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kentucky marijuana seeds

Marijuana Seeds Kentucky

Cannabis is a highly lucrative venture with a lot of other wonderful perks. With the rise in weed legalization, it is slowly becoming a great form of investment. In this article, we will be talking about growing marijuana seeds in Kentucky.

Our focus is going to be on the bluegrass state. We will be discussing the processes necessary to acquire or purchase weed seeds. There are a couple of technicalities involved in growing cannabis seeds in Kentucky.

The first thing to note is that marijuana is not completely legal in Kentucky. However, there are loopholes that you can exploit to grow marijuana seeds in Kentucky.

Firstly, you must ensure that you do not exceed the growth of four plants. This is to reduce the chances of discovery and penalty. It also makes you deal on a low-key basis that won’t attract much attention.

Common Mistakes When Growing Cannabis

Beginners tend to have a difficult amount of time in the area of a new hobby or job. You would typically fail often until you have traversed the learning curve. Similarly, growing marijuana seeds in Kentucky can be initially frustrating.

It has a particularly steep learning curve, but this can be overcome with consistency. The trick is not to get discouraged, which is going to impede your learning. Here are some common mistakes beginners make, and here is how you can avoid them.

  • Poor quality starter seeds
  • Bragging or boasting
  • Uneven soil pH balance
  • Overwatering

Before you pick up your starter seeds, make sure they are of top quality. A poor weed seed will severely hamper the final product. Do not plant seeds from weeds that you manage to get hold of. Always buy premium seeds.

You may feel proud of your growing weed garden. Regardless, do not blab publicly to anyone about your cannabis farm. Information can get to the wrong person about your cannabis seeds in Kentucky. Discovery of your weed can lead to a hefty fine or jail time.

Be wary of the pH content of the soil before you secure your cannabis seeds. If you plant in a natural soil garden, make sure the pH range is between 6 and 7. However, if you are using hydroponics, consider between 5.5 and 6.5.

Kentucky cannabis seeds do not need excess watering. This can lead to waterlogging of the plant pot, which will block off oxygen. This effectively chokes the plant and results in poor seeds or even death.

Types of Marijuana Seeds in Kentucky

When growing marijuana seeds in Kentucky, you need to consider outdoor or indoor options. Certain weeds are best suited for the outdoors. Whereas, growing indoors works best for others.

There are four major seeds to procure in Kentucky. We will list and briefly discuss each one and note its main perks.

Feminized seeds:

They are great for indoors because they grow large and tall and can be easily noticed outside. They are a popular Kentucky cannabis seed option.

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Auto-flowering seeds:

They are perfect for outdoors because they blend easily with other plants. They are not easily detected because of their shrub-like appearance.

Regular seeds:

These work great for either indoor or outdoor. They are perfect for making hybrids and clones. Hence, you can easily customize your own strain from these.

Medicinal seeds:

These are a great purchase for people with health problems. Medicinal seeds help alleviate anxiety, nausea, loss of appetite, etc.

Growing marijuana seeds in Kentucky can be risky but highly rewarding. Make sure to adhere to the simple unwritten rules of possession. Deal under the radar to avoid unnecessary attention.

Ensure you have the right soil, pH level, and preparation before planting. Note the type of seed that is best suited for your pot.

We at Weed Seeds USA have been growing and cultivating weeds for ages here in Kentucky. We offer consultation services on how to prepare before you plant your weed. We also sell high-quality starters seeds that bloom wonderfully. Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy your seeds or purchase online: 1-844-807-1234.

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Kentucky’s soil, climate make it ideal for hemp comeback

MURRAY, Ky. — Call it a homecoming for hemp: Marijuana’s non-intoxicating cousin is undergoing a rebirth in a state at the forefront of efforts to reclaim it as a mainstream crop.

Researchers and farmers are producing the first legal hemp crop in generations in Kentucky, where hemp has turned into a political cause decades after it was banned by the federal government. Republican Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul advocate for it, as does state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, a Republican who is running for governor next year.

The comeback is strictly small-scale. Experimental hemp plots more closely resemble the size of large family gardens. Statewide plantings totaled about 15 acres from the Appalachian foothills in eastern Kentucky to the broad stretches of farmland in the far west, said Adam Watson, the Kentucky Agriculture Department’s hemp program coordinator.

The crop’s reintroduction was delayed in the spring when imported hemp seeds were detained by U.S. customs officials. The state’s Agriculture Department sued the federal government, but dropped the case Friday after reaching an agreement on importing the seeds into Kentucky. The seeds were released after federal drug officials approved a permit.

Since then, test plots have shown the crop to be hardy and fast-growing — and a potential moneymaker with a remarkable range of traditional uses, including clothing, mulch, hemp milk, cooking oil, soap and lotions.

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“What we’ve learned is it will grow well in Kentucky,” Comer said. “It yields a lot per acre, all the things that we predicted.”

At Murray State University in Murray, Ky., plants have sprouted to at least eight feet tall, turning a shade of green and yellow as they reach maturity. Harvest is approaching.

“It’s had a good growth period,” said Murray State agriculture dean Tony L. Brannon. “It appeared to tolerate the extremes in weather from extremely wet to extremely dry pretty well.”

Hemp’s roots in Kentucky date back to pioneer days, and the towering stalks were once a staple at many farms.

“We’ve got an excellent climate for it, excellent soils for it,” Watson said. “It’s a good fit for Kentucky producers. The ultimate question is going to come down to economics. Is there a market and can Kentucky capture that?”

Growing hemp without a federal permit was banned in 1970 due to its classification as a controlled substance related to marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are the same species, Cannabis sativa, but hemp has a negligible amount of THC, the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users a high.

Legal production of the crop had been dormant for so long that it was a virtual blank slate in modern Kentucky agriculture. Teams of researchers and farmers are studying which seed varieties and soil types are best suited and how much moisture and fertilizer are needed.

“There are a lot of unknowns,” Watson said. “It’s those sorts of answers that producers are going to need before they can turn it into an economically viable crop on their farms.”

For now, growing hemp is strictly limited. The federal farm bill enacted this year restricts hemp production to research projects designated by agriculture departments in states that allow the crop to be grown. But commercial uses are also emerging.

Fifteen states have removed barriers to hemp production, according to Vote Hemp, a group that advocates for the plant’s legal cultivation. Licensed growers were able to secure seeds in three states — Kentucky, Colorado and Vermont — the group said, but difficulties in obtaining seeds limited production. According to Eric Steenstra, president of Vote Hemp, the biggest obstacle was gaining approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration to import hemp seeds for planting.

In Vermont, about 12 farms registered to grow hemp, said Alison Kosakowski, a spokeswoman for the state’s Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets. The agency doesn’t know how many producers ended up planting a hemp crop.

The intentions were much bigger in Colorado. There were 56 registrations for commercial hemp production and 76 more for research and development, according to Ron Carleton, the state’s deputy agriculture commissioner.

Unavailability of seed probably kept “a fairly significant” number of applicants from getting hemp in the ground, he said. Some farmers able to produce a crop this year may harvest the seeds to grow next year’s crop, he said.

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In Kentucky, the crop is being studied by researchers at a half-dozen universities. Eastern Kentucky University researchers recently harvested their small hemp plot. Those plants reached seven feet tall.

“It seems to be fairly easy to grow,” said EKU agriculture professor Bruce Pratt. “The plants got established so quickly that they shaded out the weeds.”

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Cannabis seeds are sold to customers over the age of 18 and are sold strictly for souvenirs or storage purposes only. The cultivation and germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. We advise customers to check the laws in their country before ordering.