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germanating marijuana seeds in jiffy pod

How to germinate cannabis seeds in peat pellets

Not all germination methods are equally successful. Some will disappoint you, while some can surprise you in quite a positive way. One of those methods that tends to provide awesome results and is quite simple and easy to achieve is germinating cannabis seeds in peat pellets.

Before we head onto the actual process of germinating marijuana seeds in peat pellets, let’s check out what the benefits of using jiffy peat pellets are and why you should choose this method of germination.

What are the Benefits of Peat Pellets?

If you’re not yet sure whether this method is suitable for you, check out some of the main benefits of using peat pellets to germinate your seeds below!

  • They are easy to work with.
    Peat pellets are super easy to work with. They are lightweight and highly compressed and they transport quite well. They can be planted into small and large containers or directly into the ground.
  • Place the seeds in the glass.
    At first, seeds will often float on the surface. They should sink to the bottom of the container after a couple of hours. Soaking ensures that water penetrates the protective shell to activate growth hormones.
  • They are the full package.
    Peat pellets are a container and a medium all in one. They meet all the requirements your seeds need to grow with a consistent quality. They require less labor, less water and provide faster and better germination.
  • They are eco-friendly.
    Using peat pellets means growing in a medium that’s safe for the environment since its biodegradable, unlike other popular choices like rockwool.

Step-by-Step Guide to Germinating Marijuana Seeds in Peat Pellets

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits of using peat pellets to germinate your cannabis seeds, let’s go over the entire process step-by-step so you can consistently record higher and faster levels of germination and get a more consistent quality and results.

Jiffy pellets have easy to follow instructions, particularly suitable for novice growers. Here are the main steps you need to follow when germinating marijuana seeds in peat pellets:

Step 1: Get your container and your pellets ready

While you can use any type of container, ideally you should get a pellet tray that acts as a pellet holder and can typically contain up to 25 pellets per tray.

Make sure your pellets don’t overlap and have small borders between each so they can extend as they soak up the water.

Step 2: Cover with water

Pour water onto the tray to expand the pellets. Use warm water (up to 95°F/35°C) to help them expand faster. While you can use both tap or distilled water, we recommend using distilled or purified water so as not to expose the seeds to harmful substances which can be found in tap water, such as certain minerals. Keep on pouring water as they soak it in, allowing them to rise up and fully extend. Repeat the process as long as it takes until your pellets have fully risen and are ready for planting. Once they do, remove all of the excess water from the tray and head onto the next step.

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Step 3: Place your seeds

Once the pellets have fully expanded, take your seeds and place one in each pellet. Place them in the middle at about 3/8 of an inch (1cm) or so. Don’t put them in too deep as this will prevent them from sprouting.

Once you plant the seeds, cover them with the excess peat from the sides and cover the tray with a lid or a plastic wrap. If you decide to purchase the specialized peat pellet tray, you’ll see that it comes with a humidity lead that goes on top, so use that one to cover your tray.

Step 4: Continue watering

You will need to water the pellets in around a week after planting your seeds. Just make sure not to water them from the top down as this can disturb the germination process. Keep your tray by a window or a warm, sunny spot and just wait for the seeds to sprout in a few days.

Step 5: Transplant

After about two weeks your seeds should be ready for planting. Then, you can plant each pellet directly in the soil or in a pot, depending on your preference.

As you can see, germinating weed seeds in peat pellets is an easy process that doesn’t require a lot of work. However, if you still have some unanswered questions on the subject, we hope this list of some of the most commonly asked questions on the subject can help answer some of your dilemmas.

Is there a certain way to plant cannabis seeds in peat pellets?

Yes, there is. To make sure you get the best results, you’ll want to place your seeds about 3/8th of an inch (1cm) deep, as if you plant them deeper within the pellet, they may not sprout.

Can I germinate autoflower seeds in peat pellets?

Absolutely! Germinating autoflower seeds in peat pellets is a simple and easy process and it follows the same steps as germinating any other marijuana seeds.

How many days does it take to germinate a cannabis seed?

Once planted, the seeds should start to sprout within two days, but it may take up to a week. Once they’ve sprouted you can remove them from the tray and plant them in soil at any point after they’ve sprouted, although we recommend waiting for a week or two to make sure they are ready for planting.

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What if I don’t have access to peat pellets?

While this is quite an effective and sustainable way of germinating seeds, there are a few other ways you can use to achieve the same results. Germinating marijuana seeds in water is also a perfectly viable and safe option and can provide excellent results, which is great when you don’t have pellets at your disposal and are looking for an alternative solution.

Germinating in Jiffy Pellets

Hello all. I’ve had my 10 seeds arrive on thursday. I’m new to coco growing and i’ve only germed with rockwool and soil before so this jiffy coco pellet thing is all new to me.

I put the seeds in a glass of tap water on friday 22:00 PM

20:00 on saturday (22 hours after) I clicked each seed on the waters surface with my finger resulting in every seed sinking down in the water.

That should mean they have gotten the water they need to be activated, right?

None of them had taproot coming out after the 22 hours in water, but I noted a little crack forming on the right side of the seed so I thought why the hell not put them already in coco pellets, as I did with my rockwools. I didnt let them form a tap root before planting to the cubes and they all germed fine-

I soaked the pellets in water ph ttested in 6.0 for 5 minutes. i then rather roughly forced all the excess water out of the pellets and planted the seeds 50mm-100mm deep in the pellets and shut them.

As of this monday, 20:00, none of them has sprouted. I have been misting them twice a day to keep them moist.

What could be the problem? or is there a problem? My last seeds have all sprouted in


There are many ways to skin a cat. Germinating cannabis seeds is no different.

Here at Just Cannabis we only make use of Jiffy pellets, seed trays or small pots of Just Cannabis soil – with the moisture content juuuust right.

We are not fans of the ‘germinating-in-tissue-and-replanting’ method. We’re not saying it can’t be done; we’re saying it’s very ‘finicky’ and requires some attention that we’d rather direct towards smoking our bud.

The time frame is of monumental importance when germinating cannabis seeds in wet tissue; the moment that the cotyledons appear it means you have possibly let it go on too late. Also, the longer that the teeny-tiny little taproot is exposed to air, the more likely it is to suffer damage. A newly sprouted cannabis seedling is vulnerable and sensitive, like a human foetus that should still be inside it’s mother’s tummy. You wouldn’t handle a human foetus, would you? All in all, we prefer to let nature do it’s thing. (This is a common theme with us, you see). Nature knows what to do with that seed. Nature knows that the seed wants a dark, damp bed to sleep in so that it can figure out up from down. It’s hard letting your babies grow up without being a smothering and over-involved parent, but somehow we get through it.

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The goal is to maintain the germination medium at about 20-28ºC, and at 70% relative humidity. Lower temperatures and humidity ​​will result in a slower and less successful germination, while higher ones ​​can bring challenges with rot and fungus.

Always try to plant the seed with the tip down, and the crown facing up towards the sky. (The crown is the fattened side with the ‘crater’ in it). The crown of the seed acts as a kind of hinge when the seed germinates, and allows the tap root to exit out of the opened tip. and grow straight down. If you plant your seeds upside-down you might run the risk of the taproot growing upwards, in which case your seedling will die. You don’t, however, need to fret about getting it precisely upright. Again we want to remind you that nature has a funny way of knowing her way around.

Planting your seeds too shallow or too deep can also have detrimental effects. Too shallow and the stem will weaken and break; too deep and the seedling may never emerge. We experience a depth of 1 – 2cm to be just right.


Use a seed tray or small pot, and fill with Just Cannabis soil. Level off and firm lightly. Never compress the soil. Water thoroughly using a watering can with a fine spray, and allow to drain. Make a small hole in the medium of approximately 1 – 2cm in depth, and carefully place the cannabis seed in the hole. Keep the soil moist, but be careful not to overwater – especially during the early stages immediately after germination. Once the seedlings have rooted successfully, remove the root ball from the seed tray or small pot, and transplant into the final container.


Soak the jiffy pellets in lukewarm water, or as per manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that the jiffy bag is not overly wet; we prefer to squeeze the jiffy softly around the sides and from the bottom to get rid of excess water. Make a small hole in the medium of approximately 1 – 2cm in depth, and carefully place the cannabis seed in the hole. Cover it up. Some Jiffy trays come with a plastic dome which should be opened for a few minutes twice a day. Once the seedlings have sprouted, remove the plastic dome.