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how to germinate marijuana seeds reddit

What is the best way to germinate seeds? (Coming from the ents of reddit)

I swallow them whole then shit in a pot the next day.

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I get a paper towel wet, not soaking, fold it over the seeds and place in a plastic bag and put it in a dark drawer and wait a couple days. You can see the seeds through the paper towel to see if they have germinated.

I like humidity domes and rockwool cubes myself. I can elaborate if you'd like.

With seeds bought from a seed bank I put them right in the dirt and water every other day. If I am doing a hydro grow I put them in a Rapid Rooter and dont water at all till they sprout. With bag seed I put them in a cup of water till they sink and split. Bag seeds normally have a rough life till you get them and a slight crack will prevent them from germinating so I like to see them split before they go in any medium.

This is what I have done in the past and it seems to work very well.

Moist paper towel placed in a plastic baggie in a dark warm cupboard somewhere. Usually one will catch signs of the first taproot around 1-2 days and it can even be kept until the presence of the cotyledon (so called seed leaves) are noticeably visible.

As others have said you want it moist, but not wet. I usually run it under the sink until it is soaking and then gently wring it out.

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How long to germinate seeds?

I already know I am being impatient here, but after 72 hours I am seeing no signs of germination from 4 northern light seeds. These are new seeds from a reputable seedbank (although I did get an email from them saying they have received a small amount of complaints about 1 batch of NL seeds not germinating properly).

I soaked in water for 2 hours, i saw conflicting information on this and I didn't want to over soak. Then I moved it to damp paper towel, paper towel is kept damp but not soaking. Temperature is about 70. After 72 hours nothing at all from 4 seeds.