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how long do marijuana seeds last reddit

How long do seeds last?

I bought some seeds and got more than I expected, and then had already ordered a few more. What I'm wondering is if I can save them until grow season next year? and if so, what are the optimal conditions for them to remain "fresh"?

I recommend storing them in a baggie mixed with a few grains of rice. I'm personally not too crazy about the freezer method as repeated thawing/refreezing will kill them.

I hear two years. I have been where you are now and I also have way more seeds than I need. The industry just makes every strain sound so good. Especially when you realize the true diversity in this species called cannabis. Truly the most Wondrous plant on earth. No wonder our ancestors who left Africa decided to bring it around the world with them.

If you store them right, years. Like most people have said, freezer, and airtight conditions work. Even the fridge would work.

I keep mine in the fridge in an air tight light proof container with some rice to keep the moisture to a minimum. Should hold for at least 2 years. You could put them in the freezer but normally that will kill at least some of the seeds.

I grew about 10 years ago from seed. I found 6 seeds from said time in a box in a baggie. I started pregerminating them last night. I will let you know if they actually come alive. 😀

I have the same question. I have a bunch of seeds from two years ago (stored in a tin can in my closet). Last year I didn't even germinate the seeds, I just put them in a pot with soil and water and they started to grow just fine. I killed the males so I had no seeds in my trees.

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This year I planted a bunch of seeds in jiffy cups with humus. 5 or 6 days later I got nothing. I searched for the seeds just to find none of them germinated.. I squeezed the seeds and a white fluid came out of them. I tried again on jiffy cups, nothing. Then I tried to germinate a bunch on a paper towel etc, same thing. Two days ago I planted 10 more seeds in a regular pot. It's too soon to know if they've germinated or not but I'm afraid they won't. Are my seeds dead?

How long will seeds last?

How long will seeds last in a cool dry dark container? Is there a way to make them last longer (like refrigerate or something)?

Keep them in an airtight container in the fridge and they will be good for years.

I'm germing a strain Double Bubble that has been in a seed collection for 10 years give or take a year or so. I'm running tests right now on them but I have a strong seedling of the strain going. Hope that help!

They practically store indefinitely. Just keep them in a dark cool place and they'll be fine

don't forget dry. That might even be the most important part. Even in the dark a seed can germinate and once the shell is broken it's shelf life will diminish rapidly.

Dried seeds can last for a VERY long time. A clay pot was found with seeds from a fern that had been extinct for over 2000 years and it still germinated, as a reference.