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germinate marijuana seeds on wet paper towel

Cannabis Seed Germination The Right Way

Here we’ll discuss some important aspects of seed germination using paper towel method. Before we start you should take a look on materials required for this process.

Materials needed for cannabis seed germination

For successful cannabis seed germination, collect these materials before starting your escapades:

-Hydrogen Peroxide or Isopropyl Alcohol

-Empty gallon sized plastic container

-Liquid pH adjusters

-Liquid nutrients…I like using Liquid Karma for germnation

-Medium for planting…rockwool is hands down your best option

-Starter tray + humidity dome

-Any Best LED Grow Light

You might be wondering why you had to go to a completely seperate page just to be told what your going to need for marijuana seed germination. Well…I forgot to list what you’ll need when I made the first page, and I don’t feel like editing it. So here you go.

What Does Marijuana Seeds Should Germinate?

Marijuana seeds want the next to get the best germination levels:

Moisture : Maintain things moist but not soaking (it is possible to boil tough seeds for as many as 24-32 hours, but don’t leave seeds soaking in water for more than that).

Peace : Seeds will need to be left alone while you are awaiting the taproot to appear. Believe springtime. Seeds can definitely germinate in cooler temps, but germination will take longer if it is cool.

Soft : Be more careful when checking seeds, and treat them lightly once you need to move them. Prevent touching their white origin if possible; the taproot is quite delicate and easily pops!

Plant Root Down : At the time of planting germinated seeds, then point the snowy root on its true place to the developing medium to stop the seedling from needing to reorient itself.

Germinate Marijuana Seeds Using the Paper Towel Method

The paper towel method isn’t the best way to germinate marijuana seeds, but it seems to be the most popular.

I might recommend using this method if you’re using quesitonably viable seeds, and you don’t want to waste any medium. If the seeds look great, I wouldn’t recommend this method. It’ll cut your success rate.

It’s pretty simple.

Don’t touch the seeds, handle with tweezers or something else that’s clean.

Grab some paper towels. Lay a bunch of sheets on top of eachother, at least 6 sheets. Using RO or distilled water, get the paper towels damp. Don’t get them wet…you’ll drown the seeds. I recommend using a spray bottle.

Put the marijuana seeds in the middle layer of the paper towels.

Put the paper towels with the cannabis seeds between them somewhere dark. My favorite place is a kitchen cabinet.

Now keep those paper towels moist. Check on them a few times a day, and if they start to dry out, spray them till they are nice and damp again.

In a few days, some of the seeds will crack. Once you see some green popping out of a seed, it’s time to plant it. When you plant it, only cover it with a few millimeters of medium, and be very careful. If the embryo is handled too much, it’ll basically go into shock and die. The tiny green shoot should be planted so that it faces the light.

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There you have it. And if you want to buy any tool or get a brief review of LED Grow light or grow tent for your growing ventures then go to Our Article Of Best LED Grow Lights.

As we’ve discussed in some of our previous posts seed germination plays a vital role and that’s why you should really focus on it deeply.

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

If you are new to growing cannabis seeds or are just looking to learn a few new tricks, it is important to understand how to germinate cannabis seeds. If you don’t provide your seeds with the experience that they need then it is likely that you won’t have a successful grow. In this article we will teach you everything you need to know about germinating cannabis seeds.

What Is Germination?

Germination is the term used by gardeners and growers to talk about the process in which a seed begins the growing process into a plant. Germination can be considered one of the first steps involved in the cannabis plants growing cycle but it can also be considered the most important step. If your cannabis plant doesn’t reach germination, then it will never grow.

Germination can also be referred to as “seed popping” or “Blooming”. But the technical term for this part of the growing process is germination. Keep reading to learn how to germinate cannabis seeds.

Tips For Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Below is the entire process for germinating your cannabis seeds. It is important to follow these instructions and implement these tips to have a successful growing season.

Tip #1: Only Use High Quality Cannabis Seeds

One of the most important things for having a successful grow is to only use high quality cannabis seeds. There are thousands of online cannabis seed banks but there are only a handful of seeds banks that we recommend. We highly recommend reading our ILGM Reviews, Seedsman Review, and WeedSeedsExpress review as these are the seed banks we highly recommend. All three of these seed banks have years of experience providing customers with high quality cannabis seeds and have been personally tested by our team.

You can read our best seed banks guide to find the perfect option for you!

If you purchase low quality cannabis seeds you can have a difficult time growing as the seeds will typically struggle to germinate. This is why it is vital to only purchase from trusted seed banks. There are many seed banks that will attempt to provide the best service possible by offering discounts and special deals. Many seed banks will offer discounts if you are buying cannabis seeds with Cash App, Prepaid Visa, Venmo, Zelle, or even Bitcoin.

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Tip #2: Use Recommended Cannabis Seeds For Your Location

The climate and soil conditions of your location make a huge impact on the success rate of your grow. If you are using cannabis seeds that don’t do well in the cold climate then they will struggle to germinate during the cold seasons. It is vital that you only use cannabis strains that have a history and track record of surviving in the climate that you plan on growing in. This will require a little bit of research but will drastically improve the success and quality of your grow.

Recommended Strains For Different Climates:

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

To keep this entire instructional guide as basic as possible, it is important to understand that cannabis seeds need three basic things in order to germinate. These three things are proper temperature, oxygen, and water! Our simple guide will walk you through the entire process.

To complete this process you will need:

  1. The cannabis seeds of your choice
  2. Two kitchen plates
  3. Paper towel
  4. Water

Step 1: Soak The Paper Towel

Now that you have all of your required materials it is time to learn how to germinate cannabis seeds. The first step is to take 4-6 sheets of paper towel and to soak them complete with water. After the paper towel is soaked, you can ring out the excess water so the paper towel is wet but isn’t dripping water.

Step 2: Place The Seeds In The Wet Paper Towel

Now that your paper towel is wet, you can place half of the paper towels spreadout on a plate. Then place your cannabis seeds on top of the plate and wet paper towel. It is important to space out the cannabis seeds so they have enough room to germinate. After you have spaced out the seeds, you can place the remaining wet paper towel sheets on top of the seeds to form a sandwich.

Step 3: Place The Second Plate On Top

In order to provide your seeds with the darkness that they need, as well as to protect them from the elements, we recommend placing a second plate on top of your seeds. It is important to put this plate upside down to make a dome over the cannabis seeds. Do not crush the seeds with the second plate.

Step 4: Store The Seeds In A Warm Area

Now that you have your biome created, it is important to store your seeds in a warm area. The best temperature for germination is in the 70-90°F range as this will help to promote the growth of the seeds. Too hot and the growth of the seeds could be slowed, and too cold and the seeds may never grow.

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We recommend a safe corner of your home near a window to help keep the temperature in the recommended range.

Step 5: Wait For The Cannabis Seeds To Germinate

Now it is time to wait for the cannabis seeds to germinate. The time required can vary depending on the type of cannabis seeds you are using as well as the elements at your home. For some seeds this could be just a few hours, but for others it could be multiple days. It is important to leave the seeds as undisturbed as possible and to keep the paper towels damp but not too wet. You can add a small amount of water if the paper towel begins to dry out completely.

Step 6: Transplant The Germinated Cannabis Seeds

Once your cannabis seeds have germinated, you can begin the process of transplanting the seeds into soil. You can tell if the cannabis seeds have germinated by looking for the taproot to begin sticking out of the seed.

Transplanting the cannabis seeds into small 2-inch pots is typically the best option as they will give the seeds enough room to grow but is also easy to move around your house if needed.

In order to transfer the cannabis seed into a pot you must fill the pot with airy planting soil and poke a small hole in the very middle of the pot with a pen. It is important to have the hole right in the middle so your plant doesn’t get crowded on the sides of the pot.

You can use a pair of tweezers to gently grab and transfer the seed into the soil pot. We recommend placing the taproot down towards the bottom of the pot so it has soil to grow into. After the seed is placed in the pot you can cover the hole with soil.

It is important to water your newly planted seed but don’t use too much water. We recommend using a spray bottle to gently mist water over the soil. This will be a gentle approach for your delicate cannabis seed.

In order for germination to go successfully you will have to provide your cannabis seeds with the water and heat that they require. If the temperate is too hot or too cold, or you have too much water or too little water, then your cannabis seeds may never germinate.

We hope our article helped you learn how to germinate cannabis seeds. If you ever have any questions about growing cannabis, we recommend that you reach out to our team.