to set up your indoor growing kit.

Jane Telly Los Angeles

I got this as a present. At first, I didn’t know what to expect but within in weeks, my plants were budding beautifully. I definitely recommend this to anyone who ever wanted to try growing indoor themselves.

Kevin Lickumsten Portland

This is a great buy. I am having great results with low power consumption. The Harvest Kit was easy to setup it takes just over an hour or two.

Stephan Ryan Sacramento

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Home Grow: What Are The Basics?

Quality Merchandise

We aim to provide the highest quality growing products and knowledge while offering competitive, affordable prices to deliver the best possible growing solutions to our customers. Our Home Grow kits are designed by gardening experts to deliver maximum yield for many grow cycles to come. We are a California based, family run business that understands that the customer lives at the heart of everything we do; we love talking to our customers and our customer support team are available to offer growing advice 5-days per week: Monday – Friday 9:30a – 5:30p (PST).

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Save up to 65% Pricing Clarification

The way we substantiate our claim of up to 65% lower prices than retail hydroponic stores. We price matched our online product price of our Home Grow Kits with the prices of comparable products that are charged at local Hydroponic Stores in Los Angeles.

To quantify this, we generated our like-for-like chart (outlined on the home page) with comparable prices at our local hydroponic store – Sun West Hydroponic: 7327 Canoga Ave, CA 91304. We completed these priced match costs on 11.28.2019.

Marijuana seed and starter kit united states of ameria

We are proud to partner with Affirm to provide financing over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. 0% APR is available. See Shop Now for further details.

Do I need to purchase the Gardyn Sprout Nursery?

The Gardyn Sprout Nursery is the customized nursery we built so Gardyners can easily sprout new plant yCubes after they have added plant food to the Gardyn system. The ventilated dome top and specially designed insert were engineered to ensure the growing medium receives just the right amount of water and humidity to facilitate germination and keep growing sprouts healthy.

Can I customize the plants included in the Starter Kit?

The Starter Kit comes pre-packaged with an assortment of plants designed to give you a positive and diverse growing experience for the start of your Gardyn journey, and is not customizable. The Starter Kit includes 30 of our most popular leafy greens, herbs, and fruiting plants, including such staples as Butterhead lettuce, Thyme, Cherry Tomatoes, and Jalapeños. Gardyners have reported their pleasant surprise at discovering new favorites that they would not have been exposed to without the Starter Kit!

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Once you have activated your Gardyn and successfully paired it with your app, you can access and place your order for additional yCubes. When you activate a 30-Day Free Trial of our monthly membership, you will also immediately redeem 10 free yCubes to order. If there are any plant yCubes that came in the Starter Kit that you are not interested in growing, we recommend removing the seeds and replacing them with your own!

Can I purchase a membership with the Gardyn?

Yes you can! Bundling a membership with your Gardyn is a great way to save. You can also finance any of these plans via Affirm:

  • The Starter Kit (includes only the Gardyn Home Device)
  • One Year Harvest (includes a 1-year membership)
  • Two Year Harvest (includes a 2-year membership)
Do I have to buy the Gardyn app?

The Gardyn app is free to download! Once you have connected your Gardyn to your WiFi network, you will have the ability to read and adjust your Gardyn’s settings, including the automatic lighting and watering schedules using the app. While you do not need to purchase a membership to use the app, there are many benefits to purchasing membership. Learn more.

How much do the plant yCubes cost?

Members receive 10 yCube credits each month and may maintain a balance of up to 30 credits at a time. Members can take advantage of free shipping for any amount of yCubes in their balance, eligible for up to 30 yCubes. Members may place more than one order each month, but free shipping will only apply to one order per month in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. Orders in excess of your yCube credit balance will be charged at a discounted rate of $1.99 per yCube plus flat-rate shipping (vs $4.99 per yCube plus shipping for non-members).

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Where can I purchase plant yCubes?

Gardyners can purchase more plant yCubes directly through their Gardyn app once they have assembled their Gardyn and connected it to their WiFi network. If you are having difficulty connecting, reach out to Gardyn Support at [email protected]

Where can I buy plant food for the Gardyn?

Gardyners can purchase more plant food directly through their Gardyn app once they have assembled their Gardyn and connected it to their WiFi network. Gardyn members can redeem 1 package of plant food as part of their monthly subscription. Without membership, an 8 oz package of plant food is $4.99.

How can I find out about current promotions?

Sign up to receive email messages from us and we will send you information about any promotions we happen to be running!

Where can I purchase accessories for my Gardyn?

Accessories are available for purchase here.

Can I buy a Gardyn and ship it to a friend? How does it work with the subscription?

Yes, absolutely. That’s a marvelous present! Just enter your friend’s address as the shipping address. When your friend gets their Gardyn, they will be able to create an account from the Gardyn App and activate their membership to keep receiving plants (yCubes). Save your Order ID provided in your Order Confirmation email to give to them along with their Gardyn. They will need it later to activate their pre-paid membership in the Gardyn app.

Which plants come with the starter kit?

Your Gardyn includes our yCube welcome kit which is a variety of plants: Arugula, Basil, Breen, Butterhead, Cherry Tomatoes, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Green Mustard, Jalapeños, Kale, Matilda, Mint, Red Mustard, Rouge d’hiver, Sweet Peppers, Sweet Thai Basil, Tatsoi, Thyme and Watercress