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feminised marijuana seeds australia

Australian Blues Feminized seeds

Australian Blues Feminized is a Blue Haze crossing that gives you a strong, cerebral, euphoric high. This is also a great pain medication, and Australian Blues Feminized is used a lot for medical reasons because the high doesn't interfere with you ability to get things done.

This excellent plant is the result of a very careful crossbreeding process, where Duck was crossed with Azura, and the resulting plant was crossed again with Light of Jah.

Four selections later this beautiful strain is a true connoisseurs smoke, and highly sought after. It's a very strong strain measuring THC levels up to 20%

Growers info:

A tall bushy plant suitable for indoor growing, specialized for hydroponic methods. Outdoor growing possible.

Outdoor growing will result in plants over 5 feet. This plant is not for inexperienced growers.

Australian Dead Head Feminised Seeds – 5

For this strain I took my amazing Mullumbimby Madness x Nevil Haze that I selected from some seeds that I was given to by a friend who received them from Neville Schoenmaker (The real Haze King) and man, this is the strongest weed I’ve smoked for well over a decade and I get around sampling more than most. I went to work taking the Casey Jones and reversed it to pollinate my Mullumbimby Madness X Nevil Haze creating one scary strain that is not suitable for lightweights and this is not a sales pitch!

Phenos range from early 8 week phenos earthy/diesel taste through to 12 weeks Haze dominant phenos that are the piniest pine you ever smelled or tasted with every pheno a huge yielder.

This is a very stretchy strain so I advise to top multiple times from early on in veg if you got height issues, she responds well to all types of training and I would be super-cropping into flower for first few weeks or flower or tying down or any kind of training.

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Colloidal Silver Fem Seed Spray 30ppm 100ml

Colloidal Silver Fem Seed Spray is a concentrated Colloidal Silver solution at 30ppm (parts per million) designed to allow growers to produce feminized Seeds via the method of inducing feminized pollen.

How it works

The silver ions in Colloidal Silver inhibit the ethylene production needed by the plant to produce female flowers. In turn forcing a female plant to instead produce male pollen sacs. Because female plants have no male chromosomes, the pollen produced inside these sacs is feminized. This feminized pollen can then be used to pollinate a second female plant which will in turn only be able to produce feminized female seeds.

• No more guessing, produce only female seeds

• Produce a multitude of seeds

• Store seeds for up to two years for future use

• Growing from seed supports higher yields

• Create your own genetic strains or save your favourite

This product comes with a full instruction booklet detailing the method of inducing feminized pollen and further directions / instructions for use.

Our Colloidal Silver Fem Seed Spray is a 100% natural product. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic and is safe to be used around yourself, your family and your pets.

Using Colloidal Silver Seed Spray for Germinating

Colloidal Silver Seed Spray is also an ideal product to use for those who germinate seeds at home. Whether you’re using the paper towel method, greenhouse method, or the regular old germination method, using our Colloidal Silver Seed Spray can be very beneficial.

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• Prevents soak solution from going sour, even after several days

• Keeps fungi and pathogens from spoiling the soaking process

• Supports germination process of troublesome seeds

• Promotes strong healthy seedlings

NOTE: this product is designed for use with indoor or glass-house setups.

Colloidal Silver 30ppm

Ultra-distilled pure water, 99.999% pure silver.

Free from artificial additives.

This product comes with a full instruction booklet detailing the method of inducing feminized pollen and further directions / instructions for use.