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las vegas marijuana seeds

Reef Dispensaries

Reef Dispensaries provides a wide selection of quality cannabis at every price point in Nevada and Arizona. Southern Nevada residents and visitors can stop in at our Las Vegas Strip or North Las Vegas recreational/medical destinations, while those in Reno can shop our Sparks and Sun Valley recreational/medical locales. Arizona medical patients can attend our original Queen Creek and brand new Central Phoenix locations. Come experience Reef’s concierge customer service and curated product selection today. [Our Nevada locations accept out-of-state medical cards with government issued ID (from outside Nevada) or passport.]

It’s Not All About THC: Why Terpenes Matter

Far too often, people walk into a marijuana dispensary, approach the counter, and ask for the strain with the highest THC count. But what if we told you that there was much more to it than that? As we learn more about cannabis, many are looking more toward the terpene profile of select strains to…



At Reef Dispensaries, our core philosophy is to put people first, extending to both our customers and our team. Our mission is to inspire hope in a healthy community, enhancing everyday life through a wide variety of products for every level of patient. Our unprecedented, innovative cultivation and production facilities ensure consistent quality of flower and concentrates. We value knowledge, trust, respect and a sense of urgency.

Las Vegas Purple Animal Kush Feminised Seeds

Las Vegas Purple Animal Kush is a 60% indica strain that was produced from a cross of Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. It is a beautiful looking plant that produces dense purple/black buds. Therapeutically useful strain.

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Las Vegas Purple Animal Kush is not the most prodigious producer ever but it will still produce yields of about 400 gr/m 2 in 9 – 10 weeks of flowering indoors. When grow outdoors in the open air 600 gr. or more is possible from each plant with harvest time taking place during the month of September in the northern hemisphere.

The aroma is of a deep, musky smell with grape and spicy Kush notes underpinning it. THC production is 20% or higher with o.6% CBD. The effect is strong and long-lasting and offers a combination of a cerebral sensation from the sativa genetics along with the soporific body-high from the indica side. Therapeutically this is a great strain for relieving pain.