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how can marijuana seeds be stored

How to Store Cannabis Seeds Over Winter

A lot of the many inquiries from new growers are often related to cannabis seeds. How can they be safely stored? How long will it last when stored properly? Will they be able to retain the exact same qualities as brand new seeds? The moment you have your cannabis seeds stored properly and know exactly how to store cannabis seeds, you will find them to still have a full life after 5-10 years.

When stored properly, you can grow cannabis plants with decade-old cannabis seeds. Many growers even grow high-quality cannabis plants with seeds as old as 10 years and more. There are however some basic considerations to make, like always store the seeds in a very cool, dark, and moisture-free area, and never let them near direct sunlight.

With the proper storage of cannabis seeds, they can be used and continue to be viable for 5 to 10 years. Seed storage done the right way is crucial for a lot of reasons. Someone who just created their very own, high-quality cannabis genetics, should want to keep the seeds stored properly to be able to reproduce them later on.

People who live in regions of the world where there are widespread cannabis movements and reforms are stockpiling high-grade seeds of their cannabis strains to grow later on when it has become legal and allowed. Regardless of your reason for having the cannabis seeds, take note that you have to take care of them as it is one of the most vital steps to do with your harvest.

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The cannabis seeds must be stored anywhere dark, and cold. Regardless of whether you store your seeds in a refrigerator, freezer, or cabinet, it is important to leave them there up to the time that they germinate. The rapid changes in temperatures can destroy the genetic makeup of the seeds.

Moreover, seeds must never be exposed in direct sunlight and must always be left in the dark, and dry area. Too much humidity and light can lead to its untimely germination. Basically, 9% or less humidity is highly recommended.

If you need to store the seeds for just a couple of months, the cannabis seed can be stored in a ziplock bag. For long term storing, you can use a vacuum-sealed packing to safely store them. Many expert seed growers prefer to add a food-grade desiccant to their seeds.

As mentioned, the cannabis seeds will need cold temperatures to retain its essence. It can do well with refrigeration or freezing. But, when keeping seeds in a fridge, you have to place them as far back as possible so they would not be exposed to any temperature changes when the door is opened from time to time.

It is very crucial to note that when you freeze seeds, each time you thaw them and refreeze, they can be less viable for future use. Both refrigeration and freezing can lead to too much moisture and so that is one that needs to be closely monitored.

Whenever cannabis seeds are stored properly, many growers find that many of their seeds are still viable and full of life even after 5-10 years have passed. Many growers have grown high-quality cannabis with seeds that are 10-years old. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to cannabis seeds, just like any living thing that needs tender loving care.

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The female cannabis plant can take a bit longer than males to show initial signs after being changed over to flowering. The female plant can start to show 1-2 wispy white hairs where the buds are visible and start to form. They often show up where the main stem is connected to its individual nodes.

When a female plant is stored in a vegetative stage very long, then it will reveal the first signs of female hairs even as you move the plant into the flowering stage by varying the lighting times. Whenever you begin to see wispy white hairs becoming visible in your plant, then it is a confirmation that you have grown a female plant from female cannabis seeds.

The male plant possesses a grape-like a ball which would form and fill up with pollens. The balls will initially show up a week or two after changing the plant to the flowering stage. When the male is allowed to grow continuously, the pollen sacs will later burst open and spill its pollen everywhere. The male pre-flowering stage consists of the yet to mature pollen sacs. Whenever the plant begins to flower, they will later on grow and become a clump that appears much like a bunch of grapes.

Oftentimes, it will take a day or more for the female preflower to reveal its first pistil, and the female calyx can seem like a pollen sac at first. Basically, the more pointed ones are female, and you have to wait to see some more flowers to show up to confirm this.

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Storing seeds?

i have seeds +20 years old.
have had some loose in trucks tool box through seasonal changes. some in the freezer, some just sitting in a dresser.

the viability of all is the same. same germ rates, which are quite good. even crushed seeds have given me 50%

if your storing for a long period as in measured in decades.. go for your freezer. otherwise it really doesnt matter.
i like 60% and 60°. for normal storage

I know many don’t do well under 20% humidity..
like with decreasing humidity, longevity is also improved once you reach the UPPER critical moisture content. at this level respiration is allowed to occur and the seed actually repairs damage it would receive.. in extremely dry conditions the seed could die from the rapid water absorption. they first should beexposed to humid air.