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green crack feminized marijuana seeds

What Are Green Crack Feminized Seeds?

Have you ever had one of those dull, grey-filled uninspiring days and are unable to keep your feet from dragging across the floor? Sounds like you need a motivating and colorful boost with some energetic Green Crack feminized seeds.

Add renewed vigor to your life with this extraordinary sativa-dominant strain in a single toke. The high THC content from Green Crack feminized poses an inviting challenge to even the most seasoned smokers.

Its mysterious heritage makes this weed variant even more intriguing. When these mammoth cannabis plants grow untamed outdoors, you wouldn’t believe the yields they provide.

So what exciting effects do Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds offer, and are they easy to cultivate? Discover the answers here, including the name of the famous US rapper who renamed the weed seeds after sampling them.

What Are Green Crack Feminized Seeds?

Distinguishing Green Crack feminized seeds from other strains can be difficult. But you’ll soon recognize these weed seeds when they flourish into magnificent marijuana plants with luscious, sweet-smelling buds.

Green Crack feminized cannabis plants take on a bushy, indica-like frame, stretching tall during the vegetative stage. Their dense leaves develop lime-green and yellowish hues, with purple-colored streaks emerging during cooler nighttime temperatures.

Fiery orange pistils protrude from the large, dense, green buds. A blanket of frosty trichomes covers the flowers and leaves, highlighting the potency of this awesome sativa-dominant strain.

The buds emit beautiful tropical and citrus aromas near harvest, clarifying why Green Crack feminized seeds are popular among cannabis users. This weed strain keeps on giving, and you’ll discover why when you light a bud up to enjoy the effects.

Green Crack Feminized Effects

The weed from Green Crack feminized seeds contains large amounts of THC, so even the most experienced cannabis tokers can over consume this one. It’s a perfect wake-and-bake strain, ideal for daytime use.

First, a surge of energy electrifies your body and mind, encouraging you to survey your surroundings to see what life has to offer. Your motivation and focus increase tenfold, as all worries take a back seat so you can accomplish any task facing you.

A deep-rooted euphoria nestles into your mind, and your smile becomes hard to contain. Don’t be afraid to share this contagious facial expression with others so they can share in your happy persona.

Enjoy and use the inspirational urges swelling within as colors and sounds enhance and entwine, creating a blissful utopia. Embrace your inner artist and capture the moment by strumming a guitar, painting a masterpiece, or writing poetry.

The marijuana from Green Crack fem seeds can also unleash your hunger monster, ready to go on a rampage. Subdue this beast by happily munching some tasty potato chips or fresh fruit.

This sativa-dominant strain has a low CBD content, but the THC levels can reach anywhere between 17–25%. Newbies take note as Green Crack feminized weed isn’t for the faint-hearted!

Green Crack feminized seeds are extremely potent, and it’s easy to over consume this delicious tasting weed within the first few tokes. Adverse side effects like dizziness, headaches, and increased anxiety will make themselves known if you use too much.

Expect the typical minor annoyances such as cottonmouth and red, irritated eyes when consuming this weed. You can treat these with a soothing eye spray and by drinking plenty of water or juice.

Green Crack Feminized Flavors

It’s hard not to notice the alluring smell of fresh citrus wafting from the flowers near harvest time. Igniting a bud from Green Crack feminized seeds unearths even more delectable fragrances and flavors.

When you inhale, tasty tropical notes entwined with sweet lemon swirls around in your mouth. Cannabis connoisseurs can also detect subtle aromas of herbs, earth, and juicy mango lingering on the tongue after exhaling.

How to germinate Green Crack Feminized Seeds

To help those adorable plant embryos emerge from their shells, you must germinate your Green Crack feminized seeds. If you’re a beginner grower, you may be wondering where to start.

Timing is of the essence, especially if you’re growing these photoperiod cannabis seeds outdoors. Germinate them during the spring so they can grow in harmony with the seasons.

Remember to abide by your state’s marijuana laws at all times. You can only germinate your cannabis seeds if you live in a jurisdiction permitting cannabis cultivation in your home.

There are many techniques you can apply to soften the weed seeds. Below, we take a look at some popular germination techniques you can use for your Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds:

  • Moist paper towel method: This simple germination technique has a high success rate. Place your weed seeds an inch apart on a plate between two damp paper towels and cover them with another plate of equal size.

Store your marijuana seeds in a dark container like a kitchen drawer for 24 hours, checking on them regularly ensuring the towels remain moist. When you see healthy taproots break out from the shells, they’re ready for their new home.

  • Pre-cut seed cubes: You can purchase seed plugs or cubes to germinate your Green Crack fem seeds. Place your cannabis seeds directly into the precut holes in the containers and fill them with purified water.

Check the containers after 24 hours for any white taproots peeking out of the shells. Carefully take them out and transfer them into your chosen medium.

  • A glass of warm water: This simple germination method isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, as the risk of your weed seeds drowning is quite high. Put your Green Crack feminized seeds into a glass of warm, purified water for no more than 24 hours.
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When you see healthy taproots emerge from the shells through the glass, take them out immediately and move them into their new home.

  • Soil medium: Let nature do the work and plant your seeds no deeper than an inch from the surface into a nutrient-rich soil pot. Ensure the soil stays damp at all times.

Use heat lamps and pads to keep the soil cozy and warm for your Green Crack feminized seeds.

Green Crack Feminized Seeds Grow Information

Green Crack feminized seeds are suitable for beginner and experienced cultivators and provide decent yields indoors and out. They’re sturdy cannabis crops but can be susceptible to mold in high humidity environments.

These marijuana plants prefer Temperate, Mediterranean, and Continental climates with plenty of warm sunshine and daylight hours. Ensure you protect them from extreme weather conditions, especially if you live in higher latitudes.

Outdoors, the cannabis crops from Green Crack feminized seeds can vigorously shoot up during the vegetative stage. Ensure you prop the thin branches up with a wooden structure to support their massive buds when they begin to flower.

The fast flowering phase of 7–9 weeks ensures a sooner harvest in mid-October before the first fall frost appears. A wheelbarrow can help you cart around the enormous outdoor yields of 28–42 oz. per plant outdoors.

You can easily manage their height indoors as the weed plants from Green Crack feminized seeds respond well to low-stress training techniques. They flourish under a SOG setting, providing you prune to keep the adequate spacing between them.

Remember, these photoperiod marijuana seeds require a decent lighting setup to switch between cycles for their various life stages. In optimum conditions, you can achieve indoor yields of 21/oz.m².

Green Crack Feminized Seeds Genetics

Green Crack feminized seeds have certainly captured the attention of star-studded weed enthusiasts since appearing on the 420 stage. Formerly known as Green Cush, Snoop Dogg renamed it Green Crack, describing it as his favorite flower.

Mystery surrounds its genetics, with many marijuana lovers debating the true identity of its parent strains. There’s widespread speculation Green Crack feminized has a heritage of an unknown Afghani landrace x Skunk #1 x a mysterious sativa strain.

Regardless of its lineage, Green Crack feminized is a one-of-a-kind sativa possessing many qualities of Skunk #1. Click here to learn more about the strain and discover the potent world of Green Crack feminized seeds.

Green Crack feminized

Where to buy Green Crack feminized seeds

If you think you can handle the power of Green Crack feminized weed, you may be wondering where to buy these cannabis seeds. It can pose a challenge, as this celebrity-endorsed top-shelf sativa is a popular choice among cannabis users.

If you live in a Green state permitting marijuana cultivation, you can purchase Green Crack feminized seeds from your local recreational and medicinal dispensaries. However, you can bypass inconvenient commutes and high prices by ordering the weed seeds online.

There are many online reputable US seed banks offering quality genetics and fast, discreet shipping. You can also find special offers and great value on Green Crack feminized seeds.

Some online websites like Homegrown Cannabis Co even supply germination methods and information and diaries from fellow cannabis growers. So if you can’t find these marijuana seeds in a nearby establishment, you can order them online from the comfort of your home.

Don’t delay and hop aboard the Green Crack express train to buy these amazing seeds today!

Boost your motivation with Green Crack feminized seeds

Clean and focused head highs with an energetic boost for your body and mind. This intense sativa-dominant hybrid is what you need for a little pick-me-up during a strenuous day.

Green Crack fem seeds are a veteran cannabis user’s dream. With colossal outdoor yields, this weed strain provides all the energy you need to carry you through the longest, darkest winter.

Green Crack has won numerous awards under its old title, Green Cush, and it’ll be around for many more years to come. You know it’s a special weed variant as the legendary Snoop Dogg renamed it himself after an intense experience.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, so treat this potent weed variant with caution and take advantage of the amazing effects. Experience an electrifying surge of energy like never before and buy Green Crack feminized seeds.

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Green Crack feminized seeds

Rolling Stone called the Green Crack strain the marijuana equivalent of a strong cup of coffee. Snoop Dogg called it cannabis on crack. Whatever you call them, Green Crack feminized seeds give you buds that’ll get you higher than a kite on the moon.

Read on as we crack open all the details of this green goody, including its origins, effects, and flavors. We’ll also tell you where to get feminized Green Crack seeds and how to grow them.

Green Crack feminized seeds description

The Green Crack strain is as notorious as its biggest fan: Snoop Dogg. Originally named Green Cush, many believe the “Drop it like its hot” rapper renamed it Green Crack after becoming enthralled with this sativa dominant strain.

Green Crack feminized seeds grow into high THC buds with crazy energizing effects. The name doesn’t mean it has any connection to crack; it’s simply a metaphor for its uplifting buzz that’s like a weed stone on crack. This strain is the type you give to your friends who claim weed doesn’t get them high anymore.

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If you’re looking to cultivate the ultimate wake and bake strain, then look no further than feminized Green Crack seeds. You’ll be rewarded with buckets of potent buds that’ll get you higher than a skyscraper.

Many sativa lovers turn away from growing their favorite cannabis seeds because sativas tend to sprout fast and tall. Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds reach up to 3 feet, making it a perfect size for all growers.

Light green buds with hints of yellow adorn the short plant, covering the entire tree in smokable weed. The Green Crack fem seeds develop into a resin-coated herb, looking like a small green monster ready to attack you with its sinister high.

You’d expect a strain this potent to smell like the dankest weed ever, but you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Feminized Green Crack seeds create lip-smacking buds. Tropical, fruity scents float you away on an ocean of beneficial terpenes, making you feel like you’re sipping cocktails in the Bahamas.

In 2015 Green Crack was in the running for the ‘Best U.S. Sativa’ at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It also made it to Rolling Stone’s top five best strains of the year in 2017. Finding marijuana seeds for this award-winning strain is challenging.

The only reputable place to find these green gems is in the Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds selection. Green Crack feminized seeds are ideal for moderate to experienced growers as basic techniques are required.

Green Crack Feminized effects

Unleash your inner Hulk and smash through your checklist like a superhero with Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds. This strain is the ultimate replacement for your morning coffee.

Green Crack pumps fire through your veins sending surges of adrenaline straight to the core of your brain—the sativa is strong with this one.

The buds that develop from Green Crack fem seeds are the most efficient energy balls. Protein shakes are nothing compared to this pre-workout toke. Many users enjoy this strain before their morning run because of its exhilarating powers.

Put some pep in your step with just a few puffs of these green nugs. Got an important presentation or need to meet an upcoming deadline? Green Crack removes hindrances like stress and fatigue so you can function at your best.

Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds provide the opportunity to grow the best source of power in your home. These buds don’t just energize you; they uplift your spirits. Happiness and creativity are the order of the day, accompanying you in every task.

In the first few hours, the feminized Green Crack seeds buds dominant sativa shines through. It wakes you up with a smile on your face, a goal in your mind, and enough energy to power a city.

As the stamina dies down, energy becomes calm. Time slows down, and intense mental focus takes over. This part of the high might be when Snoop Dogg writes out some fire verses.

Muscles become intensely relaxed, and the mind reaches peak focus. All pain and tension leave your body, and the couch becomes alluring.

At this point, the munchies find you, and the hunger pangs can be fierce. Ensure you have snacks prepared or follow some of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s recipes to get into the spirit of Green Crack.

The couch-lock from the Green Crack fem seeds buds is moderate, so you can fight it and continue your plans with a little willpower. Eventually, your body will tire out, and you’ll have the most restful sleep of your life.

As a high THC strain, reaching up to 25%, you can easily overdo it and face the wrath of this monster tree. It’s undoubtedly a one-hitter quitter toke because the high can be overwhelming in large amounts.

Dry eyes, cottonmouth, and dizziness are common side effects of Green Crack feminized seeds nugs. You can easily avoid these negative results by smoking smaller doses and staying hydrated.

Green Crack Feminized flavors

From the first puff of the Green Crack feminized seeds buds, earthy flavors comfort your tastebuds with the nostalgic aroma of classic weed. Taking you back to happy days of smoking fatties with your friends at the dorm or the first time you smoked weed. It’s a soothing warm fragrance melting your soul with happiness.

Out of nowhere, sharp citrus scents slap you back into consciousness, awakening all five senses with their intense refreshing aromas. The buds from feminized Green Crack seeds are packed with lemony zest to keep you alert and focussed.

Working as the perfect emulsifier, the tropical essence from Green Crack fem seeds nugs ties the earthy and tangy flavors together. Tropical, fruity streaks add sweetness to the toke like a drizzle of honey in your morning coffee.

Dominant terpenes myrcene, pinene, and limonene add the complex mix of sweet, zesty, and earthy tones to this strain.

How to Germinate Green Crack feminized seeds

Also known as ‘popping,’ germinating is a crucial step for growing cannabis seeds. Germinating Green Crack feminized seeds help them sprout and start their journey toward becoming healthy marijuana plants.

The most popular way to germinate cannabis seeds is by using the paper towel method. It boasts a high success rate, and most growers favor this technique. All you’ll need is:

  • A clean plate
  • Two paper towels
  • Marijuana seeds
  • Distilled water

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Dampen the paper towels with distilled water. There shouldn’t be any excess.
  2. Put one paper towel onto the plate and place the marijuana seeds on top, about an inch apart.
  3. Cover the seeds with the remaining paper towel.
  4. Leave in a warm, dark place around 70–85°F.
  5. N.B. If you don’t have a suitable area, you can cover the plate with another clean plate to create a dark, protected area.
  6. Once taproots sprout, you can plant them into the grow medium.
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If you want to germinate in the simplest way possible, then just soak the cannabis seeds overnight. This technique works best for old or hard seeds since the extra moisture can bring them to life again.

To germinate your feminized Green Crack seeds in this technique, simply throw them into a glass with distilled water. They’ll float but eventually sink to the bottom. After 32 hours, most seeds should have taproots and be ready for planting.

You must keep an eye on the marijuana seeds. Once you spot sprouts, remove them and add them to their new homes. Those Green Crack fem seeds that didn’t sprout after the 32-hour mark may need more time, so you should continue germination via the paper towel method.

Green Crack feminized seeds grow information

Feast your eyes on this miniature monster. This plant embodies the saying ‘dynamite comes in small packages’. Short colas with lanky branches holding densely packed green buds with blinding flashes of yellow entice you.

Green Crack feminized seeds are an excellent choice for growers with some experience, but beginners can succeed with the right techniques.

Indoor growers rejoice at the sight of Green Crack. Its small size and huge harvest make it a win-win for those who prefer to keep their garden hidden.

When cultivating feminized Green Crack seeds indoors, it’s important to maintain an ideal climate with temperatures around 70 to 79 ℉ within the 55–60% humidity range. Bear in mind these plants have a potent scent, so odor filters are a great investment.

Green Crack fem seeds develop into hungry herbs, so ensure you feed them adequately. You should only water them when the ground is dry, or you’ll predispose your plants to mold. In the early flowering stage, feeding a little extra phosphorus helps buds get sufficient food before harvest.

Indoor growers can expect a bountiful harvest of around 22 oz. per m 2 of juicy golden nuggets. With a THC content ranging from 17–25%, the fruits of your labor go a long way.

Growing Green Crack feminized seeds outdoors can be challenging if you don’t meet the climate requirements. Like most sativas, these plants need lots of light to flourish, so only plant outside if your area gets sufficient sunlight and humidity.

One inevitable problem outdoor growers face is odor. The feminized Green Crack seeds grow into plants with a potent dank fragrance. Using a greenhouse helps keep your cannabis flora inconspicuous, but what can you do about the scent?

You could plant other strongly scented greenery around your cannabis seeds to mask the strong odor as they grow. Good options include herbs like rosemary and thyme or flowers like magnolias. This technique is called companion planting, and outdoor growers commonly use it for dank grows like with Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds.

All the effort to explain the strange smells to your neighbors pays off when you get 28–43 oz. of stinky, sticky buds per plant. Yes, you read right—bucketloads of Green Crack!

One important thing you should know about cultivating Green Crack feminized seeds is they grow fast before flowering. Branches can be lanky, so you must prepare support structures, and low-stress training techniques are necessary.

The Sea of Green technique (SOG) helps get better yields and supports the plant in distributing nutrition, creating potent, aromatic buds.

Once the bottom leaves get a yellow hue, flowering is almost complete. Green Crack flowers in 7–9 weeks. If you grow outdoors at the optimal time, mid-June, you can expect heaps of potent buds long before the cold weather emerges.

Green Crack feminized seeds genetics

Originally known as Green Cush, this sativa beauty has been making waves since the late 80s’. Nobody truly knows its origins since it’s such a vintage strain, but many believe it came from a breeder in Athens, Ohio.

Green Crack feminized seeds come from a mixture of Skunk #1 and a mystery Afghani landrace making it a dominant sativa strain.

When Snoop Dogg gave it a try in the early 2000s, he was blown away by the instant cerebral buzz and energizing effects. He called it Green Crack, and the name has stuck around since.

Where to Buy Green Crack feminized seeds

Your hands are probably itching to grow Green Crack fem seeds, but here’s the thing—it’s close to impossible to find. Due to its mysterious genetics, even places that usually sell most marijuana seeds, like dispensaries, don’t have them.

A reliable place to buy Green Crack feminized seeds is from an online company called Homegrown Cannabis Co. This reputable American company stocks marijuana seeds with stable genetics, and they have many happy customers. They’re also associated with big names in the cannabis industry like Steve DeAngelo and Kyle Kushman.

Green Crack is back

First released in the ‘80s, Green Crack is back with a vengeance to become one of the favorite strains of weed smokers worldwide. These high THC buds are sure to give you a sativa high you won’t forget. If the fruity citrus smoke won over Snoop Dogg, it could take you over to the green side too.

Finding Green Crack feminized seeds is a mission but growing them is not as hard. Ensure you get your marijuana seeds from a reputable seller and enjoy the bounty of mind-warping buds.