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k2 marijuana seeds

K2 marijuana seeds

Here you can find all info about K2 from Nirvana Seeds. If you are searching for information about K2 from Nirvana Seeds, check out our Basic Infos, Gallery, Degustation, Strain Reviews, Direct Comparisons, Shop-Finder and Price Comparison, Lineage / Genealogy, Hybrids / Crossbreeds, User Comments, Threads or Videos for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information – or list all K2 Strains (7) to find a different version. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

K2 is a mostly indica variety from Nirvana and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days ) . Nirvanas K2 is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Nirvanas K2 Description

K2 is a long-time reliable Dutch commercial strain because of it being a bit easier to cultivate than the white strains. K2 is a relatively compact plant forming tight buds. The smoke is strong and not too skunky. K2 loves sea of green and is a great choice for indoor growing in a limited space. Yields can be very promising.

K2 – STRAIN – 12 Cannabis Seeds

K2 Strain is a relatively compact plant with compact buds, related to White Widow. Flowers are white with THC and produce a large yield.

K2 is a long time reliable commercial strain in Holland because of it being a bit easier to cultivate than the “white” strains. Great choice for indoor growing in limited space employing hydro or other indoor systems.

K2 produces a spacey high which comes on quick

All K2 seeds dispatched by are not pre-packed by machine and sold off the shelf. All our orders are individually counted and selected by hand then sent by first class post in crush-proof tubes and plain packaging, ensuring that you will not get any crushed seeds. We are the only company to do this.

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3-8 days delivery.

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Will gently roll the seeds between her thumb and finger to feel for quality.

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They are very quick, very careful and very happy to complete your order.

Our Cannabis Seeds for Sale are Organic

Here at Cannabis Seeds Buy our way is to grow ORGANICALLY with no added amino acids. The seeds for our dispensary grow naturally and we do not use any forced lighting, increases the chances of you getting a good yield. Also you can be sure that the final product is going to be free from chemicals and full of natural flavour.

We have a passion for constantly improving in the way that mother nature intended and find it best to do this by simply letting the plants do what they should and with the right breeding, will do. Cannabis Seeds Buy understands that it takes time and patience, something that our ancestors took for granted. Each crop would have a percentage of the plants carefully pollinated so that reproduction could take place. Seeds from plants that showed desirable traits were used for the next crop which is not far from the method used today by all breeders. The way the strain is introduced to a new trait is the only difference, traditional breeding or Genetic Engineering!

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All our cannabis seeds at Cannabis Seeds Buy, are visually checked by hand for cracks or any imperfections, ensuring great quality and consistency of growth and are individually counted and selected by hand with Worldwide delivery.

All Cannabis Seeds Buy ” Seeds ” are sent by express post in crush-proof tubes and plain packaging.

K2 marijuana seeds

K2 feminized seeds are a typical Dutch delight for everyone who loves a strong taste with an easy relaxed feeling built up from an energetic high.

The effect you get is a lovely high feeling combined with a comfortable numbness. This plant is easy to cultivate because of its strong characteristics, growing her is a joy due to the delicious buds she grows.
K2 is very suitable for growing indoors and even with limited space she’ll do very well.
Although it is a Sativa kind K2 grows surprisingly compact with beautiful firm tight cola’s covered with crystals.
After you experience the promising yield you can be assured this kind of plant will not let you down.
The effect from smoking the K2 is a mixture between feeling stoned and being high with a nice over-all body buzz.

This seed gets its name after the second highest peak in the mountains of Himalayas. The Indica and Sativa marijuana hybrid is known for its heavy yield. With a very attractively short period of flowering, this strain is immensely popular with both commercial and underground growers.

The best method for growing K2 feminized seeds is Sea of Garden as it has given outstanding resultstime and again. Indoor growers prefer K2 more than outdoor growers and the reason behind this is its compact structure along with weighty and tight buds that K2 produces.

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The structure of these plants is such that they don’t take much of space while growing, making them perfectly suitable for indoor growing. That said, these seeds also give great results on the outdoors in which they grow into chunky bushes that are shaped like pine trees. But, they need warm summers for thriving outdoors!

Comfortable numbness and subtle high is what you get after medicating on K2. Being one of the plants that are easy to grow, growers always enjoy their time with K2 as they don’t have to go through the hardship of heavy maintenance that most other cannabis seeds demand; not to mention as the end result are delicious buds the excitement and motivation continues throughout the growing season.

They grow with tight colas that are firmly covered with crystals. The promising yield that it gives for the first time will only convince you to grow more of these again and again. It gives a nice full body high and the effect is a mixture of being high and feeling stoned. The acrid, sweet and potent smoke also gives you a hint of Skunk.