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holymoly marijuana seeds

Goat and Monkey HolyMoly Trinity x blueberry fem 6pk

This short, stout plant produces well in small spaces. The single cola growth pattern makes it a good choice for sea of green and vertical grow systems.

Due to its large fan leaves, the canopy closes quickly and should be kept short, with plenty of room underneath for air to move. This allows the plant to focus its energy on development of the terminal colas.

Longtime smokers will delight at the old-school taste of this cannabis. Earthy and sweet, with hashy overtones on the exhale.
A clear-headed, happy high develops into a mellow contentment. A great all-around weed, with the flavor and high that will leave you smiling. Experience a timeless classic! The ultimate hybrid of Blueberry expression, selected for its superior quality from a large pool. This hybrid contains the best from both worlds (indica and sativa). Medium height with long, fruity and productive buds of medium sized calyxes. Beautiful lavender hues become apparent soon into the flowering cycle. The finished product is of the highest quality with sweet, elongated blueberry buds destined to please the most finicky of palates. High resin production as expected from the Blue family.

Flowering: 7 – 8 weeks
Yield: Above Average

Indica/Sativa: 90:10
Yield: Medium-High
Harvest: 8-9 weeks / beginning of Oct

Holy Moly by Fig Farms, an in-depth cannabis strain review

It used to be easy to overlook the little things in life that create normalcy and bring joy. In contrast, today, so many months into the pandemic, that normalcy is all we crave.

I would love to walk the streets without a mask, or have a pleasant conversation with a stranger, or eat a meal in a packed restaurant or have a drink at a bar with friends.

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While I have not been able to do those things in quite some time, I was recently lucky enough to get together with some friends to play some bones in the Bay. The games are smoke-filled, booze guzzling madness with only the best of best being drunk and smoked.

While at dominos, Robbie Exotic gifted me with the flowers I am reviewing today, Holy Moly by Fig Farms.


My friends in the Bay have been talking up Fig Farms to me for a few years now. And to be honest, I have tried them multiple times, but every time I got some, it was so good it got smoked before a video could get made, or a review could get written. Sorry Fig Farms…..

Fig Farms is a Farmer-owned Oakland-based California Cannabis Company. They focus on breeding and seed hunting, as well as being some of the best cultivators in California. I have included a quote from Mr. Fig himself to show how serious he is about seed hunting.

“We’ve jumped through every hurdle to be here, and now it’s time to get back to the roots. We’re the opposite of corporate cannabis; I’m just a seed fiend looking to pop every seed I’ve collected. We’ll be sharing everything about this process from the good to the herm, from the elite to the trash.”


Holy Moly is the cross of Banana Fig and Animal Mints.

With that said, I would like to take a second to recognize that Banana Fig is the 2018 Cannabis Cup winner and a proprietary cross by Fig Farms. Banana Fig is the cross of Purple Fig and Banana Split. In comparison, Animal Mints is the cross of Animal Cookies, GSC, and Blue Power.

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I love that Fig Farms does not make the genetics a mystery but includes the cross on the label. Thank you, Fig.


Fig Farms describes the Holy Moly’s flowering tops’ appearance as one that is “covered in crystals to the point it doesn’t make sense,” and I would agree with that assessment.

The colas appear white covered in resinous trichome crystals, yet you find leaves of purplish and dark green hues if you dig deep enough. Also worth noting, I found the buds to have a well-balanced density.


I discovered the aroma of Holy Moly to be very similar to Utopia Chiquita Banana or Golden State Banana, but with the addition of some earthy minty cookie notes when digging deep enough. I can best describe the scent as a combination of musky banana and delicate sweet earthy minty notes.

The Inhale

Then I fell into the rabbit hole of the inhale of Holy Moly by Fig Farms. I found the inhale to be a complex mix of earthy fruity notes similar to a musky ripe banana with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Exhale

The exhale continued the musky, pungent banana notes while adding to the earthy cookie notes, with the earthy notes lingering on your tongue and the back of your throat long after the exhale.

The Smoking Experience

The smoking experience is intense. I observed it is a bit of thicker smoke that hits you hard with an instant head change. This experience leads me to believe Holy Moly by Fig Farms is for the more experienced smoker.

The High

As I just mentioned, the high comes on fast with a rapid head change. Quickly following the head high, there is a substantial body high that almost matches the head high’s strength. The type of flowers that leave you giving Perfect for pain management and four consecutive Mondays.

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So was it worth the money and would I buy it again?

While in the Bay, I visited a few clubs, looked at some menus, and did some shopping. When we would bring up Holy Moly, the budtenders and even the security guards would be like, “Oh man, that is the heat right now.” A universal consensus that Holy Moly was the best of the best.

And my thoughts are in line with the consensus. Yes, Holy Moly is worth the money, and Yes, I would repurchase it. This very unique strain has been perfectly cultivated with an award-winning lineage. The high is strong, and I would recommend that all seasoned connoisseur smokers experience it.

Where can it be found?

Fig Farms and 710 Labs, as well as a few other Cannabis companies, have begun selling direct to customers through their website. With 710, you need to get on the list; however, there is no list I am aware of with Fig Farms.

It is also worth noting that when purchasing direct, Fig Farms charges the customer $60, without passing along any savings by going direct. It is also worth noting, my friend who bought this for me only paid $54 at a club in San Jose.

Regardless it is worth going to the Fig Farms website and checking them out. They have some of the best video content and photos I have seen. I was very impressed.