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Growing Cannabis at Home

If you are one of the many people wanting to grow cannabis from the comfort of their home but have no idea how to properly grow, then GreenBox Grown is perfect for you! GreenBox Grown is a website full of how to videos covering every topic there is from germinating your seeds to harvesting your buds, and everything in between! The biggest feature that sets GreenBox Grown apart from the rest is ou r Cannabis Growing Hotline. With GreenBox Grown, you can text or email us asking any question you may have about your grow, and our grow expert will respond within 12 hours with a solution to your problem! This service is completely free and available 24/7, so be sure to contact our hotline whenever you have any question at all! You can contact the hotline by texting (831) 601-0853 or by visiting this page:

We also offer different step by step grow “series” which include weekly videos covering a particular grow from start to harvest! The best part is all the videos are 100% free and are mobile friendly so you can access them while working in your garden. If you are a beginner and are in need of growing supplies, GreenBox Grown has you covered! You can browse our cannabis growing starter kits for a complete setup including everything you need from start to harvest.

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Grow Videos

If you are looking to grow massive and dense buds, then following the GreenBox Grown Videos is a good idea! For someone who has zero experience with growing cannabis, start off in our “Intro to Cannabis Growing” Video section. This area covers all of the basics and what you need to know before you start growing. Think of it as your crash course on growing cannabis! You will also learn things like the differences between auto flowers and photoperiod plants, growing indoor vs growing in a greenhouse, how to pH your nutrients, and much more!

Once you have finished w atching the Intro videos and have your grow room setup, you are ready to move on to the “Starting from Seed” section. These videos show you how to germinate and plant your MSNL Seeds so they have a strong and healthy start! This section also covers the seedling stage and everything right up to the start of vegetation. Once you have reached that point, it is time to select your grow series. If you are growing auto flower seeds, go with the auto flower series and if you are growing photoperiod seeds, go with the photoperiod series.

Once you have completed the grow series and are ready to harvest your crop, move on to our “Harvest & Curing” section to do just that! Once you have completed those videos, you have finished the entire growing cycle! GreenBox Grown also offers videos and information covering “Pests & Problems”, “How to Make Extracts”, and “Interviewing other Home Growers”. You can access any of these playlists via the “Grow Videos” page of the GreenBox Grown website!

24/7 Hotline

Even with the growing videos at your disposal, there can still be questions that arise with your grow. That’s where the GreenBox Grown Cannabis Growing Hotline comes in! You can text or email our hotline with pictures of your plants and any questions you may have about them, and our grow expert will respond within 12 hours with a solution! This is also great for checking in to see if your plants are doing alright and are up to par. Feel free to send in pictures of your plants for a diagnoses or report on how they are doing. GreenBox Grown is proud to be the only cannabis company to offer this kind of service, and we encourage you to contact us with all your growing questions!

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Growing Starter Kits

Another unique feature of GreenBox Grown is our Starter Kit Selection. We offer various sizes of Indoor and Greenhouse starter kits, which come complete with every supply you need from start to harvest! Our supplies are hand picked and have been tested by expert growers so you only get the best of what’s available. These products are high quality but are also affordable, and our entry level kits start at $155. Our greenhouse starter kits are equipped for year round growing so you don’t have to grow with the seasons, and all of our kits are equipped to work with both photoperiod and auto flower plants.

GBG Blog

The GreenBox Grown Blog is updated 5+ times a week with product reviews, how to videos, cannabis news, and more! All of our product reviews are on home growing related supplies or smoking paraphernalia. We also offer videos and equipment for making extracts at home out of your bud! You can learn how to make Rosin, Dry Sift Hash, Bubble Hash, and more! You will see there is also an “Extracts Supplies” tab on our store which has all the equipment you need for making those extracts.

Cannabis videos online that can help to teach you how to grow

Now that weed is legal in Canada, every citizen has the right to grow up to 4 marijuana plants per household, and that’s great news for both recreational consumers and medicinal patients, but doing so takes some skill that you aren’t going to get overnight. Some master growers take decades and longer to perfect the art of cultivating high-quality cannabis.

At one time, this kind of know-how was elusive to the average consumer, but in today’s society that revolves around the internet, most of the information that you could ever possibly need is accessible and right at your fingertips as long as you have a computer or phone.

You could spend hours sifting through all of the helpful articles online, but not everyone has that kind of time, and a good happy medium between going in blind and reading an entire library of how-to guides, is to watch and keep on hand some helpful cannabis videos. Though we always recommend seeking up to date information whenever possible, the online learning aids that are included below contain all the staple basics that are sure to withstand time.

1. How to germinate

The best place to start is with an understanding of how cannabis seeds work, which can help you to perfect the process of germination. Cultivation Nation on YouTube through a video titled “How to germinate marijuana seeds” tackles the topic with style and finesse as they show you how to germinate seeds using three different techniques while coving other important factors like the ideal temperature, and how soon the freshly sprouted seedlings will need light.

2. The best way to start a grow room for cannabis

One of the biggest challenges that so many new growers face, happens when they try to create the ideal conditions for their marijuana plants. Your grow room could look spectacular while doing a poor job of providing the essential nutrients and UVs that every growing cannabis plant need, so it’s important to take some tips and tricks from the pros.

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Monster Garden’swebsite provides some of the best cannabis videos about growing, but their one titled “Sealed Grow Room 101” is a winner that can help to solve any problem including reducing smells, increasing light efficiency, and a list of all of the must-have tools that everyone should have incorporated in their grow room.

3. The importance of nutrients for marijuana plants

Once you get the perfect grow room or tent set up and master the talent of successfully germinating seeds, you will eventually get some nice and healthy seedlings. Unfortunately, that isn’t where the hard work ends, as marijuana plants require a nutrient-dense soil in order to thrive. This can often be remedied before you even plant any seeds, but still, minor corrections might be necessary along the way.

So if you’re ready to learn all about how to make super soil and it’s benefits, then you might want to check out Nutrients Basics-Cannabis Growing on YouTube by Lex Blazer, who covers all of that and more, and a well thought out how-to guide on ‘how to use store-bought nutrients and how to make your own using all-natural ingredients’ that you can trust and safely use on your growing marijuana plants.

4. Growing marijuana hydroponically

The media has always portrayed hydroponic grow ops as high tech facilities that only professionals can manage, but anyone can grow a plant in water if they follow the right instructions. The trouble with this method is that the seedlings tend to float around, so often small-scale growers will use a different growing medium like cocoa noir in combination with water to provide support for the root system to cling to.

Your average house pot plant isn’t going to work for this, as they are made to remove excess water rather than retain it, so a really good way to set up your own hydroponics operation on a budget is to learn how to make a self-sustaining system from spare parts. Family Plot Garden on YouTube covers this perfectly, with easy to follow step by step instructions on how to build a hydroponics system for under $50 that is compatible with growing marijuana.

5. How to clone cannabis

Cloning is a delicate process that requires very specific tools and directions to avoid major damage and ultimately stunting of the cutting. Like roses, a single cannabis plant can be cloned to create dozens of offspring to maximize the potential crop while also helping to keep plant size to a minimum. If you find yourself lost and looking for direction on how to clone, then head on over to and watch “How to take cannabis clones easy and cheap” for help.

6. Transplanting

Most cannabis videos are created to show off matured plants, and very few shows and explain the necessary steps for transplanting, however iCultivate on YouTube has perfected one, titled “How to transplant plants from pot to ground,” and it is easy to understand and follow for growers of any experience level. Once you watch it you will have a complete understanding of how the root system spreads and exactly how to gently transplant marijuana plants.

7. How to get bigger buds on your marijuana plants

The cannabis plant is a finicky sort that can look like it’s doing really well without producing much for good quality buds, and that can be a problem, but it’s yet another one that is well documented on YouTube. One of the very best cannabis videos on the topic today is from Learn Organic Gardening, and it’s titled Indoor Cannabis Flowering Tips.

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Though it’s one of the longest cannabis videos on this list, it’s also one of the most useful, because everyone who tries their hand at growing marijuana plants wants the biggest, more beautiful results, and the only way to do that is to learn about some of the most effective techniques to naturally swell buds through either trimming or providing hearty doses of perfectly measured nutrients.

8. Breeding different weed strains

We all know one of those private growers who thinks that they are creating brand new weed strains all the time, and while to some extent that may be true, there is a specific process required to replicate the most wanted features of two different weed strains, and without it, you might be crossing some of the genetics from planned strains, but the end result will be of relatively low quality.

To solve this problem, you can always check out the UC Botanical Gardens website, and look for a video called “The Science of Cannabis.” You might want to get a bag of popcorn and some drinks ready as it’s an entire hour-long, but it is one of the few free cannabis videos that offers such an in-depth explanation of the process, including how to do it yourself and get some stellar results.

9. The difference between different kinds of cannabis seeds

It might seem like portions of this list are out of place, but the depth of the knowledge base that you need will significantly depend on your goal, and some of the more complicated concepts like breeding and types of seeds, can be a bit much to wrap your head around with a much-needed base to start. Seeds come in several varieties, and each one has some pros and cons that you should know about.

This complicated explanation might require taking in a couple of cannabis videos to get it right, and we highly recommend the YouTube sensation Ice Headshop’s film which is titled “Beginners Guide – Choosing the best cannabis seeds”, and “Cannabis Seeds Quality” from none other than the infamous Royal Queen Seeds who has several years of experience to share with cannabis enthusiasts who wish to learn.

10. Growing marijuana organically

One of the most wonderful things about the cannabis plant is that it really doesn’t need toxic fertilizers to do well, but without any information on the alternatives out there, most beginners growers resort to potent concoctions sold by their local head shop or greenhouse. The problem with that is the way that it seeps into the plant and feeds into the buds, which is why if you do use them, it’s highly recommended to perform a total flush for at least 30 days before harvesting, but even still traces will remain inside of your product.

We have lightly touched on super soil, but that’s a beginner level option because the best way to feed your marijuana plants is to learn how to figure out what they need and how to provide that in its purest form. If you want to learn absolutely everything there is to know about growing cannabis organically, then you really need to watch “Why you should grow organic cannabis” by Learn Organic Garden, who are expert veterans from the field with tons of helpful information for growers of any experience level.

How to grow vegan marijuana

What it means to be vegan will depend on who you ask, as there are several different types of people that adopt this sort of lifestyle.