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is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds online in australia

Australian legal guide for buying cannabis seeds in 2021

In recent years, Australia has experienced significant medical cannabis laws changes due to the growing push to legalise recreational cannabis. However, still, cannabis use and possession for non-medical purposes are illegal in most parts of Australia. On January 31st, 2020, ACT legalised recreational cannabis, the first-ever Australian Jurisdiction to do so.

If you’re curious to uncover more about this update in legislation regarding buying cannabis seeds in Australia and selling and growing weed in the country, you have come to the right place. This guide will assist you as a reference for the people travelling or living in Australia as a resident. The cannabis laws are changing throughout the world; therefore it is always good to check local laws for the update to ensure that you are buying your marijuana seeds and processing, growing and using weed safely and legally.

The Australian Parliament has passed legislation approving medical marijuana use by people with severe and chronic health ailments. It also approved the growing of cannabis for experimental purposes. It’s an essential step towards allowing mandatory cannabis research. Australia is deemed as an ideal place to grow medical marijuana on a large scale. Here you will find optimal growing conditions, such as humid climate, warm temperatures and agricultural requirements, but extensive licensing is required to grow cannabis.

This old act is amended to allow cannabis to be grown for the manufacturing medicinal weed products in the country. In the year 2020, use, production, manufacturing and distribution of medical marijuana are legal at the federal level. Under the new regulations, patients who have a valid prescription can easily use and possess medical cannabis grown in Australia. On January 31st, 2020 the act was the first state to legalise the cultivation, possession and use of recreational marijuana up to 50 grams of dried weed per person and limit two plants per person. This change in the status of medical and recreational marijuana has a positive impact on the Australian Economy and the quality of patients' lives.

If you’re thinking of buying marijuana seeds, processing it or use in any way, always remember to check specific laws where you travel or reside to avoid criminal penalties. You can buy marijuana seeds in Australia 2021 from a reputed online seed bank. Australian Seed Bank is one of Australia’s legit seed bank with domestic shipping facility. This seed bank uses discrete shipping method for customers with privacy needs. So order your favourite strain like rainbow kush plant, Alaskan thunder seeds or synthetic weed online in Australia from the Australian Seedbank’s website, and your local postie will deliver your package without any delay.

A Guide To Buying Cannabis Seeds In Australia

Changes in Australian Cannabis Laws

The cannabis regulations in Australia have seen significant adjustments in the last several years. The urge for recreational cannabis legalisation in 2020 was higher than ever. On January 31, 2020, recreational cannabis became legal. The Australian capital, Canberra, was the first to make this decision. If you’re planning a trip anywhere in the world, make sure to check for any changes in local regulations governing the purchase, possession, and growing of marijuana seeds. As of 2021, the finest online sites in for buying marijuana seeds in Australia are:

Australia has placed restrictions on all cannabis activities including purchasing cannabis seeds since 1924. During the 1970s, legalizing marijuana to use recreationally was proposed for the first time. Despite support from the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Drugs in New South Wales in 1978, decriminalizing marijuana was opposed. The belief of the Australian Royal Commission in 1979 was this conflicted with the United Nation’s Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Despite this, the system in Australia concerning drug offenses is not severe.

More recently, efforts were made by the Greens party for the legalization of recreational marijuana. As the minister of health, Greg Hunt was opposed to these efforts. By January of 2020, recreational cannabis became legal in Canberra. Australian residents above the age of 18 can legally take possession of a maximum of 50 grams of dry marijuana. Each person can legally grow two plants. The maximum number of plants per household is four. According to the initial proposal, six plants could be grown per person for recreational use.

The taxes accrued from marijuana sales will fund treatment programs and drug education. The most frequently used drug in Australia is cannabis. The usage rate in the country is one of the highest anywhere in the world. Despite marijuana being legal in certain territories, cannabis remains illegal on the federal level. According to new laws, marijuana usage will be reviewed in three years.

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Can Medical Cannabis be Used Legally in Australia?

Legislation was passed by the Australian parliament on February 24th of 2016 legalizing medical marijuana for individuals with severe or chronic health issues. Cannabis could also be grown legally for scientific purposes. Cannabis research was finally possible. Due to the agricultural requirements, humid climate and warm temperatures, Australia is ideal for growing large amounts of medical cannabis. To grow marijuana legally, extensive licensing is necessary. In 1967, the Narcotic Drug Act enabled marijuana to be grown for medicinal products.

By 2020, using, producing, distributing and manufacturing medical cannabis was legalized at the federal level with some stipulations. Only patients in possession of valid prescriptions can possess and use medical marijuana grown in the country. The marijuana must receive approval according to the Therapeutic Good Act, while remaining compliant with the laws of the territory and state. Cannabis products are tracked through a national regulator for the government to help prevent criminal activity. The changes resulted from the death of 25-year-old Daniel Haslam from bowel cancer.

Daniel advocated in New South Walkes for the legalization of medical marijuana. In 2014, he gained national exposure. Medical marijuana offered him relief from the lack of appetite and nausea resulting from chemotherapy. In February of 2015, he passed away. This was when his mother established the United in Compassion group with the intention of petitioning to make medical marijuana legal. The first Australian state legalizing medical cannabis was the Victorian government. This occurred in 2016 due to the Victorian Access to Medical Cannabis Act.

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According to the act, all products had to be made in Victoria, with restricted patient groups and limited access. The restrictions regarding patient group eligibility were lifted in 2018. Despite the strict New South Wales laws for marijuana criminalization, in 2016, physicians were able to begin prescribing medical cannabis. The slowness of the process was substantially improved in 2018.

The Legislation for Cannabis Seeds Australia

Purchasing marijuana seeds for medical issues were restricted by Australian prohibitions and laws for a long period of time. No changes were made regarding smoking or cultivating marijuana until January of 2020. This was when growing cannabis for recreational use became legal. Each household can legally grow four plants, or each individual two. Distributing this marijuana remains illegal with consequences. Marijuana is still a Schedule 9 drug and illegal for any individual not within the Australian Capital Territories.

Marijuana laws have different penalties depending on the territory and state. The most relaxed state is South Australia. Marijuana decriminalization laws were passed in 1987. Purchasing marijuana seeds to grow one plant in South Australia results in a $520 to $150 fine the individual must pay within 60 days. ACT or Australian Capital Territory is fairly lenient regarding possession of cannabis. Minor offenses have been decriminalized, but penalties remained for the possession of small amounts of cannabis until January of 2020.

Offenders in the Northern Territories in the past with two plants could receive a fine of $200 with 28 days to pay. The fine was decreased to $100, and the payment period increased to 60 days due to ACT. Australians are offered an option to paying the fine by attending a program for drug assessment and treatment. Due to the variations in the law throughout all of the territories and states in Australia, the best option is to conduct research.

This will ensure the individual is aware of all potential repercussions and fines for purchasing marijuana seeds online from an Australian seed bank. The laws for gardening recreational marijuana in different parts of Australia are not the same.

The 2020 Guide for legally Purchasing Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Both individuals traveling to Australia and residents of the country need to be aware recreational cannabis is currently illegal on the federal level. Cannabis seeds can still be purchased online in Australia through reputable sources. Two of the best Australian online seed banks are:

ILGM Seed bank: ILGM offers extremely high-quality Australian cannabis seeds. The seeds offered are some of the very best available. The company passes the savings directly to its customers. ILGM offers numerous payment options including cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, credit and debit cards, money orders, bank transfers and cash.

According to the federal government, purchasing, using or selling marijuana or marijuana seeds is still illegal for any individual who is caught. This includes all Australians not in Canberra as of January of 2020. Researching local laws to determine the possible repercussions is recommended.

The Specifics of Australian Laws Regarding Marijuana

The reason growing and possessing recreational marijuana in certain parts of Australia became legal in January of 2020 is due to the persistent efforts of numerous groups and citizens determined to change marijuana laws. The most notable is Australia’s capital, Canberra. The criminal implications for possession and sales of marijuana remain dependent on the territory and state. Residents of South Australia have the most lenient penalties anywhere in Australia. The charges for possessing a maximum of 20 grams of hash, 100 grams of dry weed, or owning smoking paraphernalia are the same.

According to ACT, the penalty for the possession of 25 grams of marijuana for recreational use was a fine of $100. Payment had to be made within a period of 60 days. As of January of 2020, ACT considers the use of recreational marijuana legal. Individuals in the Northern Territory in possession of 10 grams of hash or marijuana seeds or 60 grams of cannabis will be fined $200. This payment must be made within a period of 28 days. The penalty for possessing a maximum of 15 grams of marijuana in New South Wales is much more lenient.

The individual will receive two warnings from authorities before a criminal penalty is issued. In Queensland, the possession of 50 grams of marijuana is considered a minor offense. Participating in a drug assessment program is the penalty. Parts of the country set up a diversion program to deal with the underlying causes of issues with drugs. Offenders receive encouragement to be responsible for all issues related to drugs. The strictest penalty in the entire country is in Western Australia. The penalty is harsh for individuals caught by the police with 10 grams of cannabis.

The individual either receives a sentence of two years in jail or a $2,000 fine. If the individual is caught with less than 10 grams, drug counseling is mandatory according to the CIR or Cannabis Intervention Requirement. The penalty for being caught possessing a maximum of 50 grams of marijuana in Victoria is a warning. The warning limit is two. The penalty in Tasmania is similar, but the individual may receive three warnings within a period of 10 years.

Australian Cannabis Culture

According to the Australian Drug Foundation, approximately 39 percent of Australians above the age of 14 have admitted they have tried marijuana at least once. Roughly 18 percent of these individuals have used marijuana within the last 12 months. The most common age these individuals tried marijuana or started smoking regularly was 17. A Roy Morgan poll took place one year prior to the legalization of medical cannabis in 2015. The results showed the majority of Australians wanted medical marijuana to be legalized.

About 91 percent of Australians voted to legalize marijuana for patients with chronic illnesses including epilepsy and cancer. Growing cannabis seeds in Australia usually begins in October. The spring season then begins within a few weeks. This is when cannabis plants are placed outdoors. The harvest generally starts in March, concluding in May for areas with seasonal changes in temperature. Marijuana seeds can be grown in the milder areas of the country outdoors throughout the year. Growers can potentially provide four harvests every year.

Unfortunately, outdoor marijuana crops can be impacted by issues including the intense sun. The plants may be unable to cope with the scorching heat. If the marijuana buds are affected by mold, the harvest is ruined. The good news is the soil and climate conditions in the country offer the ideal environment for growing cannabis for experienced professionals in the field.

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Purchasing Cannabis Seeds Australia

Even with the new laws taking effect in January of 2020, purchasing marijuana seeds in Australia with the intention of using or selling recreational marijuana remains illegal according to federal law. The exception is Canberra, the capital of Australia. As of January 31st of 2020, recreational marijuana is legal. Each person can legally possess a maximum of two plants and 50 grams of dry marijuana. If any individual is caught growing, distributing or possessing marijuana with the intention of reselling, it is considered illegal.

The individual will be punished by the law. The penalty for engaging in any of the above activities is dependant on the territory and state. There is a wide variation in the current laws. The status of medical cannabis in the country substantially changed in 2016. The result was a positive impact on both the patient’s quality of life and the Australian economy. To avoid the potential for criminal penalties, any individual traveling to or living in Australia should be familiar with the current laws. The laws encompass purchasing or using cannabis seeds in any way.

Buying Marijuana Seeds in Australia 2021 – Online Ordering

What makes cannabis in Australia different? Well, surely the fact that nearly a third of the population over the age of 21 has consumed marijuana at least once in their lives. And that number only accounts for the people who reported in, so there are many more cannabis users.

This will cover the history of cannabis use and agriculture, the legality of marijuana, Cannabis Culture, and lastly the best online seedbanks for those in Australia. Having knowledge about Cannabis in your country or a country you are considering to move to can not only be helpful but also very interesting! Australian history is rich and exciting and throwing marijuana into the mix spices things up a bit. Now, let’s start off with the history of Cannabis use in Australia.

Best Online Seed Banks For Purchasing Marijuana Seeds in Australia 2021:

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History of Cannabis Use in Australia

The fight for legalizing marijuana started in the late 1700s when a man called, Sir Joseph Banks decided New South Wales would be the perfect place to grow marijuana. Sir Joseph Banks was a botanist who saw Australia as one giant marijuana farm. There is quite a bit of irony when thinking about it because Australia was colonized to house convicts, not cannabis farmers.

Before Australia was colonized, the indigenous people would use plant medicine with the marijuana that naturally grew there. The indigenous people were free-spirited and the Europeans that came were considered outlaws, so that combination made for a much more accepting cannabis culture! This era came to a close when the US started to fear marijuana and other drugs they didn’t yet understand. Their influence and also the influence of other countries seriously altered the view on marijuana.

During the 1920s, people around the world learned to fear the psychedelic effects of cannabis and other substances that affect the mind such as alcohol. So, prohibition started and the stigma against marijuana started when the 1925 Geneva Convention added cannabis to their list of drugs to ban which were opium and coca (plant cocaine is derived from.) Cannabis use had never been an issue in Australia…most Australians didn’t know what cannabis was until they were introduced to it through the 1925 Geneva Convention. This caused people to become curious about the effects of this newly criminalized drug, so by the time of the 1960s marijuana was widely used.

The next phase brought about by Prohibition was the high consumption of marijuana. By the 1970s, the stigma against marijuana was shifting. The United States and the United Kingdom had a lot of influence over Australia, so when President Jimmy Carter demanded that medical use of cannabis was to be decriminalized all over the states, Australia followed in suit. The laws have been improving ever since.

Legality of Cannabis in Australia

What does cannabis look like in Australia? Cannabis has always been one of those things that were really only enforced because it was a law. Many Australians are in support of personal freedoms that have been engraved into their culture, so a bit of marijuana wasn’t something to fuss about…for the most part. The laws against cannabis were present until recently.

During 2016, the laws regarding the use of medical marijuana were changed. After 2016, marijuana was allowed to be consumed and grown for only medical reasons and scientific purposes. This was a huge accomplishment and change in Australia, but that was only the beginning. By late 2019, the Australian Capital Territory decided that they would legalize the recreational use of marijuana, this meant that people could not be punished by prison in certain parts of the country including cities like Canberra. That being said, this law goes against the federal mandate that states cannabis is illegal.

The current laws in Australian Capital Territory regarding cannabis in Australia state that residents over the age of 18 are allowed to grow two plants per person or four per household at a time. They are also allowed to have up to 50 grams of dried marijuana or nearly 2 ounces. Although things have changed, people are still not allowed to supply drugs to others.

One of the drawbacks to Australia’s Cannabis Laws is that people cannot supply marijuana to others, buy from dispensaries, or use publicly. Even though marijuana is legal in some parts of Australia, such as Canberra. Honestly, Australia is on the right track, but this is only the beginning with the recreational use allowed at the end of January 2020.

Cannabis Culture in Australia

Australia is such a beautiful country that inhabits so many different cultures. As said previously, the people who are indigenous to Australia have been using plant medicine since the beginning of their time. Utilizing the natural environment has always been apart of the indigenous culture, so there have been many original strains of marijuana.

Aussies’ are known for their laid back and “go with the flow” view on certain issues. Marijuana is definitely one of those said issues. So, how does marijuana fit into Australian culture? Is it accepted? Let’s start with, “yes, it is accepted, but that acceptance is limited to behind closed doors.” Australians have been smoking marijuana since the beginning of their time and the native people did a very long time before that. This culture continued to grow and change Australia doesn’t have the weed culture of Amsterdam or the legal parts of the United States. It is harder to have a social weed culture when there aren’t many Weed Cafes like in Amsterdam or Dispensaries. Although that has been the case for many years, the culture is starting to develop into something more visible. Cannabis culture has always been there, but not everyone could see it.

The stigma has changed quite a bit due to the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana. According to the Australian Government, “Cannabis continues to be the world’s most widely used illicit drug, with an estimated annual prevalence of 3.8% of the adult population aged 15–64 years, or the equivalent of 188 million people (ranging between 164 to 219 million) having used cannabis at least once in 2017.”

Best Australian Seed banks and Purchasing Cannabis Seeds Online in Australia

Knowing all of that information about Australia’s Cannabis Culture and History sets us up for the best seedbanks online for Australians. We are going to evaluate each one of their reputation, seed selection, quality, customer service, and prices. Also, knowing that one of the only ways you’re legally allowed to get cannabis is from growing it yourself, so this knowledge is vital to ensure you get quality cannabis!

Seedsman Australia:

To be completely transparent, Seedsman is my favorite seed bank on this list. They have unmatched quality, extreme selection of cannabis seeds, easy to navigate the website, and quality customer service. Seedsman is one of the online seed banks that makes buying seeds so simple and they have built a website to help you along the way!

Seedsman has been around for about 17 years! During the nearly two decades of service and preservation, Seedsman has used this time to find, cultivate, and store the best cannabis seeds they can find internationally. Having an active role in marijuana reform and change, Seedsman is definitely an organization that Australian Cannabis Culture can get behind. If you’re looking for weed seeds in Australia, then check out Seedsman delivery to Australia!

Being one of the most well known and trusted seed banks in the world is a very big responsibility to carry on their shoulders, but Seedsman does it with elegance. Their customer service is built into their in-depth and interactive website. Customers like their product enough that they take the time to write reviews. Some of the reviews were, “E​xcellent service, they stand behind their product. Nothing but great experiences dealing with them,” “Quality seed, quality service also offer insurance on shipping which is great! Best online sees bank by far.” Not all of the reviews were perfect, but there was one thing that was rarely complained about…customer service! The difficulties had to do with shipping, which is to be expected when the whole world is shipping everything.

Seedsman’s selection and prices are truly amazing. Since Seedsman has spent the last 17 years searching for quality seeds, they have an extensive selection of very well priced seeds! White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Bubba Kush, and countless other favorites. So, if I want to get Amnesia Fast seeds from Seedsman, that will cost be £43.18 for 10 seeds. So, if you are looking for an easy to navigate website with good customer service and a wide variety of seeds, then Seedsman is for you!

Crop King Seeds:

Out of all of the websites so far, Crop King Seeds is the most vibrant. It’s bright colors and fun animations make the experience of buying marijuana seeds much more pleasant. The website still feels very professional and well done while also being friendly and laid back. Who is Crop King Seeds? Crop King Seeds have been in the seed industry since 2005. What makes them special is that this company started from have one employee to be a well-known marijuana seed company. Unlike Seedsman, Crop King Seeds grows and cultivates all of its own seeds. They pride themselves on quality and service over anything else. CKS is ready to talk to customers 24/7, so it is to be expected that you will have quality customer service.

When it comes to CKS’s actual seeds, they will blow you out of the park. Like most websites, Crop King Seeds allows you to choose from a few different categories to find the seeds of your choice whether it be autoflowering, feminized, regular, or CBD seeds. Their seeds are a bit pricier than the previously mentioned companies, but the years of perfecting the genetics and searching for the best strains might contribute to the steep price. So, their cheapest seeds roughly 5 seeds for $65.00.

Crop King Seeds made the list because of their quality. It would be perfect for you if you don’t mind spending a bit more money and have exceptional customer service.

Australian Seed Bank Review (

The Australian Seed Bank is a bank that has climate seed varieties. Due to the many types of climates in Australia, it is necessary to buy seeds that work for specific and varied environments (when growing outside.) There are countless scams and awful seeds on the internet targeting Australians because of their distance from other continents. Many amazing seedbanks, such as Royal Queen Seedbank, will deliver all over Europe, but not to Australia.

Although the Australian Seed Bank is one of the only legit seed banks in Australia, it doesn’t mean you should 100% use them. Overall they are a decent operation, but they don’t offer as high of quality seeds or even the amount of strains that other seed banks offer. For example, Seedsman has a collection of strains that is massively larger than

Further more, their customer service is a bit questionable. I’ve reached out to them a few times to get a few answers and it often takes them 2-5 days to even send me back an email, which is kinda lame. If you’re big into customer service I’d recommend going strictly with IloveGrowingMarijuana because they have the best customer service in the industry, and they also offer free shipping.

Final Thoughts on Buying Cannabis Seeds in Australia

In conclusion, there was Australia’s history with cannabis and also the Top 3 Cannabis Seed Banks that ship to Australia! I hope you end up finding the seeds and company you can stand behind!