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germinate marijuana seeds outdoors

[PSA] It is time to germinate your cannabis seeds for the summer growing season.

I am a long time outdoor grower and wanted to let you know that if you wish to grow your 4 legal plants this summer it is time to start germinating your seeds. I have grown countless varieties of weed and can tell you that all strains will flourish here in NS if planted at the right time of year. Weed is incredibly easy to grow and massive quantities are possible by even the most amateur gardener.

I think you can buy seeds from the NSLC but I typically buy mine online. In recent years I have standardized on Barney's Farm seeds but any seeds will work fine. The only thing to keep in mind is to buy "feminized" seeds and I'd steer clear of "auto-flowering" seeds. Here are the seeds I'll be growing this year:

Ping me if you have any questions but like i said it is very, very easy to do. Good luck!!

In HRM, you cannot grow outdoor if you are on city water and sewage.

That is correct. You have to grow indoors if you live on city water.

But. Why. Apart from the smell I can't think of any good reason.

Fuck that I'm going to shut off my water and start composting my shit, fuckin' whack ass HRM bylaws.

Teeeeheeee; I started mine indoor about a month ago.

Not sure why someone downvoted you.

The more growth you can get prior to moving outdoors June 1st the better. Especially if you are planting directly in the ground, the bigger the hole, the bigger the plant. Remember most plants will all switch to flower around the same time, no matter how much growth you have. The changing of daylight in August will start the flowering stage.

Municipal by laws cover the particulars. If there is none in place I don't believe there are any particular restrictions.

In the urban and suburban areas of the municipality, plants will have to be grown inside or in a detached structure, like a shed or greenhouse, to help ensure public safety and to mitigate the potential impact of the smell of the plants interfering with a neighbour’s enjoyment of their own property.

Why not auto flowers? I find the fall here to be damp and best to finish up early and beat the bud rot.

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You have to keep an eye on them starting in mid Sept but I have never lot a single plant to mould. I have had to harvest a bit earlier then I'd like though.

Way ahead of you 😀

Got three autos and a photo about 2 weeks from sprout looking healthy as I type this.

Biggest thing with autos is to not let the plant go root bound. It will switch to flower no matter how small, or how young. Keep transplanting, unless you want it to switch at that size.

The size of your plant when you put it outside will have a huge impact on your yield. You could get your seeds started now, but it's a bit later than ideal considering that it might take a week to ten days to germinate and you'll want them at least 12-18 inches high before you put them outside.

The part of this that's really getting my attention is the claim that you can grow virtually any strain of pot outside in this climate. That's simply not true unless you have a greenhouse. There are hundreds of different strains of pot and they come in all shapes, sizes, yields, flavours, and they have different flowering periods and levels of mold resistance.

In this climate you need something that finishes by mid October at the very latest, and is resistant to mold. And if your plant isn't resulted to to mold you'll need something that finishes much earlier. A lot of strains of marijuana were not developed for growing outside and they just won't do well in that environment, and a lot of them might not finish until late fall in which case you'll be totally fucked unless you have a greenhouse.

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I'd definitely recommend checking out an online community just to ask some questions and learn the basics before you get started. It can be the difference between getting an ounce off a plant or getting 5 lbs per plant.

Gain An Advantage And Germinate Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants Indoors

The outdoor season is once again upon us and it’s important to procure seeds and start germinating them. It’s possible to germinate your marijuana seeds either indoors or outdoors. The benefit of indoor germination is that the plants begin their lives in a controlled environment without the risk of extreme weather.

This also allows you to start germination earlier so that you can transplant the seedlings outdoors when the weather is appropriate. You can also place your seeds under constant LED light. Early springtime often reduces the amount of light that your plants will experience. You can find out more about LED grow lights by clicking on the banner below:

Of course, if germinating indoors isn’t possible or it’s too much trouble for you, then you can always germinate the seeds outside. Outdoor germination means that you won’t have to transplant your plants, which is a nice plus. Download my free grow guide and I will teach you everything you need to germinate your plants successfully (either indoors or outdoors), including how and why seeds germinate at all. I will also let you in on my favorite germination method. So, prepare yourselves to learn all you can about proper germination so that you can wind up with perfect, fat buds! Download my free marijuana grow bible for more growing tips.

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The growing season for marijuana goes from spring to fall, but in cold locales, the season is shortened because of the frigid temperatures at the beginning and end. Although cannabis can start growing at any time, it helps to start early so you end up with taller plants and sturdier branches with higher yields. The mixture of good genes and ideal growing conditions will always produce larger marijuana plants. Be sure to check out all the article on that talk about outdoor growing. This will gives you a solid understanding of the growing process and how best to care for your plants.

The beginning of a cannabis plant’s life is similar to the beginnings for most houseplants. It’s certainly a smart move to use one of the numerous germination and transplanting techniques available for most houseplants. Hardware stores and nurseries typically have knowledgeable people who understand what works best for you. They can help you find the best pots and provide insight if you use tomatoes as an example. Tomatoes, corn, and marijuana require virtually the same soil mixture and nutrient quantity, so it’s always good to act like you’re growing tomatoes!

The outdoor season is once again upon us and it’s important to procure seeds and start germinating them. If you haven’t purchased marijuana seeds yet, you can check out my seed shop for a wide selection of high-quality seed. Order some high quality marijuana seeds at this link here. Don’t let yourself fall behind at the start of the season! We’ve still got a deal for White Widow, Super Skunk, and Super Silver Haze (order 5 and get 5 free!).