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green man marijuana seeds

Welcome to Greenmanspage

Welcome to Greenmans’ page, a comprehensive online cannabis site dedicated to providing the very best in cultivation information, grow guides and seedbank reviews.

For over 15 years, the Greenman team have been resourcing information from some of the world’s leading cultivators. We are now dedicated to providing this information to every grower across the globe.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, growing indoor or outdoor, or using regular or autoflowering seeds, our grow guides are easy-to-follow and will ensure your finished product reaches its maximum potential.

The Greenman team are dedicated to helping you from the very beginning of your cultivation journey. The steady increase in cannabis legalization across the globe means it has never been easier to buy cannabis seeds. As such, we provide online seedbank reviews to help you decide where and when you should purchase your seeds.

Greenman’s Page is also a platform where you can discuss your experiences with other cultivators. Share photos of your grow, discuss your own tips and tricks and help others achieve cultivation perfection.

Ask the Experts

Ask Greenman: “White Flies Infesting My Plants”

Chancelot Asks: “Just experimenting but planted 6 seeds in outdoor small starter pots. Way late in season but all came up healthy. My very first time and I am trying to learn by watching closely. At 36 days all into 6th nodes I noticed white flies and larva. So I used a recommended organic pestici…

Ask Greenman: “My Leaves are Turning Yellow”

ChronicChippster Asks: “I have a dwarf growing in a hydro setup but it has a deficiency; the leaves are turning yellow. I think it may be the PH levels but all info and help is grateful”. The Greenman: It is most likely your PH levels that are causing the yellowing of your leaves. A level of 5…

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Brown Spots on Leaves of the Plant

Jody Asks: “My healthy green stocks are turning brown almost like a scab and the branches are disconnecting from the stem I’ve been doing this a lot never have seen this! Otherwise the leaves are and bud are okay but seems deficient in something!”It sounds like your plant may have a Manganese …

Green man marijuana seeds

Greenman’s Seed Bank Update is the world’s most trusted and oldest seed bank ratings website. Greenman has devoted his life the past 20 years to help you find the most up-to-date legit cannabis seed banks. So check out Greenman’s Seed Bank Reviews for 2022.

Famously known around the world as the one and only Seed Bank Update to help you find legit seed banks that freight worldwide including the USA and Australia.

Check back often as the seed bank industry is changing quickly. Most of our readers come from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia and they’re always looking for the safest seed banks in 2022 with the best strains and prices.

Year 2022 Best Seed Bank

We’ll be happy to share with you this years best seed banks to order from online in Australia, Canada and the USA. They also ship worldwide, so you don’t need to be living in North America or Australia. Many readers live in Europe, Canada, Newzealand, South Africa and even military personnel stationed in Afghanistan.

We’ll help you find the best Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Auto’s and Feminised seeds.