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ILGM(I Love Growing Marijuana) Review 2021

While searching for online sites where you can buy cannabis seeds then most probably, you may already have visited I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM). In the list of the world’s finest quality marijuana seed sellers, ILGM has maintained its position among top seed sellers. Do you know why?

Their top-quality weed seeds produce the highest yield along with the guide that helps in growing any weed strain to maximum output with minimum efforts. It is also true that within a few years, this company has reached the sky!

ILGM started in the Netherlands and is now popular worldwide. The reason for the popularity of this seed selling company is the exceptional quality of weed seeds that it provides to its buyer along with the services which are far better than other novice stores.

Well, if you want to know every secret of ILGM then read along to know everything including, history, features, contact, and the quality of services this online store provides.

Let’s get started:

First Glance at the Website

Starting from scratch I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is a cannabis seed seller website that first started as a blog to provide a guide to the marijuana growers with the founder’s personal experience, which he was experienced in growing marijuana and all things related to it within more than 20 years. We will be covering the journey part of ILGM too later.

The first look of the website gives an impressive look, to be honest! You will not be bombarded with tons of buying seeds options just after opening the first page likewise many other seed stores. Dedicated to the beginner cultivators and marijuana enthusiasts to explore the weed, you will be rewarded with the ultimate growing guide on the top banner of the page, which you will love the most as a weed grower.

If you love things to be short and compact without compromising the information then ILGM has done that excellently. If you are visiting I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) intended with reading the pro growing guide then you can directly into the ocean of guides by tapping the button of grow forum. In contrast, if you want to dig out their seed stock then head to the seed bank directly with just one tap.

Apart from the simplest things, and attractive theme, you will be able to cover the latest marijuana journal, database of strains, guides, blogs, and many more things which are well-categorized and positioned at the right place to easily access.

Overall, the appearance of the site is attractive, eye-catchy, and greener, which you will love as a marijuana enthusiast. However, the ILGM team has maintained a well-catalog of information that is easy to access from their first page. For the sake of legitimacy, they didn’t have hidden their existence info too, you can simply find them under ‘about us’. ILGM seed bank has 9-point users rating on SeedFinder out of 10!

  1. Blogs – If you will love to read about marijuana and grow guide then you will love this feature of ILGM. They have thousands of blogs, journals, grow guides to read about the weed. The ultimate benefit of this will be to the growers with basic grow skills.
  2. Strain reviews – Want to know about a strain before trying it out? Check out the different videos explaining everything about the strain that you want to know before heading to the growing field.
  3. Strains – There are a lot of choices available at ILGM allowing you to choose your favorite strain from their stock. Even if you want to try out the latest weed strains in the market then check out ILGM’s stock, you are sure to find them there.
  4. Services – ILGM has top-notch quality services of shipping orders, providing discounts, and everything that you love about marijuana. That is why they are counted as one of the finest quality service providers in the marijuana world.
  5. Quality – The quality of seeds is unmatchable! They are one of the highest germinating seed providers. Even if you got any issues regarding weed growth then head out to their customer service executives. They will solve your doubts.

Overall, from the website’s appearance to the services of ILGM, everything is impressively excellent. Therefore, if you are buying seeds from them then you are going to have a premium experience of seed purchase due to the availability of the facilities!

Social Media Handles

ILGM is widely available on all social media platforms. Even it shows the legitimacy of the online store. Here are the ILGM social media handles –


The journey of ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) started from the founder Robert Bergman’s enthusiasm for marijuana from the very earlier time of his life. Starting from scratch, Robert’s enthusiasm led him to grow different strains of marijuana in his home in Amsterdam. Ultimately, he got to know different aspects of weed over time.

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From the mid-90s up to the earlier 20s, he got to know many deeper things about the marijuana industry and its growing techniques that he was moved to some big platforms to utilize his knowledge.

Fortunately, Robert thought to share his whole knowledge and experience of marijuana and its growth hacks that he got within more than 20 years with all of the weed lovers around the globe. At that time, the only way he could reach marijuana lovers around the globe was through the internet!

Luckily, Robert with his friends launched I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) in 2012 as a blog where Robert can share all of his marijuana knowledge around the globe. The blog was a hit and people appreciated the work Robert and ultimately the graph of ILGM crawled upward.

Within time, Robert started to help marijuana growers to find the best quality of seeds at his blog along with a precious grow guide that he learned within more than 20 years. This ultimately led ILGM to be a super seed bank that has not only unmatchable seed quality and strains but also the ultimate guide that can make their seeds show the maximum output.

So, this was the initial journey of ILGM and now in 2021, it has spread across the globe virtually and is known for selling the finest quality of weed seeds. Now, this company has the finest supportive team that solves the queries of its buyers. Within a few years, ILGM has seen a super growth in its position in the marijuana market which happened due to the quality services and seeds that it provides.

Overall, the history of the ILGM started as a blog and now it is a mega store for marijuana solutions. That is why even now you will be able to find many blogs on the website. That is why in 2021 if you are in search of the best quality seeds with a growth guide then ILGM is an all-in-one store!

Review From Other Sites

From other popular forums and review websites, ILGM has earned very huge respect. It is all due to the quality services that ILGM provides. With that said, ILGM has earned a trust score of 4.7/5 at Trustpilot. That means if you are purchasing from ILGM then no doubt, you are dealing with a trustworthy source.

Apart from this, one of the best parts of buying seeds from ILGM is that they not only guarantee you the best quality of seeds but also make sure that you get the highest results from your garden. That is why for that, they give you their ultimate grow guide along with your order. However, even you can read all of the growth hacks, blogs, journals on their website without paying any cost.

Overall, the market reputation of ILGM is positive all around the forums and review sites. Even at Trustpilot, it has an excellent score which shows the reputation of this online store among weed lovers!

Best Selling Seeds

Don’t worry if you don’t want to dig out the stock of ILGM for getting their all-time best-selling strains. Here are some of their best seed strains:

1. White Widow

One of the best marijuana seed strains at ILGM is right now at a huge discount. Enriched in THC cannabinoids, this strain will make you feel all of the pleasures of weed along with maximum output in your garden.

2. Beginner Mix Pack

Best suitable for beginner growers. Everything you need to know for growing seed strain is included in this pack. Check out for the lowest price on ILGM!

3. High Yield Mix

Best for the growers seeking high yield strains is included in this pack. Just throw them in your growing areas and came back at harvesting to collect buds more than you need!

Well, there have been other mix-packs too, suiting different types of growers in need. Overall, at ILGM you will be getting almost every strain that can be tough to find anywhere else.

Customer Support

ILGM always tries to do its best either in availing seed strains or either pleasing its buyers by providing the best customer support. The ‘Support Angels’ team of ILGM helps out the buyers in every possible way. The team is superfast to respond to queries whereas 24 hours maximum waiting time under which you will be heard.

Apart from this, the team is friendly, fast, and eager to help which ultimately adds a plus point to their quality service. Well, for contacting them you can fill up a ‘contact form’ and submit it on their website to get your issue solved.

Either it is about returns or your order, you are sure to have the same quality of fast and reliable response from ILGM. That is why they have one of the best customer support as an online marijuana store.

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Shipping Time

ILGM is a global company and therefore, it ships in most of the regions around the globe. The company ships from mainly its two hubs. One from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and another from California, USA.

However, doesn’t matter from where you are ordering, ILGM will provide you stealth shipping along with guaranteed delivery. ILGM is so confident at the delivery services that they give you a guarantee to ensure you will be getting more than you pay for! That guarantee also secures your order in case of loss. That means ILGM will resend the seeds to you in case of your order gets seized.

The average time for shipping and delivery is around 7 days to 15 days maximum under which you will be receiving your order. Well, if you didn’t receive your order in under 25 days then contact the support team of ILGM and they will resend your order. It is as simple as that!

Therefore, here ILGM becomes one of the online sources to get marijuana seeds more safely and reliably. It also ensures that if you are ordering seeds from ILGM then you are dealing with something from where you will never be disappointed.

Payment Options

ILGM provides you many ways through which you can order your seeds from them. Followings are the accepted payment ways at ILGM:

1. Bitcoin

This is the best way you can purchase marijuana seeds from ILGM. This is because, bitcoin is fast, secure. Additionally, you will be getting an extra 10% off if you will purchase with this payment option.

2. Bank Transfer

You can directly transfer the amount from your bank to ILGM for purchasing seeds. This is also an alternative for you if you don’t want to use other payment options.

3. Cards

Credit cards may be a little stressful option but still, ILGM accepts them as one of the ways for accepting orders. However, if you are purchasing from ILGM internationally then you are recommended to go with other options to avoid bank hassles.

4. Cash or Check

Lastly, if you are unable to pay from one of the above payment methods then you can even pay at ILGM via cash or checks. For that, you can contact them and can get the detailed information regarding the same.

Overall, at ILGM you will be having many payment options. You can have any of them for placing your order as per convenience.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Review: Final Words

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has been one of the online stores that started from scratch and are now one of the leading marijuana seed sellers. Their ‘Marijuana Grow Bible’ helps every weed lover to grow any strain to the maximum output.

Even the services ILGM provides, are unmatchable and far better than any other online store. The market reputation of this store is quite positive making it the top online seed store to buy seeds from. Overall, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is the best choice in 2021 to deal with cannabis and its products. Also, don’t forget to check out the ultimate grow guide that it provides for free!
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I Love Growing Marijuana Review

The laws surrounding the use of marijuana both recreationally and medicinally are changing quickly, opening up a brand new market to indoor and outdoor marijuana growers.

Growing cannabis seems easy enough, however, it can actually be quite challenging when you consider all the different factors that go into creating the perfect growing environment and cultivating your plants for the most potent flowers.

The Creator of I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) was created by Robert Bergman, it is a comprehensive resource for all types of individuals interested in cannabis cultivation.

Robert has been growing marijuana in the Amsterdam area for around 25 years. He began his cannabis growing career with a little 5 plant home-based businesses and then later in his career moved on to laboratory breeding and industrial sized plantations.

Easy to Use Site Layout and Navigation

I Love Growing Marijuana boasts a clean and modern, easy to navigate design. With three central buttons that go to resources on growing, seed purchasing and harvesting tips, users won’t have to click around too much to get to what they’re looking for.

Beginner Cannabis Growing Guides

This is an excellent section to have for people who are just starting out on their cannabis cultivation journeys.

With content on seeds, soil, and fertilizer to sexing, cloning, and transplanting, this section has a little bit of everything for people who haven’t stepped foot into the marijuana grow business before.

A troubleshooting guide isn’t currently available, however there are over 90 grow journals available for users to learn more about cultivating cannabis from others who have gone before them.

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The Seed Bank at I Love Growing Marijuana

Good quality marijuana comes from good quality seeds, and I Love Growing Marijuana boasts a wide selection of different kinds of seeds, including feminized seeds and auto-flowering seeds.

They offer some of the most potent and well-known strains in the industry, including White Widow, AK-47, Strawberry Cough, Gorilla Glue, Blueberry.

The online cannabis seed shopping experience at I Love Growing Marijuana is smooth and straightforward, and there are plenty of user reviews to help users make the best choice in seed for their personal needs.

There are a variety of payment methods listed, including cash and bitcoin, however, PayPal seems to be missing from the mix. Although they do not accept one of the most widely used forms of online payment, they do offer a number of transaction types for individuals who desire privacy and discretion.

Cannabis Harvesting Tips

The harvesting tips section of the site is significantly less robust than the other two sections and is essentially form for a free downloadable guide.

While it would be great to see more embedded resources and articles here similar to the other parts of the website, the download is free and it promises to provide some crucial tips for new growers.

The book can help you better understand when your buds are just right for harvest, what timing methods can help you control potency, taste, and experience with each plant, and contains plenty of visuals to help drive the points home.

The I Love Growing Marijuana Blog

I Love Growing Marijuana also features a blog with a multitude of articles and resources that individuals can browse at their own pace before investing hundreds of thousands or even millions into a marijuana growing business.

Here you can learn about the latest news related to marijuana law reform all across the country, and read everything from tips on how to smoke weed, recommended accessories, and even how to pack a bowl just the right way for the best smoking experience.

If you do nothing else on the site, spend some time in the blog area and you’re sure to learn a few things you’ve never thought of before, even if you’ve been consuming cannabis for years.

Don’t Forget to Sign Up for the Free Grow Bible

Sometimes it’s just easier having all the information you need to successfully cultivate marijuana in one single place — this is where I Love Growing Marijuana’s Grow Bible comes in. Like the harvesting tips guide, it’s a free download, so you don’t have to pay anything to access it.

Simply enter your email address, and you’ll be sent to the free download page where you can get your copy of the Marijuana Grow Bible. You’re unlikely to need any other resource to grow each one of your plants to absolute perfection! We highly recommend this grow guide to be the best way to get you up and growing marijuana in no time.

Pros & Cons

No review would be complete with out a glorious list of pros and cons:

Pros of I Love Growing Marijuana

Free Shipping – I Love Growing Marijuana will ships daily to the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and many West-European countries. United States and Europe shipping is FREE. There is a required $25 fee for shipping to Australia.

Guaranteed Delivery – If for whatever reason your order does not arrive to your destination, we will re-ship your cannabis seeds again absolutely free of charge.

24/7 Expert Grow Support – Between I Love Growing Marijuana’s Blog, forum and Grow Bible, you’ll have all the info you need to start growing weed right away.

Guaranteed Germination – ILGM stands by the cannabis seeds they sell and thrive on giving you the best experience possible.

I Love Growing Marijuana Cons

No Paypal Accepted – Although they accept many other forms of payment, including Bitcoin. There is no option to pay with Paypal through the online seed bank.

No Troubleshooting Guide – Even though there is a wealth of expert knowledge in the form of guides, a blog and forum. It would be nice if I Love Growing Marijuana would create an easy searchable troubleshooting section to share with novice and advanced growers their knowledge of unforeseen issues.

Shipping Times – As expected with some worldwide shipping companies. Sometimes products can get hung up during shipping and be delayed to your destination. Most of the time this is not the fault of the company but more so on the shipping carriers.

The Final Word

While I Love Growing Marijuana does have some caveats, such as not taking PayPal or providing a specific troubleshooting guide. The benefits far outweigh the cons here and this is a site that every up-and-coming cannabis grower should look into.

Thank you for reading our review on I Love Growing Marijuana.